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Lots of things to love 15 July 2007

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The breeze has been gusting in through my open windows all morning. Just as I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup, my bedroom door slammed from the breeze. Grace was sitting on the back of the couch, watching Kurt work on the car, and her hair was being blown back from her face. It’s rare we get these kinds of breezes in Seattle, so when we do get them, I love it!!!! Fresh cool air blowing through the house — how could it get any better?

Other things I love:

1. I love my new makeup. Generally I go through this “I love my new makeup!” stage, but then I stop using it as much after the first week or so. I’m still using my new makeup, and I still love it. This is a good thing.

2. I love sushi. I’m starting to crave it again, and I’m going to try to convince Kurt he needs to take me out for sushi for lunch today. Wish me luck.

3. I love it when my hair is red. People tell me it’s naturally a sort of auburn-ish color, and it was certainly showing up that way in flash photos. It’s still a pretty auburn in the sun from when I had my hair tinted, so I’m terribly happy. Red hair just suits me so much better than my normal weird blond-ish brown-ish color.

4. I love BioSilk. It’s this shine serum for your hair, and it smells heavenly and makes your hair so very shiny. I use it on my hair a few times a week, especially on the days I haven’t washed it, and it makes my hair look so pretty. My sister bought me the bottle probably two years ago, and I’m still working on it. I stopped using it when my hair was longer because I didn’t really need it.

5. I love the fact that Kurt can work on our cars. We’ve only paid for an oil change the very last time we had it changed in my car. We were already having new tires put on, so the oil change was just sort of added on. It’s been years since we paid to have any work done on the vehicles. Kurt changed my brakes sometime last year, and he’s currently outside changing the brakes in the truck. This meant we paid just $50 to change the brakes in the truck — the cost of the brakes themselves. Mine were only $30, but I have a much smaller vehicle. One day I want to have a house with a garage in which he can work on our cars much more easily. I also plan on buying him an old vehicle of his choice so he has something to tinker on.

6. I love the commenting feature on blogs. When I first started this blasted thing in March of 2000, if you wanted to comment on someone’s entry, you had to send him an email *gasp*. Most people don’t want to go through all that. I like how we can comment on others’ ideas and perspectives on the world and show them our own ideas and perspectives. I’ve gotten more good advice from the comments on my blog (thanks, guys!) than I have from any other source.

7. I love being a mom. I always knew I wanted to have kids, but I wasn’t sure how good a mom I would be, even after I had Gracie. I think I’m doing a good job balancing vigilance with laid-backness. I love seeing how Gracie grows and changes every single day. It’s always something new with her. One day she decided she wanted to play with her blocks, and the next thing I know, she’s presented me with a flower she made from her blocks. I didn’t even realize she could pretend like that at that time! It’s so cute to see her interacting with her dolls like she’s their mother. I’m just amazed every single day. As I write this, she’s using her baby wipes to clean the front windows. Maybe I should rent her out to Merry Maids.

8. I love coffee. I love the smell of it, I love the taste of it (with flavored creamer, please), I love everything about it. There was a time where I swore off coffee only because it seemed to be upsetting my stomach, but I think it was more from the chemicals I was exposed to every single day, rather than my coffee. I’m really looking forward to having a Dunkin Donuts on every corner when we move to Rhode Island. I’m kind of done with the whole latte thing.

9. I love the smell of freshly-washed laundry. I love how it comes out of the dryer all nice and warm, especially in the winter when it’s cold in the house. And there’s nothing better than giving someone a big squeeze and inhaling the wonderful scent of laundry detergent. Well, the one thing better than that is a freshly-showered man who used deodorant soap (like Zest). Mmmm yummy.

10. I love stitching. I have just finished my latest project (the butterfly handbag you see at the top of my photo link on the right side of this page; it’s done in needlepoint instead of cross-stitch), and I thought to myself, “I’ll just sit and watch tv. I won’t bother to get out my other stitching project.” That lasted approximately five minutes. I love having my hands busy and producing something beautiful. Plus I feel less lazy if I’m accomplishing something as I’m watching tv. I’ve been stitching for the last 20 years, and I will probably stitch until my eyes give out and my hands seize up from arthritis.

What kinds of things do you love?


8 Responses to “Lots of things to love”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    i love reading this journal!

  2. art Says:

    yea i second that! i love reading your stuff!!

  3. twisterjester Says:

    Make that three on loving to read! I love your list, too. Very well done 🙂

  4. yankeechick Says:

    Oh Sweetie, what a beautiful bag!! You do such gorgeous work!!

  5. Caroline Says:

    I love having you as my bestest friend!!!!

  6. michele Says:

    I love a lot of the same things you do, so I’m going to try to come up with my own list for my page. It’ll have to wait till the afternoon though cuz it’s Monday morning and that’s my big paperwork day. Plus, I have an 8:30 telecon.

    But, the one thing I can say that I love…

    Have you as my Little Big Sister!


  7. boxx9000 Says:

    #1. I LOVE my husband. #2. I LOVE both my kids. #3. I LOVE my friends. #4. I LOVE exercising. #5. I LOVE art. #6. I LOVE my job. #7. I LOVE being on vacation! #8. I LOVE to travel. #9. I LOVE getting post cards. #10. I LOVE flowers. #11. I LOVE classical music. #12. I LOVE a good movie. #13. I LOVE a good book #14. I LOVE lounging by the pool. #14. I LOVE having my husband do all the cooking. #15. I LOVE being spoiled. #16. I LOVE being LOVED! #17. I LOVE losing weight.

  8. Fi Says:

    You are just a naturally loving kinda girl

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