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Call me Miss Popular 10 August 2007

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My Fortune Cookie told me:
It is time to change the way you cast magic missile at your moose.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Now that’s just funny. I don’t care who you are; that’s funny.

When we went to the Chinese restaurant a couple nights ago, we both ended up with fortunes in our cookies encouraging us to remain patient and something good will happen.

Let’s hope it’s in regards to the house. It showed again today, which is a good thing. The not good thing was they left every damn light on in the house, and the back sliding door with only the screen door closed, which has no lock. Anyone could have walked into my house and robbed me, not that that is likely, but you never know.

At least I still have my two cats and my dog.

I’m always afraid someone showing my house is going to accidentally let out my cats. They have this tendency of begging at the door to go out. I guess they think they’re outdoor cats when they’re no such thing! Karla was at one time, before I got her, but it’s been almost seven years since she was allowed outside. Storm was found outside in a storm drain, hence the name, but once we brought him home he’s been an inside cat.

Speaking of outside cats, my van has been blessed with the pawprints of my neighbor’s cat, Sunshine. As I drove off this morning, I noticed little pawprints cascading down my windshield. I thought it was pretty darn amusing, personally.

So why am I so popular, you ask? Well, I suppose if you look at it in another way, I’m not quite so popular. But I’ll let you judge.

Yesterday while at the bakery, my friend T, the owner, informed me that she really wants to get a tattoo, and would I go with her as moral support? Why, sure! I told her. She’s a really rad woman, and I would love to spend time with her outside the bakery. So this morning I got ready and headed out to meet her at the bakery at 11am.

Before I left, however, my friend AS called me wanting to know if I could do lunch. Since I had this prior commitment to T, I regretfully informed her I was otherwise engaged. But maybe next week?

T called me just before 11am to inform me that the girl who’d in yesterday morning called in again this morning, which left her too short-handed to leave the bakery. So we’d have to reschedule the tattoo thing.

*sigh* Damn [some] teenagers and their lack of a work ethic. And the bakery even refuses to hire anyone under 18! I think that’s a legal requirement because of the slicers they use for the meat, but still.

So I called AS back to see if lunch was still on. She didn’t call me back for another hour, by which time Kurt and I were already eating at the little cafe on base. Oh well.

Not more than five minutes later after AS returned my call, but my new friend D called! She wanted to know what I was up to, and I told her that we were going to take Grace down to the waterfront park to let her ride her new bike around. I suggested she meet us there, which she agreed to.

So I make plans with three people today, only one of which actually pans out. But I am so excited I have so many friends that something like this can happen!

I am such a goofball.

We did indeed buy Gracie a new bike. It’s a 10″ retro Radio Flyer bike with training wheels. Kurt made the mistake of pulling it out at the Navy Exchange one day to see if Grace could pedal it, and then we couldn’t get her off the darn thing! We just had to buy it at that point. Plus it was on clearance, and clearance is always a good thing.

Today at the park, Grace really figured it out! She did such a great job. Kurt just ended up walking all around the park multiple times as she pedaled away.

My little baby’s growing up!

Grace's new bike!!


8 Responses to “Call me Miss Popular”

  1. boxx9000 Says:

    Oh that picture is too precious! I can’t believe she’s riding a TWO wheeler (with training wheels) already. MY how time flies!

  2. Poolie Says:

    Oh God she is cute!

  3. lisele Says:

    Adorable!!! I think we had that bike too! Or it might have been the trike version. After three kids it all kinda runs together 😉

  4. chaosdaily Says:

    ooo that face! i have lots of paw prints on my van…

  5. art Says:

    lookit lil gracie go!!! wheeeeee!!! good stuff!!

  6. yankeechick Says:

    What a sweet picture! She looks very proud of herself, and well she should be! Thanks for the tips the other day, Girl. You’re always such a help! **hug**

  7. Michele Says:

    I’m jealous! She didn’t have to have blocks put on her trike like I did! hee hee… what a great pic!

    and yes, your fortune is hilarious!

    love you!! 🙂

  8. whatdayisit Says:

    Gracie is really getting to be a big girl now! She looks so proud of herself too. It won’t be long and she will have Daddy taking the training wheels off and she will be in heaven!!!

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