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Husbands are for making dinner 13 August 2007

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I know Boxx will agree with the above!!  Her husband spoils her rotten by cooking all the time.  Kurt would make dinner all the time.  The problem is, I like to cook.  He gets all fancy-schmancy while I do mainly regular home-cooked stuff.  Like my pot roast last night!  Oh, my, was that good.  The meat was absolutely falling apart by the time it was finished.  I messed up the sauce, though.  I got a little excited and added twice as much red wine to the broth I simmered the meat in.  But then I recovered by letting the sauce sit in my cast iron Dutch oven over the hot burner (turned off, though), and it reduced and intensified while Kurt and I had our first helpings.

We don’t normally go back for seconds, but this time it was necessary!

I have also decided I like parsnips.  Last night’s pot roast featured carrots, potatoes, and parsnips, and parsnips are good!  I surprised Kurt a little bit because at first he thought he was biting into a potato, and it was a parsnip instead.

So why are husbands good for making dinner?  Because at the moment Kurt’s making dinner for me!

We’re having nachos.  Mmmm yummy.  He’s browning ground beef by using a packet of taco seasoning, and then he’ll add cheese and olives and onions and green peppers and whatever else we have in the fridge.  It should be quite good.

I’m not even hungry, though, which is the problem.  Long story short, we got out of the house late today, and we also needed to stop by the base to get real base stickers for the van.  For the longest time, we’ve had a temporary pass, which had Kurt’s driver’s license number on it for all the world to see.  Guess what his driver’s license number is??  His Social Security number.

Can you believe that the base Pass & ID Office is only open until 2pm three days a week, till 5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and closed all weekend long?  Mondays are bad because all the defense contractors are starting a new job, and they all need new base passes.  When we arrived today, they were on number 87, and we pulled number 02.  But since we were there, we figured we’d stay.  They got to number 91 pretty darn quickly, so I thought the numbers would continue to move up, but then they got stuck.  Grace was being so annoying, too.  She’s really hit that stage where if she gets bored, she gets loud and decides to misbehave.

Finally a defense contractor approaches us and offers us his number because he’s just found out he’s in completely the wrong place!  And he had number 92!!  Score!!!  So we got out of there much more quickly than we thought we would.  Now we have base stickers, valid for every base in the country, and they don’t have Kurt’s driver’s license number on them.

By this time it’s 3pm, and we still haven’t eaten lunch.  Kurt suggests this sushi place he noticed a while ago, but we’d never gone before.  I think it’ll have to become a regular place for us to eat.  Their sushi was good!!  They’re a little pricey, though, more than what I’m used to spending at the Japanese restaurant.  I usually get 6 pieces of nigiri (a hand-formed lump of rice covered with a slice of raw fish) with a cucumber roll for $8.95, and that includes miso soup and a salad of pickled bean sprouts .  At this new-to-us sushi place, I got 8 pieces of nigiri with a tuna roll and a bowl of miso soup for $14.95.  But the new place had yam fries!!  They take sweet potatoes, cut them into fries, and serve them with this amazingly good ranch dressing.  I think it had vinegar or lemon juice in it.  I know that sounds gross, but I just could not stop eating Grace’s yam fries!

I don’t even like sweet potatoes!

Grace inhaled the entire plateful.  She also tried to steal Kurt’s miso soup from him, which would have been funny if it hadn’t made such a mess.

Actually, it was funny regardless.

So I’m still full from lunch.  Kurt’s got the ground beef sauteing up in the pan, and I’m not even getting hungry smelling it.

Now I’ve got to get in the kitchen and make blondies (thanks for the recipe, Chaos!) for tomorrow’s trip to the beach.  The people that invited us have fed us before, and they’re going to feed us again, and they bought lunch when we went out with them on Saturday.  I think they deserve homemade blondies!


6 Responses to “Husbands are for making dinner”

  1. purple chai Says:

    I love yam fries. Also parsnips.

  2. Fi Says:

    Can we swap husbands? Mine doesn’t cook at all (can cook, just doesn’t).

  3. boxx9000 Says:

    I agree 100%, husbands should do all the cooking. My Dave has always been a good cook, but I am amazed at how he has adopted his menus to be vegetarian for meEeeeEe. WheEeeEE!

  4. art Says:

    you can have my sushi, i like my fish cooked!!! hehehee!!! ive never heard of or had yam fries!!

  5. michele Says:

    O MI GAWD!!! I L O V E sweet potato fries! Yum-O to the max!!

  6. whatdayisit Says:

    Ok, now you have done it! I haven’t felt like cleaning for days, I haven’t really cooked and now you have taunted me with fresh, clean smelling homes and pot roast and now blondies….will the torture never end??

    Excuse me, I think I need a pb&j sandwich!

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