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Birthday party fun 4 August 2007

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I have not heard anything more regarding Tristan. So far as I know, he is not an epileptic. But he was born with hydrocephalus, otherwise known as “water on the brain.” As a result, he’s had a shunt inserted into his head to drain off the fluid. That was done quite a while ago, and you would never be able to tell he was anything other than a normal little boy. Please just keep all your fingers and toes crossed, and prayers and healing vibes can’t hurt either.

Tristan is Grace's buddy!

We were supposed to go to Tristan’s 5th birthday party at 10am this morning for two hours, and then head south to Cameron’s 4th birthday party at 1pm. Whew!! Birthday party overload! But as it turned out, we just had Cameron’s party.

Entirely too much fun was had by all. It was my favorite kind of birthday party, too. Instead of trying to have the coolest party ever for her kid by hiring clowns and a bounce-house and face-painters, Cameron’s mom just had a few friends over who had kids Cameron’s age, and we played a couple of games and ate lots of food and cake.

You couldn’t ask for anything more fun!

Cameron’s mom had written on the invitation that no gift was needed, but of course, we all ignored her and bought him something. But we all kept it small and inexpensive. Grace got him a remote control Lightning McQueen, from the movie Cars, while another guest got him Thomas the Tank Engine jammies and another gave him some nifty outdoor toys.

And guess who commandeered the outdoor toys???

The adults, of course!!!

One of the toys was this thing that spin these whirly things around and launched them. Cameron kept shooting them up on the roof of his house, and eventually his dad sat up on the roof and caught what Cameron would shoot up there.

Another was this shooting toy that no one could quite figure out. I mean, it was obvious that you whacked the one end, and a rocket-shaped projectile would propel out the other end, but no one was sure whether it was a water toy or what. For some reason, I seemed to be the target of this particular toy. I have photos of the two men at the party (minus my own husband) aiming at me with the toy.

I have such kind friends.

The cool part is we met another family who lives near us. Usually most people we meet live farther south, and we get a lot of “But your house is just too far north!! It’s too far to drive!!!” It’s all of twenty or thirty minutes, people. Get over yourselves already. But it’s why I don’t have more friends. There just aren’t many people up here in our part of the county. So it was really cool to meet another family who lives close by. They’re Navy too (everyone at the party was, funnily enough), and their daughter Lauren is just eight months older than Grace. Lauren was even born on my birthday! I talked to the dad for most of the party, and it was so funny how much he and I had in common. He knew exactly what tiny town in Pennsylvania my grandparents lived in, which was really surprising. And since his last duty station was southern Virginia, we could talk a lot about the area and the things we used to do when we lived there.

He seemed really interested on getting together, he and his wife and Kurt and me, with the kids to go do something. Grace really likes Lauren too, so that’s a double bonus! Maybe Lauren can even convince Grace to start wanting to use the potty… or maybe I’m just dreaming too much again.

In response to a couple of requests of my new ‘do, I present you with a photo of me and the birthday boy. It’ll get more relaxed once I wash it for the first time. But I still think it’s cute.  (More photos from the party can be seen HERE.)

Karyl gets a huge hug from the birthday boy


5 Responses to “Birthday party fun”

  1. Poolie Says:

    Your hair is adorable!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    ooo yeah i like your hair!!

  3. Michele Says:

    that is just an adorable picture! what a cute little boy. glad you had a good time at the party.

  4. art Says:

    b-day parties are so much fun!!! your hair is lovely!!

  5. boxx9000 Says:

    PRETTY curls on you and that little boy is ADORABLE! I’ve had kids in my classwho had to wear helmets because of seizures. It seems so unfair when kids have such health problems. He looks like a happy kid tho. Have you ever had LONG hair?

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