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It’s vewwy vewwy quiet…. 15 August 2007

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I’m the only one awake in the house right now. Well, Grace could be awake, reading to her stuffed animals or just meditating on the meaning of life for all I know, but she’s being very quiet. I tried waking Kurt up at 8:30 when I got up, but he was having none of it.

Poor guy.

The house being built across the street is giving me fits. Yes, I hate it anyhow, but every morning I wake up and think, “OH CRAP! I forgot to put the trash out!” because all the heavy equipment at the house and heading to it sounds exactly like the big garbage truck trundling up the street.

A daily heart attack is not a good thing, especially when you’re not even awake, and you have to struggle to remember what the hell day it is. Both of our alarm clocks tell the day as well as the time and date, but I can’t see my alarm clock without my glasses, and I can only read the time on Kurt’s. So I’m trying to calculate as I’m barely awake what the hell day it is. This morning it took me probably at least a couple of minutes to figure out it was Wednesday, and since our trash is picked up on Thursdays, I’m okay.

Today we are getting our carpets steam-cleaned, which should be fun. We still haven’t picked up, but that won’t take long. Our neighbors down the street who just put their house up on the market (*sigh*) said they used the same company on the same kind of carpet we have, and got bad results. The stains came back. But they have three kids (all boys!!!!) and two large dogs. They probably have worse stains. That’s Kurt’s theory anyhow, and he’s in charge of such things.

It’ll be weird to see a white carpet once again. Of course, I’m sure one of the cats or the dog will throw up on it tonight, preferably around 3am, right when I don’t want to deal with animal vomit. But that’s pets for you!

Yesterday was absolutely lovely. We’d been invited down to the beach with Tristan’s family, as his grandma lives practically on waterfront property. The grandpa dug a hole for the kids to play in, which rapidly filled up with water and acted like a tot pool. The kids were thrilled! The adults laid out on the float, which was beached as it was very low tide, and enjoyed the sun and salt air. I practically bathed myself in sunscreen — before I left I put SPF 50 lotion all over my body liberally before I even put my swimsuit on, and then right before we left for the beach I added SPF 30 spray over that. A couple hours in to our beach-bathing I was sprayed down yet again with SPF 50. I still got a wee bit burnt on my chest and some on my shoulders and back.

Then again, it is the first time this season those areas have even seen sun. And summer is just about over!

Shame on me.

Kurt's just another one of the kids!

We even got to see some interesting beach life. Tristan’s grandpa found a green worm to show us, which I thought was cool. Then again, I’ve always thought worms are cool. I dug up probably half a dozen butter clams that I promptly re-buried so the sea gulls wouldn’t have a free meal. And then, the piece de resistance, the baby brother of the geoduck, otherwise known as a horse clam:

This is a geoduck's little brother, called a horse clam

Now isn’t that just gross?? But hey, apparently you eat them. The neck that’s hanging out of the shell has some meat on it, and the foot at the other end, which is what they dig into the sand with, is also edible.

I think I’ll pass.

We were having such a good time I didn’t want to leave. See, Kurt was going to go with J to the Army recruiter because her son wants to join the Army. It’s always a good idea to get a current member of the military to go with you if you’re thinking of joining up. They always think of good questions to ask, and they’ll help prevent you from getting screwed. The appointment was at 3:15pm yesterday, which meant we had to leave the beach at 2pm.

When 2pm arrived, I informed Kurt there was no way I was going anywhere, that I could get a ride home, and he could go to town without me.

Fortunately, he was okay with that.

I finally got home around 4pm, and I’d had way too much sun and fresh air to want to even contemplate dinner. So I took Grace to town with me, met up with Kurt, and we had all-you-can-eat Chinese.

How’s that for an awesome day???


7 Responses to “It’s vewwy vewwy quiet….”

  1. yankeechick Says:

    Grace is way too cute in her 2 piece bathing suit!! What an awesome day you had!

  2. boxx9000 Says:

    Is it only me or does the neck of that thing look rather OBSCENE?????

  3. boxx9000 Says:

    P.S. One of my most favorite college courses was an upper division Oceanology class I took during a summer session. We went to the beach EVERY DAY and did hands on studies. I LOVED that class. We collected different seaweed samples and dried and pressed them, mounted them on heavy weight paper and labeled with their scientific names. I always liked Science because of all the drawing involved with lab observations. I did a class presentation on Diatoms and it was FASCINATING!

  4. michele Says:

    i haven’t found a good Chinese restaurant around here yet.. but, i’m still looking!!

  5. art Says:

    same here, no good chinese food joints!!

  6. karmacat Says:

    I’m with boxx. My thought was, “That clam is hung!” (Sorry for that.)

  7. whatdayisit Says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day in the sun. Hope you have more while your husband is still able to go with you.

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