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Rain rain go away… 24 June 2007

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OK, not really.  The rain we got this morning was kind of cool — definitely not the normal Seattle version of rain.  It doesn’t usually rain up here; it’s mainly just mist.  But this morning it rained hard enough to hear it pattering on the patio and the bathroom fan on the roof.  It’s a very relaxing sound.

Of course, now it smells darn good outside, all clean and freshly washed.  Kurt was going to mow the lawn today, but I guess it’ll have to wait till Tuesday.

He’s so crushed.

We spent the morning cleaning house.  Kurt dusted, and I vacuumed and mopped and wiped counters and doors.  I even took Grace’s booster seat off her chair and cleaned under it.  That was gross, let me tell you.  I should do it more often, but I keep forgetting!  I’ve also thrown in two loads of laundry because this is perfect laundry weather.  It hasn’t even hit 60º yet!  See, when it gets to summer proper up here, which won’t be for at least another three weeks, I’d guess, you have to really manage when you do laundry.  Without air conditioning or shade trees, the last thing you want to do is heat up your house even more by running the dryer.  Of course, the best thing to do would be to hang the laundry outside to dry.  I used to do that with Grace’s diapers.  I just never got around to putting up a line strong enough for a full load of laundry.  Right now I just have a short retractable line, enough to hang out a load of diapers.

Maybe in our next house, I can actually have a real clothesline.

Speaking of our next house, I am so excited!  I am nearly chair-dancing at the thought of it!!

See, in August we’re moving to Newport, Rhode Island, where Kurt will be teaching Surface Warfare School to officers.  It means he’ll be on shore duty, and therefore home every single night for the next three or four years.   Houses are very expensive out in town in Rhode Island, and there is no way we could afford a house even with the profit we will be making off this one.  So we decided instead to live in Navy housing.

Military housing for years and years and years was quite crappy.  In fact, my father refused to live on base while we were kids because he wanted to live in a nice house.  That’s why we bought a house each time we moved, and why we lost money on some of our houses (we didn’t own them long enough).

Finally the military figured out that morale would be much higher if the servicemembers had decent houses in which to live with their families.  I know the Navy is renovating and demolishing old houses and building new ones across the nation.  The Newport base is in the process of finishing their renovations and new construction, which means there is a good chance we’d live in a brand-spankin’ new unit, where no one’s ever lived before!

But even if we get into a house that isn’t brand-new, the houses available to us are absolutely lovely.  As an E-7 with a family, Kurt is guaranteed at least a three-bedroom house.  There is no wait list for Rhode Island, so we can pretty much choose what neighborhood we want to live in.

Kurt really wanted this one particular neighborhood because it’s only a half-mile from the base.  But then I looked on the internet at the sample photos and the floor plans, and while it’s pretty nice, I found exactly where I want to live.

It’s a few miles away from base, and the houses look new.  There are both three-bedroom and four-bedroom units available, and they also feature water views.  The four-bedroom units also have a fenced-in backyard, which would be lovely for our little dog.

The best part??  The three-bedroom runs almost 1800 square feet, and the four-bedroom is almost 2100 square feet!  What would we do with all of that space??  (We have 860 square feet now.)  I could be upstairs in the back corner of the house blaring my music, and Kurt wouldn’t even hear it!  I would finally have the space to set up my electronic piano, which has been languishing away in the back of my closet.  My cello could come out too and have pride of place in a corner somewhere!  We could even have a separate computer room if we got the four-bedroom!!  And a guest room!  Woooo!!!

See how exciting this all is???

I also like the floor plans for both the four-bedroom and the three-bedroom.  They’re pretty much the same; the four-bedroom happens to have a living room on the first floor and the extra bedroom on the second floor, while the three-bedroom has neither.  Oh, and all the houses we can select are duplexes, which is nice because we’ll just have the one neighbor attached to us.

I love how the kitchen is open to the family room on both houses.  That way I can be cooking dinner and keeping an eye on the kid(s).  I can’t really do that here because in the kitchen, I’m totally isolated from the living room.

So yeah, I’m totally excited, can you tell??  Kurt’s going to call tomorrow and see if we can reserve a house in that neighborhood that we want.

Oh!  And Kurt called the real estate agent today to tell her we had that guy who stopped by yesterday, and she was surprised we had so much traffic on our house.  She told us we’re her busiest clients!  That’s got to be a good thing, right?

I don’t think Grace is cutting a tooth, although I really appreciate all the advice you experienced mothers have been giving me.  Her gums don’t seem swollen, and she doesn’t seem in any kind of pain when I press on them.  I was told by a friend of mine here that the fever thing Grace had a few days ago is just some crap that’s going around the county.  She told me her kids had had it, and when she took them to the doctor, that’s what he told her it was.  Just something going around.  She’s fine now, except for looking like we punched her in the mouth from her fall from the playground equipment yesterday.

Kids!!  They’re always getting hurt! ;o)


9 Responses to “Rain rain go away…”

  1. art Says:

    well, i hope you find something decent, and cockroach free!! lol!

  2. oldewoman Says:

    Gettysburg is actually the only Civil War battlefield I’ve already been to (many years ago), but in the little bit of driving around Virginia I’ve done, it fascinates me that there are so many famous places from history just appearing on ordinary road signs! Here in New Jersey, we see Revolutionary War reminders everywhere; the funniest one is that there’s a major road near here with signs every mile or so reminding us that this was “Washington’s Retreat Route” as he backed out of New York to regroup and ultimatley cross the Delaware and win the battle of Trenton. And husbands … yeah.

  3. Catie Says:

    How exciting for you!

  4. Poolie Says:

    Did you say “guest room?” OMG!

  5. twisterjester Says:

    I’m impressed. I would kill for decent housing of our own, even the 800-foot range…

  6. chaosdaily Says:

    wheee are you ready for guests?? kids do get fevers for no apparent reason, its just the body burning off bacteria.

  7. yankeechick Says:

    How exciting that you actually have such a selection of housing. That is lucky, indeed! I’m so happy that you are so excited about all this!! {{hugs}}}

  8. michele Says:

    like i said yesterday, that was reallllllly cool about the houses in Rhode Island! I hope you get the one that you want. I’ve got my fingers crossed on that one, too! 🙂

  9. karmacat Says:

    Newport-Middletown is a lovely area. I’m sure you will be very happy there. Just keep in mind that you’re moving in in the middle of tourist season. The crowds will diminish once school starts and the cooler weather comes. Once you get settled in, don’t forget to cross the bridge and see more of the state. Those Aquidneck Island people tend to stick close to home!

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