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No longer homeless 13 June 2007

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I forgot to mention the mass quantities of yard work Kurt and I did yesterday! Now our house looks so awesome, instead of a place where homeless people squat.

No offense to homeless people.

Kurt fixed the lawnmower… hurray! It was an easy fix; it’s just the bolt that holds the blade on that snapped. This has happened to us several times. I’m wondering if Kurt had the front and the back of the mower on different height settings. He said he readjusted the height so that we weren’t scalping the lawn quite so much anymore. It looks much better now. It actually looks as though we have grass, and not just mass quantities of weeds!

While Kurt was busy fixing the mower, I got out the hedge trimmer and trimmed the hedge. For some reason, the bushes at the driveway end of the hedge always grow way more than the bushes at the other end. They’re the exact same bushes! But now they’ve had a huge trim, so they’re all roughly the same height. And Kurt helped me with the bush on the other side of the driveway. I’m so short I can’t reach the top of the bush at the far end because I have to stand in the ditch to reach the bush at all.

Then after Kurt mowed the lawn, he noticed that the tree in one corner of our lawn was growing so that a lot of its branches were touching the front lawn. Our lawn slopes up from the front door; it’s kind of hard to explain. But the tree is on the lower level, which is how the branches were on the lawn. Anyhow, the tree’s branches had blocked so much light that all the grass died in the area. I had already trimmed a few branches to allow for ease of access to the side yard’s gate, but to finish the job I needed much larger pruning shears. We bought some yesterday, and I went to town.

I chopped off a ton of branches so they no longer touch the lawn. It looks so weird!!! I can actually see the trunk of the tree from the front yard now.

I trimmed this tree a BUNCH yesterday

So with the hedge trimmed and the trees pruned, it’s starting to look like we actually care about our landscaping. We don’t, really, but it looks like we do!

Today was more walking. We’d planned on going to the park at some point, since Grace is now obsessed with swings (thanks a bunch, Caroline!), but I chickened out. Lots of children at a park wear me out. So instead we found a trail and walked a mile or two. We needed some good exercise after stuffing ourselves silly at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Now I have no idea what I’m making for dinner. I had thought possibly Swedish meatballs, but that’s probably too heavy a meal to have on the same day as a huge Mexican lunch.

Salad, anyone???


7 Responses to “No longer homeless”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    look out or youll be gaining weight eating so much.. but then again, it sounds like you are working it off… one way or another *wink*

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Glad to hear that the two of you are getting things done. I know it’s work, but I also know how much better you feel to have the yard cleaned up. It’s also safer; branches like you described really COULD harbor homeless people – or worse 😦

  3. boxx9000 Says:

    Dave and I had a late lunch (2:30 PM) We’re just going to skip dinner tonight.

  4. art Says:

    i been eating chicken all day, and now, its time for cake!! hehehehe!!

  5. Fi Says:

    I always do eggs of some kind on those big lunch days. Big vegie omelets or a quiche. Quick easy and light.

  6. michele Says:

    ooOOooOOoo I love me a big salad for dinner especially in the summer time. Lately, Ben has been making our salads— mixed greens, sliced fresh pear, sprinkle of cranberries, shaved carrots…and recently, some fresh avocado! YUM!

  7. chaosdaily Says:

    and the best thing? NO smell!!

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