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Definitely a cold spell 5 June 2007

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Only in Washington will you hear mothers yell to their children as a playgroup is ending, “Come back here and put your coat on!” in June.

Yes, folks, I had to put a coat on Gracie this morning, and I myself am wearing a hoodie/t-shirt combination my sister so graciously purchased for me a few weeks ago. But lest you think I am complaining, I actually love this kind of weather. It’s a nice break from the summer sun and heat, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Especially because today it’s raining (not my favorite, but…), and with my windows open, I’m getting that lovely freshly-washed-earth scent.

I saw the most adorable pregger lady this morning at playgroup. She was a very tall lady, probably at least six feet. She wasn’t super skinny, just sort of in the “normal” category — not pudgy, not skinny. She had this teeny tiny little bump in the front, perfectly rounded. I’d say she was probably no more than three months pregnant, but it was so cute how she had this little tiny bump!

I did figure out why I don’t fit in at playgroups, though.  There were all these little groups of mothers standing around or sitting and chatting as their kids played.  A few migrated my way, and eventually moved off again as their kids changed locations.  I overheard some of the conversations going on, and all these mothers were talking about were their kids!  Potty training, diaper mishaps, locking the kid in the car (accidentally!), rashes, eczema, mother-in-law interference, how many books to read at bed time… it just went on and on.  And I realized, I very rarely talk about Grace.  It’s not that I don’t love her.  It’s just I feel like while Grace may be fascinating to me, that doesn’t mean everyone else will be fascinated by her!  I’d rather discuss politics or the book I’m reading or the documentary I saw last night.  How ’bout dem Mariners??  There is more to me than just my daughter.

But anyhow…

Last night was entirely too much fun. I had planned on going to Target to get one last Father’s Day present for Kurt, and I said something about it to my mail lady. She sounded really interested in going too, so I convinced her to go out to dinner with me as well as doing the Target run.

J had also called me to check in with me, and she offered to watch Grace. Like I’m going to pass up the opportunity to go out with an adult without my daughter!!! So Grace went to J’s house, and I headed out with S, the mail lady.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner, which was fine, but I did remember why I don’t like to go there very often. The service is slow. I don’t know if it’s our Olive Garden (we only have one in the area) or if it’s Olive Garden in general, but I don’t particularly relish sitting in a crowded restaurant for over an hour. Especially when we’re discussing stuff that probably ought not to be discussed in public!!

We also wandered around Target, where she found an awesome t-shirt for $2.50. I found a “vintage” Pink Floyd t-shirt that absolutely had to be added to my collection. The funny thing is it’s to commemorate a concert that happened seven years before I was born.

And of course, we were being the stupid, obnoxious girls in Target. One guy overheard us making fun of each other and told us we had to be related the way we were fighting with each other.

S says she’s addicted to sunglasses, so of course we had to stop there. I cannot believe the styles that are “in” now. They look like what my mom used to wear in the 70s, for crying out loud!! I tried on one pair in particular that had us rolling on the floor laughing our butts off.

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That’s some funny stuff right there!! Kurt says I look like a Jewish grandma.

The whole evening reminded me of the Target runs we’d make in college. Now those were some good times.


9 Responses to “Definitely a cold spell”

  1. boxx9000 Says:

    You look blonde in that picture? I was at TARGET yesterday. Pronounced TAR ZCJAY.

  2. art Says:

    oi vey!! you do look like my jewish grandma!!! hahahaha!!!

  3. yankeechick Says:

    I resemble that remark! I still have sunglasses like that and I love them! (The Jackie O look, once upon a time). But then I’m a Grandma so it should be okay.(an Irish Grandma actually and they probably didn’t need sunglasses. Oh well!)

  4. Fi Says:

    I remember those days of playgroup conversations. I stopped going for exactly the same reasons as you. I think that total absorption in the doings of your own (usually bloody boring) child is called placenta brain.

  5. Shear Says:

    Love your hair in the photo. Your local Olive Garden sounds like ours. S l o w. I guess it’s one of their trademarks.

  6. The other half Says:

    the picture reminds me of the SNL Mike Myers Skit “its like butter!”

    see ya on friday!

  7. Amanda Says:

    I’m so with you and that whole “playgroup” Mom thing. I don’t fit in either. I honestly think that it’s nice to NOT talk about my child here and there. We’re with them 24/7, can we get a break!?!? I’m with you, lets talk politics, books, weather, anything. And if I do happen to have a parenting problem, I’ll ask about it then!

    OH and Washington is NOT the only place you’ll need a coat in June. It’s cold here too. I thought it funny how at Kailee graduation, she had to wear a sweater and tights….back home, we’d be wearing tanks and shorts right?

  8. Amanda Says:

    That’s so funny. They told me the latest they would induce would be 7Oct. SAME AS YOU! HEHE! I’m hoping it doesn’t take that long. Please please not.

    Oh and the privatized housing thing is Military wide. They are doing it Air Force as well. If the Husband doesn’t make his next rank, then we’re gonna have to move on base……but I don’t see the point nowadays with us having to pay everything still. I think it’s silly. Right now things are so iffy, I prefer to rent though, not own.

  9. michele Says:

    actually, you almost look like a celebrity! those glasses really aren’t *hideous* on you! you kinda look cute in them!

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