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Y’all are too kind 8 July 2007

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Man, y’all are too kind.  Between the comments left on yesterday’s blog entry and also on my Flickr page, I’m gonna get a big head!!!

Then again, I already have an extra-large melon anyhow.  My husband and I wear the same size hat, if that tells you anything.

Karyl = ginormous head.

But anyhow.  Today Kurt comes home from having duty all night, and begs to go to the awesome all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at this restaurant on the water.  But unbeknownst to us, the restaurant no longer has the brunch buffet every weekend.  Now it’s a champagne brunch buffet on the last Sunday of the month.

Darn it!

I got cool photos of the marina anyhow, so it wasn’t a complete loss.  Plus I finally figured out my circular polarizer filter for my camera.  I had used it previously, but I hadn’t been able to really see the difference it makes before as I spun the polarizer around the filter.  Today for some reason, maybe all the stars were aligned properly, I was able to really see a difference.  The deck to the restaurant (it was such a gorgeous day, of course we had to eat outside) turned a lovely reddish-orange hue with the polarizer spun to the correct angle, while it remained a washed-out light red if you spun it just a little out of true.  It was really quite amazing.

Kind of a duh moment, though.

Currently my husband is outside working on the truck.  His hands are absolutely filthy, covered in engine grease, and he’s happy as a clam as a result.  He could keep his hands clean with the job he has in the Navy, but he still feels it necessary to go down into the engine room and plunge his hands into grease every so often.  He just feels better about life when his hands are filthy black.

Maybe it’s a boy thing.  I cannot stand to have anything on my hands.  And with all the cross-stitch I do, I wash my hands almost obsessively to try to keep from getting oil from my hands on the cloth, which leads to staining.  One time I took a big enormous sampler that took me several months to complete to Joann’s to have it framed, and the girl (she was under 18, BoXx, so she was definitely a “girl”) behind the counter kept touching my stitching with her bare hands!!!!  It was driving me crazy!  If you get hand oils on your cloth, it won’t necessarily show up for quite some time, maybe even years, and once it’s framed, I can’t unframe it and wash it.  Finally I asked her politely to please only touch the bare borders with her hands, and she pulled out white gloves.  Maybe a little drastic, but she could have done that off the bat.

But anyhow.  The moral of the story is I like my clean hands.  So there you are.


7 Responses to “Y’all are too kind”

  1. david Says:

    lol. maybe it is a guy thing.
    I just got back from Bristol (ren faire) and my EVERYTHING is coated with dust.
    Honestly, I’m quite okay with that.

    Means I’ve Been somewhere and Done something.
    It’s real easy to keep your hands clean if you never do anything real — plus you’ve got the colloquialism about ‘getting your hands dirty’ equaling actually getting involved rather than kibbitzing from the sidelines — so maybe we just like to literrally get our hands dirty to prove we weren’t lolly-gaging around jus looking pretty. Yep, definitely a guy thing because everyone who has a fastidious streak is going to say I’m saying they don’t do anything, I’m just saying it’s how I feel I have.

    My name is David,
    and I’m a guy with dirty hands.

  2. art Says:

    i cannot stand to have my mitts dipped in oil slimey grease, unless of course its COOKING GREASE!!!! whee-haaa!!!
    my name is art,
    and im a guy with CLEAN HANDS!!!

  3. michele Says:

    yeah…it’s a boy thing! Ben feels like he’s actually done a good job if his hands are dirty at the end of a job. However, being the germaphobe that he is, he’s very meticulous about getting them clean afterwards.

    Hi, my name is Michele and I’m married to a guy who doesn’t mind having dirt/grease on his hands but prefers to keep them clean otherwise. 🙂

  4. lisele Says:

    I can’t stand to have my hands dirty either, lol. And my husband may actually be worse than I about it. He most definitely does not like to get his hands dirty either, he just isn’t as squeamish about things as I can be. He has his trusty bottle of Purell handy at all times 😉

  5. whatdayisit Says:

    I like clean hands too and….soft…can’t stand thet rough feeling..
    Loved the MAC colors, you can carry them off well. I, on the other hand, would feel like a clown…so I tend to be too light probably.
    Hope the house continues to show so you can a good offer before you leave for the new place.

  6. Blue Opal Says:

    I hear you about the need for clean hands. Not to the point of handling aida with gloves, but otherwise…

  7. Fi Says:

    I think the grubbiness gene comes attached to the Y chromosome.

    I’ve had problems with people handling craftwork like that, too. I think it is because, unless you actually do that type of thing yourself, you don’t realise how time-consuming, precious and delicate the artworks are. Plain ignorance rather than disrespect. But still no excuse in a professional organisation.

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