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Eight things 3 July 2007

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I have to write this quickly.  We’re going out to see the fireworks soon!!!!

No, folks, it’s not the Fourth, but my little town has a Third of July Festival every year.  I don’t know why, but there you have it.  It’s awesome for us because we can have our little Fourth of July celebration as a family instead of missing out on all the fun since Kurt has duty tomorrow.

For dinner we had hamburgers on the grill with mozzarella cheese, salad (raw broccoli for Gracie; she informed Kurt, “NO SALAD”), and corn-on-the-cob.  Kurt also made up his famous tomato-and-mozzarella appetizer, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and some basil.  Mmmm yummy.

So the wonderful Poolagirl tagged me for this “eight things” meme.  We’ll see what I can come up with:

1. I always felt like an oddity growing up because my father had custody of us.  When I would mention my living situation, it always caused raised eyebrows.  It wasn’t until I met my best friend Caroline that I finally knew someone else who was being raised by her father.  It was an instant bond over just that small fact that really grew into a lasting friendship.

2.  Like Poolagirl, I too am shy, and most people are very surprised when I say that.  Shy doesn’t just mean standing against the wall and refusing to interact at a party.  I hate going new places where I don’t know anyone, and it took me a long time to get up my courage to go to playgroup when I didn’t know any of the mothers there.  Each time I’m invited to a party of some kind, I experience a fair amount of anxiety beforehand.

3.  I am a compulsive nail-biter.  I know a lot of you just went, “Ewwwwwwww!!”  I know.  I can’t help it.  I did it even when I was working in the chemistry lab around all those nasty chemicals.  And I chew them way down too.  Last night I spent probably 45 straight minutes chewing on my nails.  I can stop, and I have done so for a few months here, a year there.  But I always go back.  It’s almost an addiction for me.  When I know there is a bit of nail that I think I need to remove, I can’t just ignore it and move on to other activities.  I know that the bit of nail needs to go, and I obsess over it until I can chew it off.  That said, I have tried to stop biting my nails in public.  I know it grosses a lot of people out, so I don’t do it.

4.  On a related note, I will admit to something here that I normally don’t share with people.  I sucked my thumb on a daily basis until I was at least 16.  I know by the time I got to college at 18 that I was only doing it when I was extremely tired or extremely stressed out.  I was made fun of constantly in grade school because I still sucked my thumb.  Then again, I had an extremely stressful home life growing up, so it’s kind of understandable.  The fingerprint of my left thumb is pretty messed up from all those years of being wet.

5.  One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to piano lessons with my dad.  My first piano teacher worked at a store in the mall, so that’s where we went every Wednesday night.  And after each lesson, my dad would take me down to the food court where we’d get a bucket of fries from Boardwalk Fries, cover them with malt vinegar and Old Bay Seasoning, and chow down.  Mmmm yummy!

6.  When I was a kid, the church my family belonged to had been built in the 80s, and that was definitely reflected in the architecture.  I always felt kind of gypped that my church had chairs instead of pews, and an electric organ instead of a pipe organ.  I had the idea that my grandparents went to a real church, since theirs was over 200 years old.

7.  My biggest dream is to have two or three biological kids, wait till they’re all in school, and then adopt as many kids as I can, kids that no one else wants.  I’d love to take the mentally disabled, the physically disabled, the emotionally disabled.  I want to give these kids a home of love and acceptance.  I still plan on doing this, but I know I will probably only be able to adopt one or two.  I’d love to adopt more, though.

8.  And I guess the biggest admission would be that I really have no ambition.  I don’t want to change the world, I don’t want to amass the largest checking account (though it’d be nice), I don’t want to be some hero who’s worshiped by all.  I just want to live and be happy.


6 Responses to “Eight things”

  1. art Says:

    i didnt go ewwwwww when i read you bit ya nails!! im a professional nail biter, too!! i cracked up when i read about a real church!! hahaha!! happy 4th!!

  2. boxx9000 Says:

    I sucked my thumb until I was 12 years old. I stopped the summer before I started 7th grade. I thought it wouldn’t be *cool* . I use to twirl my hair with a finger and rub the top of my nose with my index finger (while sucking my thumb) I’m sure FREUD would have a field day with that one! My old town did the 3rd of the July thing, too. I called Kelly to see if she was watching it (she lives in my old house) HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! One of my dear childhood memories is watching the fireworks with my Dad. My Dad took us three younger kids EVERY where. I don’t remember my Mom being involved much in anything we did. You’d be surprised how many DADS are raising their kids nowadays.

  3. Poolie Says:

    Fail to thee, fellow shy person!

  4. karmacat Says:

    I don’t think you are without ambition. Your #7 certainly sounds like an ambition to me.

  5. Fi Says:

    What do you mean – you have no ambition?! You have taken on the most important (and most difficult) job in the world. You are raising the next generation. That is about as ambitious as it comes.

  6. Michele Says:

    wow and i thought *i* was the only one who felt as though she had no ambition. weird!

    and you know what, i feel EXACTLY the same way about adopting kids who need a good home…hmm… 😉

    good for you for having the courage to admit to your less-than-perfect side (biting your nails, etc.)!

    love ya!

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