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I should just sign Grace up for soccer now 19 July 2007

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This, folks, is what’s out:

My husband's truck -- the trade-in for the minivan

My husband’s 1999 Chevy S-10 Blazer. This is what’s been giving us issues the last few weeks (thank goodness, it started acting up after he got home from deployment). As you can see, it’s quite small, but plenty for two adults and a toddler. But it’s far too small to transport the same two adults and toddler along with two cats and a dog on a 3,000+ mile trek across country.

This, folks, is what’s in:

Such a pretty vehicle

Ain’t it purty?? I am so in love right now, you just don’t understand.

Yesterday Kurt totally blew off work as soon as he got through with his dental appointment at 11am and was home by 12:30. I insisted he take me out for lunch to have some sushi. The last time we tried to go, the restaurant was closed. It’s not open between 3 and 5pm each day.

On the way home, he thought it would be a good idea to stop by a couple of dealerships and look at vehicles to replace the Blazer. He bought it in 2000 before we were even married, and for the last seven years we’ve gotten good use out of it. But it’s time to go. We need something larger.

We stopped by this one dealership, a used car place attached to the new dealership, and was immediately bum-rushed by a score of used car salesmen. Ewww. The one that “won” over all the others was this young fool from Kentucky. He kept trying to sell us on this Suzuki, saying it would have enough room for our needs, and why didn’t we want to look at Suzukis?? He didn’t know much about the vehicles we wanted to look at; see, he’s a Suzuki salesman normally.

After the fourth time he mentioned something, I verbally smacked him down and informed him, “No. I don’t want a Suzuki. I want a minivan. Now show us minivans.”

Go me.

He had us walking all over Hell’s half-acre looking for minivans. He had no clue where any of them were, and when I did find a 2007 Chevy Uplander (for $30K! *choke*), he knew absolutely nothing about it. He wasn’t even bright enough to fake it. Oh, at one point we were looking at later-model Ford Freestars, and his major selling point to us was that it had safety glass.

Umm. Every vehicle is required by law to be manufactured with safety glass. Give me a break!

Finally, though, we ran across what we thought was our dream car — a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Oh, my word, I was in love. It was an awesome vehicle. Power everything, power seats, dual climate control, third-row folding seats, privacy screen to pull over the trunk, just amazing, really. But it was expensive, a bit more than I wanted to spend. Plus we didn’t have the trade-in (my husband’s truck) with us at the time. We agreed to come back later that night with the trade-in, and drove off the lot.

As soon as we got off the lot, I asked Kurt to stop by the other used-car dealership, the one where we’d taken the truck to have its work done. We drove in, and I saw it. It was still there!! The 2004 Toyota Sienna LE that I had fallen in love with last weekend was still on the lot, and for an incredible price too.

It seemed like fate was finally smiling down on us.

Kurt didn’t want to buy a car last night, which makes sense. But I was worried that if we left the van on the lot, someone would buy it before we could get back to it. Kurt’s got duty today, so the soonest we could come back for the van would be Saturday. We discussed that with the salesman, and he agreed to write up all the paperwork like we’re going to buy it that night. We can test drive it till Saturday morning, and if we decide it’s not the van for us, we can bring it back and all the paperwork would be torn up.

Now how could you pass that up?

So I brought the van home yesterday, and fell in love. Today we went to lunch at the bakery with J and her daughter, and I volunteered to drive. We ended up going south into town to shop, and it drove like a dream. And finally we had plenty of room for everyone. No one felt like she was sitting on top of another person. It was great.

So yeah, I’m in love. I’ve got power everything (except power seats — oh well), a power sliding door on the passenger side and a regular sliding door on the driver’s side, stow-and-go third row seating, seating for seven, hooks for shopping bags all over everywhere, a huge cargo well when the third row seat is upright, cupholders coming out the wazoo (I swear there have to be at least 15 cupholders scattered throughout the vehicle), a folding console between the front seats, a luggage rack on top, tinted windows, cruise control, volume controls on the steering wheel… The list goes on and on and on! Even the windows of the sliding doors roll down, which I had never ever seen before! And the rear-most windows are powered as well, so all I have to do is hit one button and they pop open.

We got a screamin’ deal on it too. Kurt was looking around the internet and couldn’t find anything under $20K for that van, and we paid less than $17K. We paid less than the Kelley Blue Book on it!

But we’ve still got time to think about it. If I go online and do a search on its VIN to see if it’s been in a wreck and it has, we can take it back. If we have buyer’s remorse, we can take it back. It just feels so nice to have all this extra time to make this big decision without someone buying it out from under us.

I can’t wait to drive it across country, though. And driving from Rhode Island to see my parents in DC will be so easy now! I am just so totally stoked.

Now if only I can get that other used-car salesman to quit calling me already! Sheesh!!!


8 Responses to “I should just sign Grace up for soccer now”

  1. The other half Says:

    we got a good deal, im glad we stopped by LB. 🙂 KISS KISS. you always find the best sales!

  2. david Says:

    used car salesmen=creepy/sleazy
    Stalker used car salesmen = Stephen King worthy

    That’s just wrong.
    I am so excited for you two.
    I can’t wait to check out halfway through your cross-country road trip 😉

  3. twisterjester Says:

    Good for you! I am glad you got the vehicle you wanted. It looks loverly!!! (Even if Gerrit DOES swear that you can’t be cool when driving a minivan. He’s WRONG.)

  4. boxx9000 Says:

    I’m happy YOU are happy! But, American? and what is the gas MPG?

  5. art Says:

    congrats on the wonderful mini van!!! yay!!

  6. Poolie Says:

    YAY! Super cool wheels! I am so happy for you!

  7. boxx9000 Says:

    I didn’t realize it was a TOYOTA! Toyotas last forever. You’ve made a GREAT choice. HAPPY NEW VEHICLE!

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