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Thank you! 30 June 2007

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Thank you, all y’all, for your positive comments regarding my photos.  I guess I just inherited my daddy’s knack for “seeing” a photo before I shoot it.  You should see the masses of slides my father owns!  He spends his free time scanning in old slides to put onto CDs.

We’re a snap-happy family, I fear.

Oh, boy, am I full!!!  I bought this recipe book over the weekend from Barnes & Noble* that features recipes from old pamphlets published by various food manufacturers over the years.  A couple nights ago, I made a salmon recipe from this book.  Take thick salmon steaks, layer thinly-sliced lemons over the steaks, and mostly cover the salmon with mayonnaise (not low-fat).  Bake until done.

OK, maybe that doesn’t sound too good.  But let me tell you, it was awesome.  The lemons had released all their juices over the salmon, and the mayonnaise added just enough of a creamy texture.  And I don’t like salmon, normally!

Tonight we tried another recipe.  It featured hollowed-out bread slices that are brushed with butter and toasted in the oven, and then you make creamed mushrooms (saute the mushrooms till they release their juices, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of flour and cook, and then add 2 cups of milk and simmer till thickened) and fill the shells with the mushrooms.  Oh.  My.  Goodness. *drools*  It was heavenly.

For a side, I had a salad while Kurt and Grace had raw broccoli, and we even had an appetizer!  Kurt sliced up a tomato and some fresh mozzarella cheese, and drizzled it all with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and parsley.

Yes, I made my husband eat a vegetarian meal.  The guys on the ship would never let him live it down if they found out.

Question for my meatless friends: What level of vegetarianism do you practice?  I know some vegetarians will eat dairy, some won’t.  Some will eat eggs, some won’t.  Some will eat fish, some won’t.  I’m just curious because I’m nosy like that.

* I generally don’t like to shop at Barnes & Noble, as I was ripped off by them during my four years in college.  Our college bookstore was owned by B&N.  I understand that textbooks are extremely expensive, as they are printed in very small runs normally.  But when you buy an $80 math book that you hardly even crack, receive a mere $15 for it when you sell it back, and find it for sale used by that bookstore for $60 the very next semester, that’s just uncool.  That said, the only large bookstore in my county is B&N.  I’m sort of screwed. *wink*

Time for the family meme (stolen errr borrowed from The Purple Chai)!!!

1. Who’s the oldest living member of your family? I’m guessing that would be my cousins Betty & Myrtle.  They are my first cousins, twice removed (making them my grandpa’s cousins, if you were wondering).  They were born in 1919 and 1921, I believe.  I can’t remember which is older; they’ve just always been “cousins Betty & Myrtle” my entire life.  My stepmom’s Aunt Edna died in 2005 after reaching her 90s, so she was the oldest member of my family until then.

2. Who’s the newest?  That would be my daughter Grace, born in October 2004.

3. If you could spend a two-week vacation with one family member, who would it be?  My first choice would be my sister, but a very close second would be my mom because we’ve only ever had three weeks to ourselves since my parents were married in 1985, and those three weeks were awesome.
4. The old saying goes, “you can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family.” if you could choose one of your friends, who would you ‘elect’ to become a member of your family?  That’s an easy one!  My best friend Caroline is already very nearly a sister to me, and her daughters are my honorary nieces and Grace’s honorary cousins.

5. Who in your family can you just NOT stand?  Another easy one, and one I’d rather not post here.  But anyone who knows me, knows of whom I speak.

6. Do you have a member of the family who is currently suffering an illness?  My grandma’s little brother has Parkinson’s, and my grandpa is getting more and more confused by the day.  No one has actually said the dreaded A word, but I’m sure most of the family is thinking it.  The rest of us have been spared serious illness, for which I am incredibly grateful.

