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I need a kick in the rear 28 July 2007

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The idea of renting the house was brought up earlier, but I’m not quite sure it will make a difference if we rent versus sell the house.  The house catty-corner to this one sat for nearly a year, empty, with a “For Rent” sign out front.  It was finally let just a couple weeks ago.  The house next door to that one had both a “For Sale” and a “For Rent” sign out front; the owner needed someone to take over the mortgage payments from him, and he didn’t much care whether it was someone who bought it or someone who would rent it.  He’s just recently taken down the “For Sale” sign, so I guess he’s going to try to rent it out.

Whatever happens, I can’t leave until we find someone for the house.  I can’t remember if I’ve explained this before, so if I have, please bear with me.

We get a housing allowance as part of our pay, commonly called BAH (basic allowance for housing).  If we had to live on Kurt’s base pay, without BAH and all his other allowances (like food, and new uniforms), we would be seriously poor.  As in food stamps and WIC poor.  As in not being able to afford rent, let alone a mortgage, poor.  BAH is supposed to cover your rent/mortgage, as well as some of your bills.  For us, it covers almost everything.  We bought our house when prices were still relatively low and interest rates had bottomed out.  We receive a BAH based on prices over on the other side, near Seattle, since that’s where Kurt is stationed, and BAH is $200 a month more there than it is on this side.

When we move to Rhode Island, we’ll be moving into base housing.  In the old days, that would mean that we would live there “free.”  We wouldn’t have rent or bills to pay.  But then we wouldn’t get a BAH, either.  Now that’s all changed.  All the base housing has now been privatized, which means that we get a BAH based on Rhode Island’s housing prices (BAH is $1000 more a month than it is here, which is how I know we can’t afford to buy a house there).  The BAH we receive in Rhode Island will be immediately turned over to the housing authority that manages the base housing, so it will be sort of like paying rent.

The reason I can’t move with Kurt if this house hasn’t sold is that we simply won’t be able to afford it.  We’ll still be responsible for this mortgage, and while we’ll get more money in BAH in Rhode Island, we’ll have to use it as rent for base housing.

I suppose I could get a job to pay for this mortgage if I move to Rhode Island, but I’m not sure I could make enough money to pay for the mortgage AND child-care.  The base does have child-care at a reduced rate, but it’s on a sliding scale.  Now that Kurt’s getting up there in rank, we’ll pay more for child-care than others would.

As far as single sailors go (in answer to the Purple Chai’s question a couple weeks ago), they’re sort of screwed if they have to move before their house sells.  The Navy’s answer to almost everything is, “A [fill-in-the-blank] didn’t come in your seabag; we’re not responsible for it.”  That “fill-in-the-blank” can be anything — from a wife to kids to the home you purchased.  A family doesn’t come in your seabag; therefore, the Navy doesn’t care if you’re separated from them for whatever reason, or that your work schedule sucks, or that you’re deployed for months and months.  Same goes for a house.  You chose to buy the house; you’re stuck with the repercussions.  It’s like the whole ferry situation here.  Because we “chose” to live on this side (Kurt was originally stationed on this side), the Navy will not offer any financial assistance to get him to and from work.  Instead, we shell out close to $400 a month just in ferry tickets, and those are for the commuter rates!  It’s insane.

Ach, well.  I guess I’m whining again.  I told you I need a kick in the rear!

In happier news, I have Poolie’s gift finished, and it looks good!!   I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  Now I’ll work on David’s gift tonight.

I also finished reading about everyone’s favorite wizard.  I’ve heard some folks are disappointed with the ending, and others who cried.  I’d have to fall into the crying category, although I was able to restrain my tears and simply sniffle for a few moments.  It’s a very poignant ending.  I’d have to say it was a really great book.  I read somewhere that the reason this series is so very well-written is because J.K. Rowling mapped all the books out before she even started writing them, instead of writing them on the fly.  It makes sense to me!  I think that this last one has been my favorite, even if it did freak me out in places.  It’s just a very gripping read.

So there you are.  I think it’s time for me to go investigate the possibilities regarding dinner.  Or maybe I’ll just sit in my corner and craft.  I know that would cheer me up!


5 Responses to “I need a kick in the rear”

  1. Poolie Says:

    I sniffed too at the end. I wasn’t sure where she was taking it at first. Oooh yeah. And, I am so excited to get my present!

  2. art Says:

    i think what the problem is, that the “talking heads” are saying the real estate market is crappy now, and the stupids are listening to them, as usual. if the “talking heads” would say that the market is booming, then you would be beating the buyers at the door!!! hang in thar!!

  3. twisterjester Says:

    I can’t even fathom paying ONE mortgage – never mind a mortgage and rent. Good luck…

  4. boxx9000 Says:

    Dave and I would buy your house in a second if I had a job in the area, but without a guarantee of employment, I couldn’t make the mortgage payment. I LOVE that area of Washington where you live.

  5. michele Says:

    sorry that you’re so stressed out. Here’s an extra hug for you! ((((Sis))))

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