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Kurt is refusing to cooperate 27 June 2007

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I asked Kurt to give me a title for my diary today.  He’s refusing to cooperate.  Apparently he’s too busy watching “How It’s Made.”  Like a TV show is more important than my journal!  Sheesh!


So we went to the doctor’s appointment today.  The doctor leaned over Gracie and I got a huge whiff of very unwashed hair.  Not fun.  You’d think a doctor would have better hygiene habits.  Then again, he is male.

The doctor measured Grace’s birth mark and told us that it’s actually no bigger than it was six months ago.  I don’t know about that; it’s always kept pace with her growth.  Honestly I think her growth in general has slowed down, which is why her birth mark hasn’t grown much either.

He told us that she does indeed have a congenital nevi versus the café-au-lait mark she had at birth.  But he did say that it’s more of an intermediate size, not a large one.  The darn thing is 8cm by 3cm — that seems pretty darn big to me!

The problem with having it removed is it’s a very involved process.  She would be operated on first to implant some skin-stretching devices (balloons filled with saline that I would have to fill over the course of some weeks — owwwwww), and then once they had enough skin at the location, the birth mark would be removed and the skin would be stretched over the gap and sutured in place.  I’ve seen such operations on TV.  She would still have a scar, but it would be a fairly minimal one.

I had a boyfriend in high school who’d had a birth mark on his left inner forearm that had been removed.  This was before the use of skin-stretching procedures, so the plan was to graft skin from his leg onto his arm.  However, the doctor in charge apparently felt that my boyfriend’s skin was feeling rather stretchy that day and instead simply sutured the gap shut.  He was left with a jagged scar that was a half-inch wide in places.  You could still see where each individual suture had been too.

I’d hate for that to happen with Grace.

But right now, we’re going for the non-invasive route.  Kurt and I check her birth mark every night, especially the nights she gets a shower, and we make sure there are no weird changes or new spots.  Kurt has the same birth mark that has yet to turn cancerous, so we’re fairly confident that as long as she keeps an eye on it, she’ll be fine.

Then again, if the new dermatologist in Rhode Island suggests we remove it, we’ll probably seriously consider that as well.  I’d rather not, but if we’ve gotta, we’ve gotta.

Our open house this morning for the brokers in the area wasn’t as well-attended as our realtor had hoped.  That sucks royally.  Even still, eleven people came by and left their cards, so that’s a good thing.

The problem is simple — there is massive construction on the easiest way to get to my house.  You can go all the way around your ass to get to your elbow to get home without going by the construction, but who wants to do that?  Our realtor believes that massive construction caused the poor turn-out.  I can’t really blame them either.  One day it took us thirty minutes to travel the half-mile of construction.   Who would want to sit in that kind of traffic just for an open house?

I just hope the folks that did attend today will tell their colleagues, “Hey, there’s a cute little house up in Blah-de-humpty-squat Estates!  Go check it out!  It’d be perfect for your client!”

*crosses fingers*


8 Responses to “Kurt is refusing to cooperate”

  1. boxx9000 Says:

    Did your boyfriend have navy doctors??? Dave had a weird growth removed from his chin line (that had octopus tentacles) when he was a child. The navy docs left a wide scar on his face. Dave later had to have an almost identical growth removed from the exact same area but also inside his mouth on his actual jaw. (YIKES!) Kelly has had three different skin cancers removed. Two of them were done by a plastic surgeon (one on her head, one behind her ear) and you can’t even SEE the scar (same with my son right on his face) My daughter had one taken off her bicep my a GP and it left a really UGLY scar. There is supposed to be some distinction between moles you are BORN with and moles that develop later, no? I had a bad mole taken off my bikini line (hehehe) too low of swim suits back in the day (and too much sun exposure where the sun don’t shine)

  2. twisterjester Says:

    As long as your doctor says it’s safe, I guess you’re safe. But it’s also appropriate to seek a second opinion!

  3. art Says:

    i would leave well enuf alone on the birthmark! who knows? it may become a conversation piece some day!

  4. Terri Says:

    Mama knows best! And I agree that the non-evasive route sounds good. At least until you get to Rhode Island!

    You’re house is going to sell. You’re house is going to sell. It’s my new mantra for you. 🙂

  5. Gopheroo Says:

    I hope the new doctore is able to give you a little more insight. Hopefully his hiar will be clean 😉

  6. lisele Says:

    That is a tough one…unnecessary surgery vs. possible cancer evasion and higher self-esteem. I would agree that it makes sense that since she was born with it, it is probably harmless. But who knows?

  7. michele Says:

    Auntie Chele agrees: leave it be unless you hafta remove it! Besides, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

  8. oldewoman Says:

    My older daughter was born with a birthmark on the front of her left lower leg, irregularly shaped, cafe-au-lait in appearance. It grew with her, and was about an inch up and down and a half inch across when she was 5. Her doctor checked it at every check-up, measured it and felt it. When she was 5, he said, okay, time to get rid of it, so we did. It left a jagged scar (no skin stretching or graft), which the plastic surgeon said she’d want to fix when she was a teenager. But she never did. She likes the scar, says it’s part of her. It’s not as apparent now (she’s 26) as when she was little, but she was never teased about it and rarely asked about it. For us, it became one lesss thing to worry about as she was growing up.

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