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Fun at the festival 22 July 2007

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Welcome to the Lavender Festival!

So yes, the Lavender Festival we went to yesterday was in Sequim (pronounced “Squim,” in case you were wondering). Sequim has a very unique climate for Washington, falling in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, which means it’s the ideal area for growing lavender. And boy, does it grow!

There are quite a few lavender farms right around Sequim, and they all get together and put on a festival every year. You can drive to each individual farm yourself, or you can take a shuttle. Or you can just go to the street fair, which features a lot of local artists selling their creations.

It’s a lot of fun.

The first thing you see when you walk in is a booth absolutely overflowing with lavender.

This booth smelled HEAVENLY

There is potted lavender in all shapes and sizes, bouquets of fresh lavender, sachets full of dried lavender… The aroma in the air is absolutely amazing. I love the scent of lavender; I’m not quite sure my sister Michele would be as thrilled to be overwhelmed by the aroma.

I kept asking Kurt, “Mmmm can you smell that???” Around each corner was yet another booth from a lavender farm, featuring all kinds of lavender products. Lavender lotion, lavender soap, lavender dryer bags, lavender body wash, lavender sachets… even lavenade (lemonade with lavender) and lavender soda! Lavender cookies and lavender espresso and lavender hot tea rounded out the lavender offerings.

It was simply an orgy of lavender.

I was in heaven.

Unfortunately there weren’t any cloggers demonstrating their dancing skills onstage like there were last year, when Grace couldn’t get enough of dancing along with them. There were a few acoustic bands playing, but nothing exciting. I was a bit disappointed in the lack of dancing.

I did my part in supporting the local artists by buying lots of stuff. At one booth, we kept seeing hand-painted signs saying things like, “A smart cop lives here with the nab of his life,” and “A hot firefighter lives here with the flame of his life.” With a quickness of wit that shocked me, I flippantly told Kurt to ask for one to be made that said, “A hot electrician lives here with the spark of his life.” Don’t ask me how I came up with it on such short notice. That never happens to me. But Kurt asked the lady if she could paint it onto a sign, and she loved it!!

Now I need to figure out where to put it.

I also picked up some lavender body spray (of course), along with three fused-glass pendants. They’re really pretty! I got a bar of lavender & spearmint soap (it smells heavenly) and some lavender dryer bags for my laundry.

But the best thing? I found a booth belonging to a lady who paints various scenes from the Northwest in a very folksy way (think Charles Wysocki). I peeked through her selection and saw a print of one of the lavender farms that was just gorgeous. Then I flipped through more prints and discovered the best thing ever! It’s a print of the little town that I live near, painted the way it looked a hundred years ago. It still looks pretty much the same, surprisingly enough. I just had to have that print to remind me of this town when I move back to the East Coast.

Now I have to find pretty frames for the two prints, and I’ll be set.

For right now, I have a headache that I think is caused by a slight dehydration, so I am signing off. Also I bought Harry Potter this afternoon, so I suppose I ought to at least start it. Everyone else I know has it finished already.

However, I shall leave you with one last photo. Seen on the side of a vehicle in Port Townsend, Washington:

How very, very true...


7 Responses to “Fun at the festival”

  1. boxx9000 Says:

    I almost moved to Sequim. I had applied for a job there and the school secretary at the school where I taught kindergarten owned a rental house in Sequim I was going to rent. I was going to make the move and at the last minute I got hired back at my current school for 4th grade. It seemed like a really beautiful area and AFFORDABLE. If we ever do move out of California I would definitely look in that same area again.

  2. michele Says:

    that sign is freakin’ hilarious!!! sorry I didn’t call you back the other day but I got busy. I am so glad you went to the lavender festival. I wonder if fresh lavender smells differently than the oils that they use in cosmetics/bath products, etc. Maybe I would like the scent then. šŸ™‚

    Love ya! *muah*

  3. art Says:

    lavender is lovely!!

  4. yankeechick Says:

    The Lavender Festival sounds so awesome! I so enjoy things like that. Around here they have a ‘Grape Festival’ and a ‘Chicken Festival’. Can’t say as I was ever very inspired to go to either. Of course chickens are a big deal around here because it’s the ‘home’ of Tyson chicken. Washington and Oregon have so much neat stuff going for it! I’m glad you are finding treasures and mementos to take with you when you leave.

  5. twisterjester Says:

    I adore all things lavender, so I am seriously jealous that you went to a lavender festival! If I ever get my own place, I am SOOO going to grow lavender!

  6. Caroline Says:

    And all I think is “Karyl must have been in H-E-A-V-E-N.” šŸ™‚

  7. karmacat Says:

    Oooh, a lavender festival — sounds heavenly!

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