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Slowly getting better 13 July 2007

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I think whatever was ailing me is finally passing.  I am so glad about this.  I woke up at 7:30am this morning needing to go to the restroom very badly, and I ended up going something like five times in the next half hour.  And most of you know I am not a morning person, so this is definitely not a fun thing for me.  On and off I kept heading to the restroom all day, but I think finally I’m okay.

Kurt is having issues as well, so whatever it is, we seem to be passing back and forth between us.  He seems to have it worse than me, though.  He looks so weak and haggard when his stomach really starts to act up, and it makes me so sad that he’s having such issues.  But he’s slowly getting back to normal.

In truck news, the mechanic changed the spark plugs and found that the electrode of one of them was badly bent.  He thinks something came through the fuel lines and whacked into one of the spark plugs, which could have caused the issues we were having.  We told him we would like to take this truck across country, so he did a pretty thorough diagnostic on it.  Of course, we have to relinquish our first-born child to him to pay for the diagnostic and the repairs, but at least it’s fixed!

We still have a couple of minor issues to work on, like fixing the cruise control and also changing the brakes.  But Kurt can do the brakes himself, and we’ll get the cruise control looked at another day.  I guess this mechanic doesn’t work on the weekend, so if we had any more done, then he’d keep the car through Monday.  Kurt has duty then, and it weirds me out to be left without a car when he’s so far away at work.  It’d be different if he could get home quickly in an emergency, but he’s got a two-hour commute.

My question is, what do folks who have a full-time job do when their car breaks down?  They have to get a rental or find someone to drive them since mechanics don’t work on the weekend??  That makes no sense.  Maybe Kurt and I will open an auto repair shop that is open Thurs through Monday so that full-time employees can get their cars fixed on the weekends.  We’d probably make money hand over fist!

I have an interesting little column for y’all to read.  Please put aside any pro-Bush/anti-Bush feelings and simply read the column.

Isn’t that amazing?  These young ladies, who were encouraged to stay quiet and demure in the face of such a powerful man, the leader of the free world, went out on a limb and stood up for what they believe in!  They didn’t care that they might get in trouble.  They wanted to make their opinions known, and they went to the absolute top.

I am in awe of these ladies.  I don’t know if I would have the courage and commitment these ladies exhibited.  But I’m sure glad to see that our young people, our best and brightest, the ones who will lead our country in twenty or thirty years, are willing to make such a stand.  Hopefully the weight of the world won’t dull their idealism and they can really make a change.


6 Responses to “Slowly getting better”

  1. twisterjester Says:

    The younger generation does have some amazing members. They just don’t get the publicity that their rougher counterparts get.

  2. art Says:

    im glad ya feeling better!!! and some mechanics do work on weekends. it just costs more!!

  3. michele Says:

    Great article. Sorry you two are battling something-or-other! Yes.. you’re right… you would probably make a lot of money if you opened a shop during those hours!

    And if you’re gonna relinquish your first-born, you’d better be relinquishing to ME!!! 😀

  4. oldewoman Says:

    Great article. At least there are still some people getting it right.

  5. yankeechick Says:

    I’m SO glad you are feeling better!! Not gonna comment on the article tho'(it’s difficult to put aside my ‘Bush feelings) other than to say that I didn’t know the program existed and what a great thing it is for those of our younger generation that are deserving of the honor and opportunity! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. boxx9000 Says:

    FACT: Bush is an idiot. FACT: There’s still some kid’s left with a brain in their heads after all this stoopid NCLB. re: cars. When Dave and I divorced I had my car’s engine seize up and I had absolutely NO car. There was NO public transportation to get to my work location and I had NO money to buy even groceries (let alone any type of car) Here’s where *friends* come to the rescue. My best friend would come pick me up in the morning and I would drop her off at my school and then I would drive to my school and then pick her up after school and she drove me home. I would have lost my job and been HOMELESS had it not been for her.

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