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The day before 7 June 2007

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Have I mentioned my love of coffee??  Mmmm yummy.

I’m not one of these people who drinks gallons of it each day.  That would be my dad and my mom.  My mom is so bad that when she would work from home, she’d go get another 1970s stoneware mug of coffee and promptly forget that she poured it.  So into the microwave it would go to warm up.  Of course, she forgot about it in the microwave too.  But eventually she would remember while it was still hot, and she’d down another mug of coffee before she would repeat the entire process.

Did I mention she drinks her coffee black??

I gave up sugar in my coffee as long as I can get hold of flavored creamer.  It adds enough sweetness to the coffee for me.  I have that new blueberry-flavored creamer that Coffee-Mate has released as a special edition.  I thought it would be totally gross to drink blueberry-flavored coffee, but let me tell you, I am addicted.

Every time I go to the foo-foo grocery store or to Albertson’s (they don’t carry it at the commissary), I have to get two more bottles of this creamer.  I will be so sad when it’s no longer available.

Grace is so funny.  Every morning she informs me which creamer I am using by the color of the bottle.  “Blue creamer, Mommy!!  Blue creamer!!!”

But yeah, I just love the taste of coffee.  I didn’t get into it much while I was living at home.  You have two former Naval officers living in a house and making coffee; trust me, you wouldn’t want to drink their coffee either!!  Plus my mother felt that creamer just wasn’t necessary, since she drank it black, and my dad was perfectly contented to use skim milk as his “creamer.”  So I only drank coffee when we’d have company, to go along with the Mrs Smith’s pie my mom would invariably burn.

I didn’t drink much coffee in college either.  We had a coffeepot, but I just don’t remember drinking much.  And at the dining halls, it was too strong for me.

Once I moved in with Kurt and I started working, I began drinking more and more coffee.  I’ve always been a first-thing-in-the-morning type of coffee drinker; I never understood folks of my grandparents’ age who drink it with dessert after dinner.  I never did drink very much.  I usually drank about 4 cups by the scale on the coffeepot.

Then I started having major stomach aches in the morning, and I figured it was from the acid in the coffee.  So I gave it up.

But now… now I drink one to two mugfuls of coffee a day, and I love it.  Sometimes when I’m out I’ll get a latte or iced coffee, but I’m sort of past that now.  I think maybe I’m weaning myself off all the cool independently-owned latte shops so I don’t go through major withdrawal when I move to Rhode Island and all there is, is Starbucks.

Hey!!  I’ll have Dunkin Donuts!!  Mmmm Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Now that’s some good stuff, yo!

In other completely random news, if you’ve managed to get this far, is apparently my water has been shut off.  We got a notice yesterday to tell us that the utility company is shutting off water to effect a repair.  It’s supposed to be off from 9am to 11am.  I haven’t noticed a lack of water yet, but that’s because I’m sure there is still water in my pipes.  Good thing I don’t take showers in the morning!

I’m also somewhat disappointed in a friend of mine.  These are the days I need a little moral support, but she’s busy.  But then I’m thinking she’s probably pulling back from our friendship so it doesn’t hurt so much when I move.  This is the sucky part about leaving friends as adults.  When you’re a kid and you’re moving, you and your friends forget the fact that you’re leaving soon and just enjoy the moment.  Kids are awesome at this.   Adults see the long view, so they realize that I’m leaving, and they begin to pull away a few months beforehand so that it doesn’t hurt them as much when I actually leave.

The problem is, I don’t think they realize how much it hurts to be pulled away from so early.

But you know, Kurt will be home tomorrow (tomorrow…!!!), so I guess the point is rather moot anyhow.

Speaking of Kurt’s homecoming, now I’m starting to spaz out about getting to the airport.  See, it’s 90 miles away and takes almost two hours to drive there across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  (Yes, it’s the bridge that sways violently in the wind at the end of every Drawn Together episode.)  Of course, I’ll be hitting the bridge at rush hour traffic.  So should I leave the house at 4pm to get to the airport by 7pm?  I’m also trying to build in some time so I can get through security.  TSA will let military spouses through security to welcome their sailors and soldiers home after a deployment.

Or should I just can-x driving and spend $15 to take the ferry across?  I’m still hitting traffic, this time going south on I-5 from Seattle to the airport.  But then Gracie can get out and play on the ferry, if I’m not too lazy to just stay in my car.  There’s a 4:35pm ferry, which means leaving the house at 3:45.

Gahhhh!  Decisions, decisions! ;o)


12 Responses to “The day before”

  1. karmacat Says:

    You’ll never have to go far to find a Dunkin Donuts, trust me. They’re everywhere.

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    hmmm so im assuming there will be no update for the next week or so…… lol

  3. michele Says:

    I say go with the ferry. It’s such a fun ride and when you move, you won’t have that as an option! Besides, like you said, Gracie can get out and run around on the ferry.

    I’m sorry that you’re losing some friends but at least you’re gaining a husband ! 🙂

    Besides, it might not mean anything to you, but *I* will always be your friend no matter what!


  4. The other half Says:

    if i can help your decision…. ferry. i think its easier on you. you have told me you don’t mind the drive. i do, i cant stand it, seems too far!


  5. oldewoman Says:

    I love coffee, and have recently given up all creamers, although I’m still working on cutting out the sweeteners. As for traffic, I always live ridiculously early and bring something to do when I get there and have to wait forever, but that’s just me. YAY! Kurt is coming home TOMORROW!

  6. Catie Says:

    I vote for the ferry too. Mostly because it’s a FERRY! I never have the option of riding a ferry anywhere.

  7. twisterjester Says:

    I’d have to add my voice to the vote for the ferry, if for no other reason than because you won’t be so tired from driving. It will be easier on Grace, since she’ll be able to get out and walk around, too. You’ll already both be excited at catching up with Kurt, so take whatever breaks you can get!

  8. art Says:

    take the ferry!!! and i will go toe to toe with your mama on coffee drinking anytime!! hehehe

  9. boxx9000 Says:

    Take the good FERRY. hehehe

  10. Amanda Says:

    I have never had this amazing famous Dunkin Donuts coffee, course I’ve never lived close to one either. They only sell Dunkin Donuts in a select few gas staions back home. Oh well. But I have to say I love my coffee too. But since being pregnant, it gives me the worse indegestion, so I can’t drink it. I haven’t had a cup in months….just reading about your Blueberry coffee expereince has made me really crave that! I’ll have to try this Blueberry stuff, hopefully wihtout getting sick. 🙂 YAY for Kurts HOMECOMING! 🙂

  11. lisele Says:

    The ferry sounds nice to me. I love coffee too.

  12. gopheroo Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful reunion!! Enjoy every second!!

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