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What doctor’s appointment?? 26 June 2007

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When the real estate agent called our house to let us know she wanted to have the brokers’ open house, I told her the day she picked (tomorrow) would be just dandy. I tallied up in my head when Kurt’s duty day was and figured I was safe.

But then I talked to him and he told me that he’s supposed to be at work tomorrow anyhow, even though he doesn’t have duty (right now he’s only working duty days, which means he goes in every three days and works a 24-hour shift. It turns out that he leaves at 4:40am one morning and gets home at 11am the next, but that’s because of where we live and the commute involved). I guess the entire ship has to show up so that those who worked this past leave period can turn over to the people coming off of leave.

He worked it out so that he doesn’t have to show up, and since his Chief Engineer is in DC for a conference, he won’t be getting in trouble like he did the last time either. He really ought not to be working very hard anyhow. He’s getting gypped out of “short-timing” it, which is when you show up at your own discretion when your transfer date gets close. This ship doesn’t believe in short-timing it, so he has to go in every day (once everyone gets back off of leave) and work hard.

Poor guy.

Then before he got home from work this morning, the phone rang. It was Grace’s dermatologist, reminding us that she has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Ummmm. WHAT?

This is what’s hard for me when working with specialists — I can make an appointment a year in advance and completely forget about it.

I am so thankful the nurse called me today to remind me.

See, Grace has this ginormous birth mark on her left hip. Ask her what it is, and she’ll tell you it’s “Daddy’s mark!” because Kurt has the same birth mark in the same place. There’s no doubt whose kid she is!!

We had no idea that birth marks can be genetic until Grace was born. But sure enough, there was a small café-au-lait mark with two black spots inside it on her left hip. As time has passed, the black spots have faded, but her birth mark has deepened in color. It’s now dark brown and covered in a lot of black hair. Grace’s mark is also larger than Kurt’s if you take a ruler to them both. Grace’s covers her entire hip!

But because it is so large, her pediatrician sent me to a dermatologist to have it checked out. I’m not terribly fond of her dermatologist; he’s an absent-minded doctor who looks like his hygiene habits are somewhat lacking. He is always in dire need of a hair cut and a shampooing. I figured I would just go to him until we move, since finding other specialists would require going to either Tacoma or Seattle, both at least an hour’s drive.

I have always worried a bit about her birth mark. For one thing, she’ll get teased mercilessly when she goes to high school and wants to wear a bikini. It’s so large, there’s no way it could be hidden, unless it stops growing. Secondly, it’s so large (probably three inches long and an inch high)! I just looked up on about birthmarks, and it says that café-au-lait marks are normal and not a problem, but that congenital nevi (ie, moles) can turn cancerous, especially if they’re large. Does she have a café-au-lait mark because it was pale at birth and now it’s dark like a mole? Or is it a true mole?

This is why I’m glad to be going to the dermatologist.

But I thought it was funny that I had Kurt take the day off so he can help me with the open house, only to find out we had a doctor’s appointment! Go figure!


4 Responses to “What doctor’s appointment??”

  1. michele Says:

    or…. maybe, just mabye, Gracie will be one of those uber-cool kids in high school where no one makes fun of her for anything! besides, it’s possible that as she gets bigger her birthmark will get “smaller”.

  2. art Says:

    ya, i think as she grows up the birthmark will shrink!

  3. boxx9000 Says:

    My birthmark has never given me any problem. My daughter on the other hand had to have her birthmark removed. Hers was a MOLE on the top of her head (where the fetal monitor had been) Hers was pre cancerous. Just keep an eye on things. The doctor will be able to advise you if it (the mark) can stay or has to go.

  4. twisterjester Says:

    My youngest daughter had a HUGE nevi removed from around her ear. It was genetic, too – I have a smaller version on the same ear and should probably have it removed, but I never have.

    It’s definitely better to have it taken off when Gracie is young, if that’s deemed necessary. She might not care now, but you’re right – sooner or later she will. And the upside of doing something while she’s young is the likelihood that any resulting scars will be minimal.

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