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Just two days?!?! 6 June 2007

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Yes, BoXx, my hair looks blonde in my Jewish granny photo. Why? I don’t know. The only time in my life I knew what the hell color to call my hair was the six years I spent dyeing it red. First it was auburn, then it was copper, but eventually I went to “Holy crap, that woman’s hair is RED!”

Caroline, she who has known me for the last 15 years, informs me that my natural hair color has always had some auburn in it. In some lights, my hair looks blonde. In others, it’s brown. Just plain Jane mousey brown. Lately it’s been showing up reddish in photos and in sunlight.

So yeah, I have no clue what color my hair is.

In other news, Amanda kept me up too late last night chatting over Yahoo.

Heh. OK, I can’t really blame her. I was up late anyhow. And it’s not like I can sleep if I wanted to. I can’t even manage to head to bed at a decent hour. I had completely intended to get into bed as soon as I finished watching tv at 11:30pm, but I got sucked into the computer. Several people had updated, there were news stories to read, and then Amanda immediately replied to a comment I’d left on her diary. Eventually we exchanged screen names, and the next thing I know it’s 1am.


Speaking of news stories, I am so damn glad I switched to Google Reader. is really getting on my nerves.

It’s freakin’ 15 months from the presidential election!! Yet all over’s front page is “ELECTION 2008!!!” The big major news stories, the ones with pride of place on the left side of the page, have all been about the election.


Now I’m all for staying current in politics. I seriously think the reason our country has run itself into the ditch is too many people believe “Oh, my vote doesn’t matter.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Bush’s first election should have shown that, when we didn’t know for quite some time who had actually won the election!

People see having a driver’s license as a right. But it’s not a right; it’s a privilege. Voting is not a privilege, given only to the few who have the time and desire to research their favored candidates; it is a right and a duty as an American to vote.

I vote in every single election that comes my way. Except for the last one, only because it was a vote on a referendum regarding raising taxes in this area, and since I am moving before the tax hike would go into effect, I felt it wasn’t my place to decide such things. But yes, I have voted for county commissioner, and head of the public water district.

There is absolutely no excuse not to vote. It’s simply ignorance and arrogance.

You can request a ballot in almost any language spoken across the world. Voting polls are set up so that no one has to drive too far to get there. Some counties, like my own, have gone to all-mail voting (which is a rant for another day), so I don’t even have to get out of my jammies to vote. Voter pamphlets are printed and distributed to all voters so you don’t even have to watch the debates to decide on your chosen candidate.

I think it’s sad and pathetic that so many people refuse to vote, saying that their vote doesn’t matter. Yet they’ll vote for their favorites on American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. Apparently the winner of a stupid singing competition means more than voting for the leader of the free world.

*climbs back down off her soap box*

That said, I don’t really want to see election coverage 15 months out from the actual election. Yes, I know debates are going on so that the candidates can be selected by their respective parties, but let’s not emblazon it all over news websites, like that’s the only thing going on in the world.

Thank goodness for BBC News online.


3 Responses to “Just two days?!?!”

  1. art Says:

    and to ADD to this rant, i am sick and tired of people who DID vote for George Bush, not ONCE, but Twice, and sit there on their fat asses macaroni and cheese eating and COMPLAIN about how he is doing or not doing in office. people do not know the power of the presidency. a lot of the things the president can do under the consitiution is provided for BY CONGRESS!!! READ the constitution, people!!

  2. michele Says:

    Just for the record, I do not vote for 2 reasons:
    1) I don’t trust or believe any politician out there. I feel that once they’re in office, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do but they say what you want to hear in order to gain your vote. It’s not a matter of “my vote doesn’t count”, it’s distrust.

    2) I feel as though I have fulfilled my obligation to my country by serving in the U.S. Military .

    Besides, Ben votes so at least *someone* in my household goes to the polls! 😉

  3. twisterjester Says:

    I vote – but having observed the outcome up close and in person, sometimes I’m not sure *why*.

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