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Need… more… sleep…. 17 July 2007

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**POST EDITED!ย  As requested, I have posted the photo of me that SP took of me last night.**

*grumble grumble*…. YAWN!!! *squints eyes* Oh, THERE are my glasses. Now where’s my damn coffee??? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN.

Hmph. Well.

This is what you get when you do something nice for someone.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here lately, but I like to chat with my mail lady, SP. I can hear her mail truck as it stops at the group of boxes (or should I say, boxxes?) at the corner, which gives me just enough time to find my shoes. Then we’ll sit outside and talk for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes. She’s just a couple of years older than me, and we have lots in common. And she’s very easy to talk to.

We’ve even hung out a couple of times. She and I had gone out to dinner at a local restaurant when we found out Grace is allergic to walnuts and not just peanuts. I even convinced J to watch Grace one night so that SP and I could go out alone!

Yesterday while we were talking at the mailbox, I said, “Why don’t you come up for dinner tonight? Kurt’s got duty.” See, SP isn’t married, and she has no kids, so she’s by herself a lot of the time. Not that she minds, but I know from experience that it sucks to cook for just yourself. So sometimes she’ll just grab something on the way home or heat something up in the microwave. Since I like to cook (which came as a surprise when I finally figured it out), I figured I should cook a meal for her one day.

I’ve been inviting her over for dinner for probably a year now. Last night was the first time I cooked for her.

Persistence does pay off, folks!

I had thought of just throwing some ground beef into mac n’ cheese with some diced or stewed tomatoes, but when I looked in my cookbook I realized I had the ingredients to make an actual dinner. I made this Spicy Pineapple Chicken Bake — chicken baked with a spicy sauce (pineapple juice, soy sauce, cidar vinegar, curry, and hot sauce) and pineapple chunks. I served it over rice too, with a side of steamed broccoli, and she really liked it!

She’d gotten to my house so late that it was seriously time to put Grace to bed once we were finished. She was so tired that she basically passed out when I put her in her crib. And it’s a good thing that she sleeps through anything because SP and I weren’t exactly quiet the rest of the night!!

SP and I ended up sitting on my couch and talking till nearly 3am. At one point, we decided to watch Office Space (I love that movie), but instead of paying attention, we just used it as background noise. I showed her my camera, and she immediately decided she wanted to play around with it. Of course, that led into really goofy and stupid photos of each other. She managed to snap a really cute photo of me, except the flash wasn’t up so it’s a little blurry.

Surprise shot of me by Stephanie

I even showed her the remote for my camera, which she thought was pretty cool (take that, Caroline!!!). So we propped the camera up on a table and took even more goofy photos, only this time we both were in them.

Finally at 3am she told me she had to go. I feel kind of bad because she has to work today, while I got to sleep in till Caroline called me at 9:30am. We had just too much fun last night, and alcohol wasn’t even involved! Go figure!

I told her Kurt has duty again on Thursday; let’s see if she decides to come back up again. *wink*

Speaking of Kurt, I have some fantastic news!! After much nail-biting and worry, his request to be temporarily assigned to the base close to our house has been approved! This means that instead of a two-hour commute each way involving a very expensive ferry ride and getting up each morning at 4:30am, his commute will now be a max of 30 minutes. He’ll even be able to sleep in till almost 6am! Also the likelihood of his not working a full day will be quite high, as he’ll sort of be doing temp work.

Now if only the house would sell……


10 Responses to “Need… more… sleep….”

  1. art Says:!!! check it out!!! and wheres the pics??? shame on ya up til 3 am!!! hehehehee!!!

  2. boxx9000 Says:

    HOORAY for sleeping in and a short commute! Yes! you should say boXxes. hehehe.

  3. michele Says:

    YAY! I am so glad that you’re having “girl” time. I absolutely love having time with other women just laughing and talking and so forth. I’m hoping one day that you and I will have a chance to stay up till 3am talking and giggling and taking goofy pics of each other.

    I’m putting good vibes out in the universe that you sell your house.

    And, I Love You, TOO!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. The other half Says:

    LOVE THE PIC!! it looks old fashion.

    hubba hubba! KISS KISS

  5. chaosdaily Says:

    cclaus and i were both complaining about being tired today.. but neither of us stayed up late!

  6. twisterjester Says:

    Lovely picture – she did good ๐Ÿ™‚ Then again, you’re a lovely lady ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s amazing the things we can meet and make friends, isn’t it?

  7. yankeechick Says:

    I LOVE that picture of you. You look so sweet and demure ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually yor pictures are bright eyed and perky just like you! But this lets the rest of us (other than Kurt…hi,Kurt!) see the soft femmie side of you.

    So glad the housing situation is going well, Hopefully you will be in just want you want sooner than later!!

  8. Caroline Says:

    I never said your remote wasn’t cool! I just think it’s funny you have one! ROFL. . .. .

  9. boxx9000 Says:

    I don’t remember that picture of you in RED when I commented last (????) did you add it later? IT IS FANTABULOUS! RED is soOoooOooooOoo YOUR COLOR! It also repeats the color of the dress of the lady in the picture on the wall behind you. WHO is the OTHER lady in red behind you?

  10. karmacat Says:

    I’m always looking for contributors for my Recipes page. Your Spicy Pineapple Chicken sounds yummy. Would you like to share the recipe (with credit to you, of course)?

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