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Put on your travelin’ shoes 31 July 2007

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I am so very proud of me.  I did indeed manage to get a full set of glasses, lenses and frames, for cheaper than LensCrafters wanted to charge me for just lenses.

We’d already scoped out Wal-Mart for frames and lenses, and figured they’d run between $200 and $250.  But I wanted to check the Navy Exchange optical shop to see what they had.

I immediately gravitated towards the frames that included magnetic clip-on sunglasses.  Yes, I wear my contacts 95% of the time, but I want to have the option of wearing my glasses.  The reason I don’t wear my glasses more often is because I don’t have any sunglasses, and I’m too cheap to pay for prescription.  Plus those after-market clip-ons you can buy never look right with the glasses I pick out.

The first pair of frames with the magnetic clip-ons that I tried on looked awesome on me.  So I went with those.  I looked at the price and was pleasantly surprised to see they were just $109.  I asked how much lenses were going to be, and the lady said $91.  Then she looked at my prescription and said, “Actually I have to charge you an extra $24 for an over-power prescription.”


It was still cheaper than LC, though!

I let the lady start filling out the order form while I flitted around the store and tried on more frames.  Everything I tried on just looked so darn cute on me!  At one point, another couple came into the store to look at frames for the husband.  I was in the corner of the store, trying on some really nifty looking ladies’ frames, and I turned to Kurt to ask his opinion.  He wasn’t impressed, but as I looked back in the mirror to assess the frames again, I said, “But I look good in these frames!!”

Everyone in the store, especially the female half of the couple, bust out laughing.  Oh, I was so embarrassed.  I didn’t mean to come across as conceited, but the woman told me she liked my confidence.

Well, why can’t we be pleased with looking good?  It’s not that I think I look better than other people, which is what I believe to be the definition of “conceited.”  It’s just that I know what looks good on me, and I’m not afraid to point it out.

I should have stopped looking at frames as soon as I picked out the ones I wanted.  Now I want to go back and get one more pair of just trendy glasses to wear on occasion.  I found these really cool frames that don’t even have a hinge — they just have very flexible metal temples that form around your head.  And they were completely rimless.  Kurt said it looked like I wasn’t even wearing glasses.  They were incredibly lightweight as well.  But they didn’t have the clip-on sunglasses, so I put them back, reluctantly.

After we paid for the glasses and left the store, the saleslady called us again.  She’d called in the order to the lab, and since my prescription is so very strong, they were recommending I go with the extremely lightweight material.  That was going to be another $16.  I figured, what the hell, especially as my new glasses are rimless on the bottom.  And anything that reduces the weight of my Coke bottle glasses is a good thing!

All told, we’re talking $250 for my glasses.  Not bad.  I’m very pleased.

I also like the new contacts the doctor prescribed for me.  My old ones were very thin, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they could be hard to get in as they would just flatten out when I tried to put them in my eye.  Also by 10pm, even with brand new contacts, my eyes would start to dry out.  Last night I kept my new contacts in till after midnight, and they were just fine.  There was one point where I felt like I had a boulder in my eye (and boy, was that painful), so I took out the offending contact and rinsed it off with solution.  Then I was amazed at how strong these new contacts are.  I put three drops of solution in the lens and it was still holding its shape.  My old ones would have collapsed with that much solution in them.

Today’s plan involves driving all over the country.  Fun stuff.  First I have to pick up my friend’s daughter from track practice.  I also plan on going to the post office to mail off Poolie’s gift.  From there we need to take Kurt to the base, in uniform no less (hubba hubba), for him to pick up his orders.  He needs to go to the ship tomorrow to have them extend his temporary duty till the 17th.  We were supposed to be on the move tomorrow, but obviously that’s not happening.  And finally we need to drive to the naval hospital to pick up my prescription refill.  Lots and lots and lots of driving.

If I were already in Rhode Island and needing to do all the travelin’ I’ve got to do today, I would go out of the state multiple times.  My mind is still boggled by how small the state is, especially compared to how huge Washington is.

Have a great day!!!


8 Responses to “Put on your travelin’ shoes”

  1. oldewoman Says:

    Very cool about the glasses.

  2. Terri Says:

    What I love about Rhode Island (except for being back East, which I love!) is that it has nearly the same population as Alaska. Only clearly we’re *huge* and R.I. isn’t so much. How bass ackwards is that?

    Very cool about the glasses! I recently got contacts for the summer because of that very same issue. I needs my sunglasses, baby. I can just imagine the crows feet sinking in as I squinted. LOL

  3. art Says:

    good dealie on the glasses!!! ever try them lenses that darken in the sunlight? ive never had contacts.

  4. twisterjester Says:

    Glad to hear about the deal you got on the glasses. I wish I could wear contacts, but I have too much astigmatism even for gas permeables to handle 😦

  5. michele Says:

    too bad i can’t go to the NEX for my glasses! I definitely need a new set. plus, my prescription is not quite right in the ones i’ve been wearing. ugh! hope all goes well with his extension.

  6. whatdayisit Says:

    Sounds like luck was with you when you found those perfect glasses. Hope the driving day was as fruitful and you had a great time…

  7. karmacat Says:

    Hahaha. But when you’re in RI, you won’t have to travel far to get whatever you need. Anything more than a 20-minute drive is considered really out of the way. Heaven forbid you should have to leave the Island (Aquidneck Island, that is).

  8. art Says:

    test comment brought to you by brillo grape juice, now in concentrate!!! only 59 cents a pound!!! in your grocers freezer!!

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