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Enjoy the silence 19 June 2007

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Sssshhhhhhhh.  Do you hear that??

*cups hand around ear*

It’s quiet here today!  All I hear is the construction across the street and Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood on the tv.


Kurt is currently at work.  This is why it’s so quiet in here.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy having him home.   But he’s been home for ten days, and the past nine days we’ve spent entirely together.  It’s quite a change when you’re used to having your spouse in a whole other hemisphere.

He went in today to try to change his duty day with someone.  At our last art class, the teacher offered to set up a picnic for this coming Friday as a farewell to the class.  I had called Kurt that day while he was still in San Diego to ask if he was working, and sure enough, he has duty.  By the time I’d called him, he was already off the ship so he couldn’t arrange a switch that day.

Plus he went in today to see if Moron Boy has been bailed out of jail.  If he hasn’t, then maybe Kurt will go get him.

Then again, maybe not.

Lisele had a good point in her comment to yesterday’s entry, that maybe the Navy will force guys like this problem child of Kurt’s to grow up and starting acting like men.  Sometimes it does work, and those are usually the guys who really shape up and make something of themselves.  It’s a really wonderful thing to see.

More often, though, all these guys do is bitch about how awful the Navy is (which is funny to me because sailors have it so easy compared to soldiers and Marines), how much they hate the Navy, how much the Navy is screwing them over when they get themselves in trouble.  For four years they sit on their asses and whine.  Then their enlistment is up, and they think the civilian world is going to be so great.

So now they’re out of the Navy, and they don’t have a place to live.  They can’t afford rent because they can’t find a job, and they no longer receive a housing allowance.  They don’t have someone feeding them because they no longer have access to a galley and three hot meals a day.  When they get sick or they break a bone, they can’t afford to see the doctor because they no longer have health care.

I can only hope that they finally realized how much the Navy took care of them.  I don’t know if they figure it out.  Kurt sometimes sees a former sailor out in town, and he’ll still be bitching about the Navy.  That’s something I just don’t get.  It’s not like they were forced to join the Navy.  I don’t think judges are allowed to give the military as an alternative sentence to jail time anymore.

Oh well.

So with Kurt being gone today, I feel like quite the good little housewife.  I have vacuumed the entire house and mopped all the tile floors.  I’ve thrown in a load of laundry, and I’ll go fold another one when I get my butt off the computer.  I’m trying to keep the house as clean as possible since we don’t usually have much notice when someone wants to show the house.

We actually haven’t had anyone come by since Saturday afternoon.  Kurt tells me not to worry since Sunday was Father’s Day.  I hope that’s the reason, instead of something being seriously wrong with our house that we just don’t realize.

I’m paranoid; what can I say??

Hmmm, should I do more housework or should I go play Pogo?  *wink*


7 Responses to “Enjoy the silence”

  1. michele Says:

    bake chocolate chip cookies. supposedly that’s supposed to increase the chances of selling your house if it smells like freshly baked cookies. not sure if it’s actually true, but you could try it out anyway! 🙂

  2. Terri Says:

    Oooo! Bettie Page sounds better then having men who mistreat me. LOL

    I’m am “officially” (what I tell everyone and what is on my driver’s license) 5’5″, but I’m probably actually more like 5’4″. 🙂

  3. art Says:

    yes bake them chocolate chip TOLL HOUSE cookies!!!!!wheeeeee!!! you will sell that house like dunkin donuts sells coffee!!! get a dozen donuts out too!! for the peeps when they come by!! thats a winner!!
    i wish i can go back in the navy, alas, my ass is too big, and im too old. sigh.

  4. Fi Says:

    Nah, not choc chip, something with cinnamon. Yum. I’d buy any place that smelled of cinnamon.

  5. twisterjester Says:

    For the record, it IS good to bake something – but only on the days the house is being shown, and only if it doesn’t involve creation of a horrendous mess. (A Mrs. Smith’s pie solves the problem.) And I have to tell you, I enjoyed the paycheck and the benefits with one of my old jobs – but hated the job and no amount of money or benefits would entice me back.

    I’m glad the Navy has been good to Kurt. Just allow that other people may have had very different experiences.

  6. boxx9000 Says:

    I’d buy your house if I had a teaching job in your area. The housing here is sooooooo expensive, but I’m guessing the teacher pay is probably much less than my 60K here???

  7. boxx9000 Says:

    51K isn’t bad at all when you consider how much less housing would cost. Is there a LOWE’S nearby, too?

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