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Where did summer go? 20 July 2007

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I’m wearing jeans and a 3/4-length t-shirt again.  It’s cold and rainy.  It hasn’t even hit 60º yet, and it’s already 1pm.  So where did summer go?

I’m not complaining terribly much.  I do prefer a cooler summer, if I have my druthers.  I’m highly amused by the high of 100º just a couple weeks ago, and now it’s 40º cooler.  I guess sometimes Seattle can’t make up its mind on the weather.

I’m taking full advantage of the cooler weather.  For some reason, Grace has slowed down in her banana-eating obsession.  She used to have one with breakfast every morning, but it’s been quite a while since she even wanted one.  This meant I had four lonely bananas, slowly over-ripening and attracting fruit flies.

And what does one do when one has overripe bananas?  One makes banana bread, of course!

Now my house is filling with the lovely aroma of baking banana bread and making me so hungry.  It also doesn’t help that I haven’t yet gotten around to eating, and I was too lazy to make my coffee even this morning.

I was up late again last night.  SP called me around 6pm, and I had already asked her earlier to come up if she wasn’t going to Seattle on her day off.   So I convinced her to come for dinner and scrounged up a dinner of pasta tossed with bacon, peas, and some lemon zest.  It’s simple, but quite yummy.

Once I put Gracie to bed, we went right back to talking all damn night again.  This time she left at 2:30am, but I checked my email one more time before I shut the computer down.  My good buddy Art had IMed me, so of course I had to talk to him for a while.  It was 3:30am by the time I went to bed.

Caroline called me around 9:30 this morning, but I had no clue the phone rang.  She even said on the message that it went straight to the answering machine.  I must have shut my alarm off somewhere around 8:30.  Finally Kurt calls at 10am and I’m still asleep.  God, I felt so lazy.

Speaking of Kurt, I am sooooooooo glad he got off early today.  It was about 11:30am when he called to tell me he was leaving the base.  Just for grins and chuckles, I checked the ferry website to see the ferry cams, and I was shocked to see how many people were already in line waiting for the ferry on a Friday morning!  They’d already opened both holding lanes, where you wait patiently for the next available tollbooth.  Usually they don’t do that until the evening commute.  It’s gotten to the point now where I can’t even see the end of the line on the ferry cams, which makes for a line at least a half-mile long.  Then I noticed the service announcement at the top of the page — the Lavender Festival is going on this weekend, and it causes massive ferry traffic.

And of course, it’s not like the Washington Department of Transportation is going to have more ferries running.  Why, that would make sense!

I feel so sorry for the regular commuters.  They’re going to get off work at 5 or 6pm, and they will have to wait a minimum of two hours just to get on a ferry.  We seriously need another way to get across the Puget Sound.

But the Lavender Festival is fun.  I’m thinking maybe Kurt and I should go again this year.  We’ll see.


6 Responses to “Where did summer go?”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Okay, Caroline is coming to your house for banana bread. Especially since yours won’t have nuts in it! I love banana bread, especially when it’s still warm right out of the oven with a bit of butter on it and a glass of milk. OH HEAVENLY. My mouth is watering, thanks a lot, now I want some and all my ripe bananas are all eaten!!! JERK.

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Damn… I want banana bread!!!

  3. boxx Says:

    I want summer to last forever!

  4. art Says:

    i like summer, but at 75 to 80 maybe, not 10,000 like it is now!!!

  5. Michele Says:

    well, didja go? huh? huh?? 🙂

  6. Cindi Says:

    Love your blog. I’m a Seattle girl too, only now I live in Sequim, where the Lavender Festival is. Is this the one you came to?

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