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Stick a fork in me… 12 June 2007

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… cuz folks, I am DONE!

I just ate wayyyyyyyyyyy more food than one person should ingest at one sitting. Not including Thanksgiving, of course. All bets are off on Thanksgiving.

I conned Kurt into taking me to Costco today. How’d I manage that? I promised him a stroll through the park followed by lunch at Wendy’s. Mmm yummy. (I took a ton of photos at the park; click on my Flickr link on the right if you’d like to see them.)

We found grape tomatoes at Costco in a two-pound pack, and it was something we just couldn’t resist. So for dinner, we had oven-roasted grape tomatoes and salmon burgers. I had a salad with feta cheese and goddess dressing, while Kurt and Grace ate raw broccoli with ranch.

I don’t like raw broccoli. I don’t know why! I like it steamed just past the raw stage, to where it’s super bright green, but I can’t do the raw flavor. Too bitter for me.

Those tomatoes were oh-my-God to die for! Take a couple of pounds of grape or pear tomatoes, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast in a 450º oven for 10-15 minutes, stirring every few minutes. Sprinkle with fresh (I only had dried) parsley and serve.

My mouth is watering again, just thinking of them, and I’m stuffed!!!

Another cool shot of the lake

So we went to the park today and wandered around. That’s one thing I love about this county — there are a gabillion county parks around. This one was south of us and situated around a lake. When we got there, we found a bunch of kids splashing around in the shallows of the lake, having a grand old time.

The problem was, it was only about 65º at the time, and even chillier in the shade. I shudder to think what the water temperature was!

Also that lake is suffering from swimmer’s itch. I don’t think I’d let my kids paddle around in there. Yuck.

We were walking the paths in the park when we came upon the fishing dock, and I wanted to show Kurt how gorgeous it was there. As we walked out onto the dock, we met a gentleman who had his pole in the water, waiting for a fish. I started taking a bunch of scenic photos of the lake when the gent began to exclaim and started reeling in his pole! He’d caught a fish!!!

It didn’t take long before the trout was on the dock. It was so exciting to watch! He dispatched it quite humanely and then immediately took it to the shore to clean it. Grace wanted to watch him clean it as well, for some odd reason. The man told us that he and his wife love to take the fresh trout and make trout cakes out of them!

I don’t know if I like trout, but that sounds good!

I have to say, though, it just seems weird to me to eat something I myself caught or killed. Food comes from a grocery store, people, not the general outdoors! I know, I know; I’m just too much of a city girl.


8 Responses to “Stick a fork in me…”

  1. Fi Says:

    Your wilderness is so very different from our. It looks almost manicured compared to our straggly bush.

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Beautiful photos. And I have no issue with catching and cooking my own fish. I’m generally the one who cleans them, even! 🙂

  3. Amanda Says:

    OMG though fresh trout is amazing!! But I’d feel werid killing it myself and then having to cook it and then eating…ack, yea gross. But I don’t mind letting my Dad catch the fish and then eating it after my Step-mom cooks it! HEHE!

  4. michele Says:

    great photo…. as always. don’t know what to say. you’re probably sick of me saying the same stuff over and over, right? so, i’ll just leave it at that.

    ps– how’d you get so many wonderful friends online???

  5. Poolie Says:

    We are pretty removed from our food sources. I understand everything you said about that food.

  6. art Says:

    you are absolutely correct, food DOES come from the grocery store!!! hehehehee!!! lovely pics as usual!!! grape tomatoes?? i never heard of those!!! where do you goto hunt for those?? hahaha. really, this is the first i’ve heard of em!!

  7. Terri Says:

    Yeah yeah, love the pictures. But I ADORE roasted tomatoes! I have a lovely recipe (so simple) for pasta and roasted tomatoes for a light summer dinner if you’re interested. 🙂

  8. Terri Says:

    Whoa. Didn’t mean to sound rude about the pictures! That didn’t write like I heard it in my head! The pictures are fabulous! They make me want to head to the lake. 🙂

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