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I’m not even 30…….. 17 August 2007

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And yet I’m already falling apart!!

Before we had the carpet cleaning guy come over, I went around the house and tried to pick up all the random stuff that ends up on the floor in this house.  Underneath the end table in the corner is a particularly bad place for things to congregate, but because of its hidden location, it’s not a place that gets cleaned very often.

So I’m contorting myself into weird positions, trying to reach out and over the end table while simultaneously curling myself backwards to reach something on the floor, when all of a sudden my neck erupted in pain.  I must have pulled a muscle, or kinked it up, or strained it, or something.  And let me tell you, it hurt!!!!

All day long yesterday it was killing me.  I kept trying to stretch it out and massage it, but the pain was still there.

Last night, we had to stop by Safeway to grab a few things, and for some reason I started sneezing.  It wasn’t just one or two sneezes.  I sneezed every few seconds for several minutes.  As I sneezed particularly violently near the end of my fit, I felt the same intense pain I’d had with my neck, only this time it was across my upper back.

At least my neck stopped hurting.

But now I’ve pulled a weird muscle in my back by sneezing.

I’m not even thirty yet!!  Why am I falling apart???

Oh well.

So the house.  Here’s the scoop:  Yesterday we got up at 5am to make an early ferry.  We had to go to the other side to get Kurt checked out of his current command.  The ship’s not even there at the moment — they’re in San Diego getting work done.

I’m so glad Kurt’s off that ship.  They just had some maintenance done while they were on deployment; they’d stopped in Mayport, Florida, in March for nearly three weeks so repairs and maintenance could be done.  Then they get back from seven months underway, and not even two months later they leave again to go to San Diego for more maintenance.

This is yet another reason I will never be at another small and relatively isolated base.  At least when ships go into a maintenance period in Norfolk, VA, or even San Diego, they simply move a few piers down.

But that’s neither here nor there anymore.

We ended up just going to the personnel department to check Kurt out of his command.  We talked to a man who’d joined the Navy in the late 60s as a paper pusher.  Nearly 40 years later, he’s still working for the Navy, albeit as a civilian, and he’s still doing paperwork.

That nearly sent Kurt into epileptic fits.  He hates paperwork, and yet it fills much of his day.

But it was while I was waiting in line for Kurt to be seen as he visited the little boys’ room that our real estate agent called to let us know we’d had an offer.  When he got back, I told him the excellent news, but he wouldn’t believe me!!  Like I would even kid about something like that.

She’d told us it wasn’t a great offer, but she wouldn’t give us specific numbers, so we were really nervous about what the bid was for.  We kept asking each other, “How low can we go on the house?  Is it worth just paying off the house so I can go to Rhode Island immediately?  What should we do?”

By the time we finished at the base, we were nervous wrecks.  But before we could go see the agent, we had to get back on this side and head down to the other Navy base to check Kurt out of his temporary command.

Finally we made it up to our agent’s office, and she finally told us what the offer was for.  In her opinion it was too low, so we countered it with halfway between the asking price of the house and the bid the potential buyers had made.  She called the buying agent to let him know what we were countering with, and he seemed to think it was reasonable, but we were still nervous.  What if the buyers couldn’t get a loan for that much?  What if they just refused to pay the new price and they walked away?  Would I ever get to Rhode Island?

Our friend had very kindly offered to watch Grace while Kurt and I had one more date night while all this was going on.  We went bowling on base and then out to a very nice dinner.  We tried very hard to forget that the buyers could very well walk away from our counter-offer, but it was uppermost in both of our minds.

Finally it was when we’d gone to our friend’s house to pick up Grace that the agent called to tell us, they accepted the counter-offer!!!!

I began bouncing around my friend’s house.  Literally.

The buyers want to close as soon as we possibly can, which is convenient because I want to get out to Rhode Island as soon as I possibly can.  Right now we’re looking at closing on 7 September.  For the next few weeks, I’m going to be racing around like a madwoman, trying to figure out what we’re going to need to take with us on our cross-country drive, cleaning out both of our refrigerators, and doing whatever I need to do on this end for the buyers.  Kurt’s calling the Navy either today or Monday to schedule our pack-out date with the movers, and we also have to get him another plane ticket back here to Seattle so he can pick me up.

Somewhere along the line I also have to say goodbye to all my friends.  I had no idea this was going to come up so quickly.

It’s just going to be a huge whirlwind of activity!!!


6 Responses to “I’m not even 30……..”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    yeeeee haaaaa!!!! and i get to do your pogo!! as to offers… you always bid lower than you are willing to pay, and you always ask for more than you want, so you have room to bargain. im so glad it worked out for you!!

  2. purple chai Says:

    That is just excellent. And it looks like you won’t be getting bored any time soon.

  3. terri T. Says:

    both of the entries did show up. CONGRATULATIONS ON SEELING THE HOUSE! I am sure both of you are so relieved that the sale is now complete and only a few weeks until you can actually move lock, stock and barrel and boxes and boxes and boxes to Rhode Island.

  4. art Says:

    excellent!! excellent!!! like boxx sez it ALWAYS works out in the end!!! yippee!!!

  5. Michele Says:

    man, i almost got winded reading that entry! 😉

  6. Fi Says:

    I go and have a couple of days off reading blogs and you go and sell your house on me! Which is amazing and fantastic news. RI, here she comes!!

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