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Shoving ten pounds into a five-pound sack 10 June 2007

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Days are just flying by, aren’t they?? Goodness! I almost want Kurt to go back out again so I can go back to my quiet existence!!!

Ha ha, just kidding.

Right now we’re in the “we have to do everything fun now that Kurt hasn’t done for seven months” mode. To that end, we went to the mall yesterday to find him new shoes, after having gone to another mall the day before. But our local mall has a play area for the kids, and one of Kurt’s favorite things to do is to let Grace run amok in the play area. I think everyone in the entire county had that idea since the weather wasn’t great. There must have been at least thirty kids racing around the play area.

One dad, or maybe he was just a big brother or even an uncle, decided to chase a few of the kids around. He was getting really obnoxious about it, and came close to mowing some smaller kids down many times. Finally another dad, an older one, collared the obnoxious guy and informed him he’d almost clobbered his son! The guy was like, “Yeah, whatever, I’m sorry,” but fortunately he quit racing around.

Today we decided it was time to visit the pool. The plan was to leave the house at a decent time, but of course when you’re in a hurry, everything takes longer to do. This meant we had to eat lunch out in town. Shucks darn.

We found this little marina grill down on the island near the pool and decided to try it out. The food was really good! But as we were waiting, the power went out.


Fortunately it was a really sunny day, and we were the only ones sitting inside the restaurant. Everyone else was out the patio. I hadn’t brought a jacket and it wasn’t very warm today, only 65ยบ. The problem was the kitchen couldn’t continue to cook! They use gas, like most kitchens, but the hoods are electric, and they can only run the stoves without the hoods for so long. There were rumors flying this way and that regarding the extent of the outage, but our house wasn’t affected. We were also just about the last people to get our food hot off the grill. Everyone else was limited to soup and salad.

Grace smooches on Daddy

Grace has totally warmed up to Kurt; can you tell???

We were afraid the pool didn’t have power, since the rumor was that the entire island was out, but when we got to the pool, we saw plenty of lights on. I spent probably thirty minutes in the hot tub…. ahhhhh. Grace and Kurt frolicked in the water, and after she got sick of her new floatie, I stole it from her and floated gently around the pool. It was extremely relaxing.

Who knows what’s on the agenda tomorrow??ย  Maybe Kurt can mow the lawn, Grace can actually try to take a nap, and I’ll just sit and play Pogo.ย  It’s a thought, anyhow. *wink*


7 Responses to “Shoving ten pounds into a five-pound sack”

  1. art Says:

    sounds like you guys had a full day!!!!

  2. Poolie Says:

    Maybe you and Kurt can find time to “play some Pogo” together!

  3. Amanda Says:

    I’m so glad you guys are doing well!! He’s so cute with Gracie. Oh yea, I seen Dave Matthews in concert about 20 times! LMAO, sorry, not really that many, but I try to hit thier show every year. They are amazing…been a favorite since about 1995!! And my favorite album is Under the Table and Dreaming! I JUST LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. boxx9000 Says:

    It must take some adjusting to have Kurt gone so long and then back. GOOD adjusting right? How long is he home for this time? How is Kurt doing with adjusting to being back home with his wife and child? I bet he is LOVING it. I LOVE your recent flicker pics. EVERYONE looks so happy!

  5. Terri Says:

    Kurt has got to be on cloud nine getting Gracie kisses like that!

  6. michele Says:

    absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Gracie and Kurt. There’s a photo very similar to that on Ben’s side of my niece Chas and her dad when she was just a little older than Grace.

  7. twisterjester Says:

    Aww, I love the picture fest with Kurt and Gracie (and the ones of you, too!) What a gorgeous family ๐Ÿ˜€

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