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Saga of the refrigerator, part #864 26 June 2007

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I called my mom last night to ask her if she was willing to temporarily adopt my kitty, if I can indeed only bring two pets with me into housing in Rhode Island. When she asked me what I planned to do if I can only have two, I said, “I was hoping you’d adopt one!”

Dead silence on the other end.

Finally she says, “Not the rambunctious one, I hope!”

Yes, folks, my psycho cat’s reputation has preceded him. I told my mom, no, I wouldn’t wish Storm on my worst enemy, that I was hoping she would take my lazy, fat cat, Karla. She said she’d think about it.

I’m guessing I can check in with my dog and my psycho cat, and maybe after a month or so, I can head back to DC and bring Karla home as well. They’re both indoor cats, and no one would ever know I have “too many” cats. Besides, if I get caught with two cats and a dog, I’ll be warned first, which means she’ll go back to my mom’s house until we leave Rhode Island.

It’ll all work out.

Speaking of things working out, my fridge is on the fritz yet again. I have written about this damn fridge every single summer I have lived in this house because every single summer, it goes out! Gahhhhhhh!

When I was pregnant with Grace, it started leaking when Kurt was away at school in Illinois. Of course, it couldn’t break when Kurt was home. That was also the summer that my kitchen sink leaked all over the cupboard underneath while I was in DC for three weeks. I investigated what all was going on with the fridge when I got back, and it looked like maybe the hose for the water-through-the-door was leaking. In actuality, the freezer was too warm, and something was melting.

I babied that damn thing for a couple months, and it started working again. After being hyper-vigilant all summer long, it was weird that it was working just fine come fall. Plus once I gave birth to Grace, I had bigger fish to fry.

The next summer, Kurt was gone for much of the summer on exercises with the ship. But while he was still home, the fridge went on the fritz again. He took the garage door off its hinges and removed the molding so he could wiggle the fridge out of its tight little nook, and the fridge repair guy came to the house. He replaced the relay and it seemed to work okay for a couple of days, but then it went on the fritz again. The repair guy came back out, tried installing a heavy-duty relay, and that didn’t seem to help. So he told us the compressor was probably going and we’d have to buy a new fridge.

Once Kurt pulled back in, we went fridge shopping. I was disappointed because I knew what kind of fridge I wanted (a three-door with the freezer on the bottom), but it wasn’t going to fit in the tiny little space we had for the fridge. Plus if you have any kind of split-door fridge, the right door won’t open fully because the door to the garage gets in the way. We already have that problem with this side-by-side fridge.

I guess the fridge figured out we were going to replace it because it decided to shape up and start working again!! Since it was working so well, we just sort of forgot to replace it, and life went on.

I think it worked fine last summer. I don’t remember having any issues with it.

Last week, the compressor started making this godawful noise. It got to the point where we had to turn the tv up because it was so damn loud. We couldn’t figure out why it was making so much noise! Sometimes it’ll get a bit loud, but it would stop after just a day or so.

Then finally it stopped making noise. The fridge seemed to be working fine again, so we forgot about it. I had to buy another thermometer because our old one gave up the ghost. The new one started reading 10º, which is a tad bit warm, but everything was staying frozen.

But then yesterday I was puttering around the kitchen when I noticed my sock was wet (it was so cold in the house yesterday I was wearing socks and a sweatshirt with my capris, and no, we don’t have a/c!). If there is anything I hate, it’s wet socks. My socks were wet because the freezer was leaking! Again! But the temperature was still at 10º, so I was confused.

Finally I turned the temperature down just a wee bit, a snooch really, for the fridge, and it hasn’t leaked since. Now the temperature in the freezer is right around -15º, a bit too cold, but if I turn it even a hair warmer, I think it’ll go back to being too warm again.

I just want to baby the damn thing enough to make it a bargaining point with any prospective buyers, and then I don’t have to worry about it anymore! I’m hoping to take the avocado green fridge in the garage with us to Rhode Island. I prefer to go to the commissary as infrequently as possible, so I buy four gallons of milk at a time. This is why I need the second fridge.

Speaking of selling the house, tomorrow morning we’ll have an open house for the brokers in the area. I’ve taken down 90% of our personal photos, especially the mass quantities I had on top of the entertainment center, and replaced those with some fake plants. I’ve also tried putting quite a bit of general stuff away, and without the coffee table in the living room (which I took out months ago), the room looks much larger. Now I’m contemplating moving my dresser to another corner in my bedroom because it is making the room look so much smaller. Then again, it is a VERY small room.

I used to watch “House Hunters” on tv when we first moved here, and all the prospective buyers would say, “The master bedroom is just too small for our needs.” And it would be twice or three times what we have! Besides, I think most people who want a huge master bedroom think they’re going to spend all kinds of time in there, and it turns out all they do is sleep. Kurt will go into our room to watch tv sometimes, when he wants to watch something I really can’t stomach (like September 11th documentaries) so I can still stitch as I watch tv in the living room. But that’s all we do in there aside from sleeping! We’re too busy to do much of anything else.

Just keep your fingers crossed that the brokers will like our home!


7 Responses to “Saga of the refrigerator, part #864”

  1. michele Says:

    *fingers crossed*

    Now, bake some cookies to make your house smell yummy. I’ve always heard that the smell of freshly baked cookies can actually increase your chances of selling your house!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    it sounds like your condenser coils are freezing up. have you tried vacuuming the back of the fridge? that helps things breathe a bit better!

  3. whatdayisit Says:

    Have to agree with the cookie idea or bake some bread and leave it on a pretty plate with some flavored butter…..people love the smell of good food.

    Sounds like the idea on the refrigerator is worth pulling it out to vacumn….all it will take is some time for K. to pull it out.

  4. twisterjester Says:

    I hope the open house works out – and I’m addicted to House Hunters, myself 😉

  5. boxx9000 Says:

    My grandma used to say the problem with two people *sleeping* together is that there isn’t much actual SLEEPING going on. hehehehe. I hope you newly weds are using your bedroom for more than JUST sleeping!

  6. boxx9000 Says:

    me again. We have a QUEEN bed, but I actually prefer a KING bed because I like to sleep like I am parachuting! Our current bdroom is HUGE and we ereally do pretty much only SLEEP in it. (sigh)

  7. Amanda Says:

    We had friends in Idaho that at one point had 7 cats b/c one had kittens….and a dog. We also knew people with like 3 dogs. Dogs are much more hard to keep hidden. None of them ever got caught. And our housing inspectors were extremely anal! I think you’ll be ok with 2 cats. Like you said, you’ll just get a warning first anyhow. And good luck with the house selling sweetie!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! 🙂

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