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HEAT WAVE 10 July 2007

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OK, folks, it is hot out there. I have been out there several times today, and it’s HOT. However, my house is cool and comfortable. Go me!!!

I have several ways of beating the heat without an air conditioner. First and foremost, you want to keep your shades down where the sun is beating in for as long as possible. So what if you can’t see what you’re doing? That’s what lights are for! Besides, if you have CFL lights, they don’t put off much heat anyhow. I have yet to open the room-darkening shade in my bedroom or the vertical blinds covering my back sliding glass door. It really cuts down on the heat when the sun is blasting in all morning long. Then come the afternoon, I make sure the front blinds are closed so the sun can’t get in that way either.

I also keep the windows closed the entire day. It might sound a little counterintuitive, but if you open the windows to get a breeze, you’re also letting in the heat. At least that’s how it works in my house. So I have all the windows shut. Today the breeze is a hot one. I do break the “no open windows” rule if the breeze is a cooling one, but with the temperature now at 95º, there is no way I’m opening the windows.

We might see 100º today. The hottest part of the day isn’t usually till about 5pm, which isn’t for another hour and a half.

But it’s only in the 70s here in the house.

I was just outside a few moments ago to retrieve something out of the truck, and I was shocked to feel how hot the wind is. It feels like someone stuck a fan to force the air out of a blast furnace. Definitely not normal for Seattle!!!

Earlier today, I thought we were going to have bigger issues than just a hot day. Right around 9:30 this morning, the power cut out.

Oh, my God! My fridge!!!! And I was supposed to go to Costco this morning with my friend R!! ACK!!!

Fortunately, it wasn’t out for very long. We left the house right around 10:30, and as we headed to town, we saw not one but two utility trucks heading towards our neighborhood. I called the house around 12:15 and by then the power was on (if the answering machine picks up, we have power. Pretty nifty, huh??). My freezer was safe!

I’m also glad it went out in the morning. My garage gets really hot in the afternoon, since the sun really heats it up, and I have a fridge out there too. If the power had gone out in the afternoon, I most likely would have lost everything in that fridge.

Small victories, and all that.

Even after all that heat and sun yesterday, Kurt and I ended up not sleeping very well at all. He did not feel well last night; it hit him right around 10pm or so. He kept feeling weak and nauseous every time he got up, so when we finally went to bed at 11:30, he didn’t do any of his normal nightly routine. He just wanted to lay down so he’d quit feeling sick.

There was nothing I could do for the poor guy. I did rub his belly and send it good health vibes, and I also rubbed his head because that sometimes helps. But nothing I could do was working, and I felt badly that I couldn’t do more. Finally we both fell into a fitful sleep.

He woke up at 3am and headed to the restroom. I got paranoid that he was going to get sick (I have a phobia), but he didn’t. From then on, I couldn’t sleep because I knew he had to get up soon to go to work.

Finally at 4:30 he got out of bed, and I found him some Pepto to try to ease his symptoms. By then it seemed as though he was feeling a little better, although he was still having issues in the bathroom. Around noon today he started feeling more normal. He had slept most of the morning on the ship, and that went a long way to helping him recover.

Ain’t it grand that he can go to work and go right back to sleep??? *wink*

We’re thinking it was the oysters that did him in yesterday. We went to Anthony’s at Point Defiance for lunch. Anthony’s is a chain of seafood restaurants local to the Puget Sound, and they’re a little upscale. On the appetizer menu was a sampler of local Washington oysters, raw on the half shell, and I really encouraged Kurt to get them so he could actually taste different species of oysters.

I forgot the one key part to eating oysters — you’re not supposed to eat them raw in the warmer months. They’re much more susceptible to disease and making you sick. My friend R, who’s a marine biologist specializing in shellfish disease, reminded me of this fact and told me that oysters tend to suffer from a bug that incubates right at a human’s body temperature.

Now we know.

There really isn’t anything else it could be. I didn’t have the oysters. Raw oysters are gross; I call it “snot on a cracker.” We both had the chowder. For dinner we ate at Popeye’s (there aren’t any this far north yet), and we shared a family bucket of chicken with dirty rice as a side. So everything else Kurt ate, I had too. Yet I’m fine and he was sick as a dog all night.

Poor guy.

Other than that, yesterday was awesome. And look, I figured out my polarizing filter! And the best photos were of my favorite animal, the elephant!!!!  (More photos if you click the link on the right.)


Can you see how gorgeously the colors turned out? They wouldn’t have been quite so vivid without the polarizer. Well, that, and I have my color set to the Vivid setting. I just love that damn filter. I even had to go out last night and get another one so I can leave one on each lens for the days I’m out shooting. I was getting so frustrated having to switch lenses and filters all day yesterday. But now I have two, so I won’t have that problem anymore!

Mt Rainier was out in all its glory

And I took probably thirty photos of Mt Rainier yesterday. It’s so rare that the mountain is out with so little haze! I shot the mountain from every which way, but I think that photo is the best. I took it from the Point Defiance Zoo, just inside the entrance.

I will miss seeing Mt Rainier when we move to Rhode Island. It’s just so gorgeous! You’ll be driving down the road, and all of a sudden you’ll round a corner, and BAM! There’s a huge, snow-covered mountain right in front of you in all its majesty.

Washington really is a gorgeous state.


7 Responses to “HEAT WAVE”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    I’m sorry Kurt was sick, but glad you found out the whys and wherefores and worked to resolve the problem. I finally got my SD card today so I’m no longer limited to 10 pictures per set, lol. Next up: a spare set of batteries for my camera!

  2. Fi Says:

    Being country dwellers, we get heaps of blackouts. We had one on Christmas Day once (a pelican landed on a transformer and frizzled the lines, and himself) that lasted two days… 100+ heat. As long as you don’t open your freezer, even in heat like that, you a period of grace before things become inedible. Our power company say at least two day on a sealed chest freezer, slightly less on an upright. As long as stuff is still hard when you reboot, it will be OK.

    Hope the other half is feeling better. (And I thought oysters were supposed to cause quite a different physical response in bed!)

  3. purple chai Says:

    Beautiful pictures. And what’s the oyster rule… you only eat them in a month with an R in it?

  4. michele Says:

    tell Kurt that i’m sorry he was sick but glad that he’s back to feeling good.

    also…make ya a deal…. you teach me photography and i teach you baking???? your photos ARE gorgeous. almost makes me want to stop using my camera all together! *wink*

  5. art Says:

    oysters are disgusting!!! EWWWWWWWW!!! i hope kurt will feel better!!! if you aint supposed to eat raw oysters in warmer weather, what the hell is they on the menu for? you have CFL lights? whats that? Canadian Football League lights? hehehe!! nice sharp pics!

  6. whatdayisit Says:

    Hope the oysters have left the…..building…by now and husband is feeling much better.

    Loved the pictures, the colors ARE so gorgeous and what a great picture of Mt. Rainier…it looked like it was floating in the sky! Beautiful, beautiful

  7. Blue Opal Says:

    Love the photos – sorry to hear about the oyster problems, and glad everything is coming back into focus 🙂

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