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Possible deployment gifts 14 June 2007

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Kurt ended up with the bestest idea for dinner last night (although I was leaning towards Fi’s idea of some kind of egg dish because eggs are just yummy like that). Instead of just a big ol’ salad, we ended up having sandwiches and salad.

Grace made her own sandwich, which was just too cute to watch. I took some photos, but I’ve been far too lazy to upload them at the moment. Check back later, and they’ll probably be on my sidebar.

The sandwiches featured roast beef and fried turkey on wheat. Mine had swiss and Grace’s had American. Kurt opted for no sandwich and instead had a big ol’ salad. He put those pickled veggies you get in a jar (giardiniera — my father was a huge fan of the stuff) on his salad and added fresh mozzarella to mine.

It was the perfect dinner for a summer evening when you’ve had a huge lunch.

Remember when I mentioned that Kurt wanted to get me a big deployment present? He didn’t actually buy it while he was out to sea; he says there weren’t very many options in the ports the ship visited. He figured he’d just wait till he got home.

So far he’s given me two options — a Zune, which is an MP3/video player thing by Microsoft, or a new Coach bag. If I were to get a Coach bag, I would definitely go for this one because I absolutely adore the patchwork pattern. I’m not sure this particular bag is available at the Navy Exchange, but if it were, it’d be at least $50 cheaper and no tax.

I love the Navy Exchange.

Kurt also gave me a third option. I had gone into a local jewelry store with my friend C when she got the points on her engagement ring strengthened. I fell in love with this particular solitaire that is just absolutely gorgeous. It’s yellow gold with a large “diamond” (currently it’s featuring a cubic zirconia about a carat, maybe a carat and a half). The shanks of the band fly away from the stone on either side, and it almost looks like it’s a tension-set ring. It kind of looks like my original engagement ring, only on steroids.

It was a custom-made piece for another customer (this is not one of your huge jewelry chains; this is very local to this area, and the designer is on site), but she never picked it up. Now they’re selling this ring for $400 with the cubic zirconia, although if a diamond is purchased, they will set that in the ring. I’d be perfectly happy to keep the cubic zirconia, however. I don’t need no steenkin’ real diamonds. *wink*

I know for sure that I don’t want the Zune. They are cool, but I listen to my XM radio so much that I hardly use the mp3 player I have.

So now I’m waffling between the Coach bag and the ring.

At the same time, I don’t really want either one. Sure, we can afford it (Kurt gets paid quite well when he’s out to sea), but I just spent a butt-ton of money on my camera and its accessories. I feel badly that he wants to spend even more money on me when I already got something nice just a couple months ago.

And if I get the ring, where would I wear it? I’m not sure it would go with my wedding set, which was sold as a set (it too is cubic zirconia… Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!!) so it matches perfectly. I wear my college ring and another ring on my right hand, so I don’t really have room for another ring.

I know Kurt wants to get me something nice as thanks for holding down the fort so well while he was gone. But it’s my job! What else was I supposed to do??

Plus one guy on the ship, a fellow Chief, got his wife nice rosary beads in Mexico as her deployment gift, as her faith is very important to her.  But I can’t see rosary beads, even the nicest ones, running her husband a few hundred dollars.

I think I just need to keep thinking…


4 Responses to “Possible deployment gifts”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    how about a lens or filters for your camera? its something useful, but fun!

  2. Fi Says:

    Pardon my ignorance but is coach a brand or a style?

  3. twisterjester Says:

    I dunno which I’d pick. The Coach bag isn’t my style, I don’t want a Zune, and flashy jewelry ain’t me, so I’m also not the right person to ask, lol. I would probably ask for something practical and boring. You’re better at presents than I am.

  4. Amanda Says:

    LOL! I don’t know what to pick either. I don’t like the coach bags and I’m not a huge jewelry person either….lol! I’d rather have the Zune myself…but that’s just me. If it wouldn’t be useful to you, I wouldn’t get it! You’ll figure it out! 😉

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