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Time for a laugh 29 July 2007

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I’m so excited. Yes, you may call me a bona fide nerd, but I’m terribly excited. Why??

Because I have an eye appointment today!!! YAY!!!

I have been one naughty little blind girl. I have not gone to the eye doctor since I lived in Virginia. I got new glasses in November 2002, just before I visited my sister in Jacksonville, Florida. I remember this quite vividly because it was the first time I’d gotten well-made glasses (from Wal-Mart, no less) that were actually clear from the moment I put them on. Also I was so excited about my nifty new glasses that I wore them much of the time I was in Florida.

They are quite cute on me, I must say.

Karyl modeling the New Year's balls

See? I love my glasses.

It’s just that I see better with my contacts. And I love the fact that I can open a hot oven or the dishwasher right after it’s finished running and NOT be blinded by steam.

My Pogo mini wears glasses; isn’t that funny?

So yeah, I’m totally stoked to be getting my eyes checked out. I am blind, folks. My prescription is so strong that if I don’t get the lightweight lenses, I get huge dents in the bridge of my nose. I can see the big ol’ E at the top of the eye chart, but only because I know it’s there. Anything else is just a fuzzy blur.

My only concern is that every time I’ve gotten LensCrafters glasses (because that’s where I am going for my eye exam), they’ve been just slightly mucked up. I don’t know if it’s because they are made in an hour or what, but I’ve just had such bad experience with glasses from there. They’re never quite right. But maybe it’s changed. It’s been probably ten years since I’ve had LensCrafters glasses. We can hope.

Anyhooooooooooo, in other news. My brother Mark cracked me up completely yesterday, which was awesome because I really needed a good giggle. He binged me on instant messenger while I was busy folding clothes. I told him when you grow up, there isn’t a mom around to fold your clothes. You’ve got to do it yourself.

But that’s not the funny part.

He was binging me so I would answer a question. What question was that, you ask? He needed me to translate some Spanish for him. He was trying to flirt online with a girl in Peru and couldn’t understand what she was saying to him.

Big sister and baby brother!!!

That is my brother Mark on the right, not to point out the obvious. Now you can see why it’s freakin’ hilarious that I, the blindingly white chick, am translating Spanish for my brother of Hispanic origin.

Poor Mark. He wanted to take Spanish in high school, but my parents had had him in an language-immersion program when he was in elementary school. The only program that was open at the time was German. Once he got to high school, my parents informed him he would take German, so as not to waste all those years he spent in the immersion program. So my poor little brother from Guatemala is somewhat fluent in German.

Add to that our Jewish surname, and it’s just a hilarious mix of ethnicities for our family.

The funniness is just multiplying now by leaps and bounds. My father-in-law just called to inform us that we missed my mother-in-law’s birthday yesterday. Coincidentally, it was also my MIL’s mother’s birthday on the same day.

Of course, now everyone is teasing me that I forgot my MIL’s birthday. It has to be my responsibility, right? I’m the female — I’m supposed to remember these kinds of things!

It was funnier in person, trust me.

Then Kurt attempts to call his mother to wish her a happy birthday. They’ve had the same number in Tucson for years and years and years. But for some reason, Kurt mis-dials.

The person on the other line picks up, and Kurt says, “Who’s this?” The gent informs him it’s John. Kurt says, “Oh, hi, Uncle John. It’s Kurt. Is my mom around?”

The funny part is he’s talking to someone completely unrelated to him. It’s just a coincidence he managed to contact another man named John, but it’s not his uncle!

That, folks, is some funny stuff.

Enjoy your day!


3 Responses to “Time for a laugh”

  1. boxx9000 Says:

    I was TOLD to take GERMAN in Jr HS too! What the hell? WHO needs German? Spanish is the most USEFUL second language to have. I took one year of FRENCH in HS and another one year of Spanish. I took 3 years of Italain for my foreign language requirement for my BA for college. What language do I actually know the MOST of? (beside English) It’s FARSI! My first husband was from IRAN and I learned FARSI thru being totally immersed inthe language and culture during 4 years of HS dating and 5 years of marriage! I would STILL LOVE to learn Italian FLUENTLY and travel to Italy one day and see all the sights and live among the people. (p.s. your brother is HANDSOME!)

  2. twisterjester Says:

    I took two years of Spanish in high school – smartest move I ever made, even though I really would like to take more and become fluent. But German???

  3. michele Says:

    that is so freakin’ hilarious! didja give Mark a hard time about flirting with someone in an entirely different COUNTRY?? anyway, great entry!! and thanks for the call last night. it was nice to go to bed with pleasant thoughts. 🙂

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