7. Do you have a family member that you’ve lost contact with? Who are they, and why do you not currently have contact?  There is one person I don’t have contact with, and that’s by my own choosing.  (See the answer for question #5.)  But I don’t have a whole lot of contact with most of my family. Growing up in the Navy, we kept moving away from what little family we have.  I don’t really talk to any of my cousins, although I wish I had more contact with my cousin Aubrey because she’s just rad like that.  My uncle Steve will call me every few weeks, and we’ll have a lengthy discussion about anything and everything, but he’s pretty much the only relative outside my immediate family that I talk to.

8. Do you have any famous family members?  Well, supposedly someone on my dad’s side owns the Rite Aid chain, or they did.  And another one of my dad’s relatives was a speechwriter for Nixon or something like that.  But famous-famous?  No.  We’re fairly low-key folks.


9 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. art Says:

    im not so crazy about mushrooms. i might fill the bread hole with tuna fish, maybe.
    so, with the salmon, shouldnt ya put the mayo on first, then the lemons? im nosy.

  2. boxx9000 Says:

    I’m a meatless vegetarian. I don’t eat meat. Nothing that had a mother. Nothing that had eyes. I do eat dairy but I’m lactose intollerant so I always end up with a stomach ache. I LOVE omlettes, so I do eat eggs. I’m NOT a vegan. Vegans don’t eat anything that is an animal product. I mostly eat a whole lot of vegeatbles and tofu and black beans.

  3. lisele Says:

    I could easily be vegetarian since my natural inclination is towards veggies and I need to force myself sometimes to eat meat. The only meat I like is beef. White meat chicken is good too, unless it is undercooked . Then I can’t look at it for weeks. I like crab. That’s about it.
    However, I am prone to anemia and eating meat is the only reliable way I keep my iron up. Pills and green veggies alone don’t cut it for me.
    I was almost completely a vegetarian when I was around college age (also the time I was diagnosed with anemia) but I still ate cheese and eggs. Not so many eggs. I didn’t like eggs either then. I would eat then IN things…man I never realized how fussy I am.

  4. yankeechick Says:

    I love meat way too much to even consider for a moment being a vegetarian! Big juicy grilled steak, rare please or a fat juicy cheeseburger or BBQ anything! I do like a few veggies with my meat….sometimes. (Musta been a tiger or something in a ‘previous life. lol)

  5. twisterjester Says:

    I am a full-fledged omnivore who loves both meat and veggies and all of the other accepted foods. Your recipes sound heavenly to me! I probably could become a vegetarian but given my tendency toward hypoglycemia, I am trying to follow a South Beach diet plan to control blood sugar. Weight control, for me, is secondary right now.

  6. boxx9000 Says:

    I got a little chubby right after High School and weighed 130. Then I had an eating (not eating) problem and dropped to 98. I stayed under 100 for a long time. I weighed 180 (age 28) at 10 months pregnant with Tom (gestational diabetes) I only weighed 130 (age 29) at 10 months pregnant with Kelly. I stayed about 120 until I turned 40 and since then it has ben a constant battle of the bulge. I don’t weigh as much as I did when I was pregannt with Tom, but I DO weigh more that I did when I was pregnant with Kelly and that is sad, ESPECIALLY since heart disease and diabetes run on both sides of my family. (sigh) I’m NOT going to obsess about it (been there, done that) but I have GOT to get healthy and have energy again. (looking good nakid is just an added bonus!) hehehehe

  7. michele Says:

    you have no idea how you’ve made my day go from 0 to 10 in a few seconds flat! thanks for the kind words about wanting to visit me…even if it’s only for a meme!

    you know what i eat and don’t eat but i’ll post it here incase any of your other readers want to know…
    I do not eat:
    –dairy products

    I *do* eat:
    –vegetarian eggs (hens are cage-free and fed an all-grain diet)
    –fish but usually only once a month due to Ben’s allergy (so i only eat it at a restaurant)

  8. Mark Says:

    You have some of the best photos.

  9. Love your site and although I am not vegetarian, I have just gone gluten free. Dietary restrictions can take some time getting used to. I agree with others, your photos are awesome.

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