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She is OUT!!!! 17 August 2007

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We figured, since Grace had been up very, very early yesterday morning, and very, very late last night, that a nap today would be a very good idea, especially when you realize we have a barbeque to go to tonight.

Cranky Gracies are not fun Gracies. We need a fun Gracie to take with us.

So Kurt lays her down in the crib, and not long after that I went outside to talk to my mail lady to tell her the good news on the house. I was out there probably 20-30 minutes, and by the time I came back inside, absolute silence reigned in Grace’s room.

I very carefully and cautiously eased open her bedroom door. Grace was folded in on herself, like she’d been reading to her stuffed animals, and just couldn’t hold her eyes open anymore. It’s like she passed out in the midst of playing.

She doesn’t look comfortable! But she’s been asleep for at least two hours.

Who am I to argue??

So yes, I now have new glasses. I’ve actually worn them for an entire day on occasion. They’re such a great prescription (and having the magnetic clip-on sunglasses helps too) that I don’t rush to put in my contacts every morning. In fact, this morning I forgot I wanted to wear my contacts today, and nearly left my glasses on!

Karyl modeling her new glasses

These are the glasses I chose. I really like them! I love glasses that are rimless on the bottom. The only thing is I have to take them in soon because the fishing line that holds the lens in place has worked itself out at the very end, and it catches on my cleaning cloth every time I clean them. I don’t think the lens is going anywhere; it’s just a minor annoyance. But I might as well get it fixed!

Kurt keeps teasing me about how blind I am. And with the bottom of the glasses being rimless, you can really see how thick they are. They’re the lightweight lenses to boot!!!

Kurt tells me I have Coke bottle lenses

He likes to tease that he can see into next week with my glasses on. Isn’t he a sweetie???

Poor Grace. She’s definitely going to need glasses!!!


11 Responses to “She is OUT!!!!”

  1. Michele Says:

    well it’s still better than being legally blind! πŸ™‚

  2. boxx9000 Says:

    I think I must have the same rims for my glasses that you do! I prefer the lenses that darken when you go from inside to outside. I always end up LOSING the clip on sunglasses (sigh) BTW (by the way) You look MAH-VAH-LAHS in your new glasses!!!

  3. Poolie Says:

    WOW! So much has happened to you in the last few days! Goodness! Selling your house, packing, moving, etc. And you still find time to write! You are amazing.

  4. chaosdaily Says:

    oooo they look like mine!

  5. Caroline Says:

    Moira is upset that she doesn’t need glasses. Her best friend Chloe has to wear glasses and gosh darn it if Moira doesn’t!!! It’s really quite funny!

  6. david Says:

    a)ooooh I like the glasses, and the may be a bit thick, but you certainly can’t tell from the straight-on view.
    And that’s what counts

    You got the whole sxy librarian thing working for you, which I like. Course, from this only adds ‘librarian’ to the description, so maybe i’m not one to quote on this πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    b)Bwa ha huh?
    Just read about the house.
    Talk about sudden!
    But awesome!
    Now you just have to figure out how long from leaving the house the drive’ll take you to get here, and if you can finagle the navy into giving Kurt the time to make a full night’s stop here. Because You WILL be stopping to visit. And I ain’t talking no drive in at 10pm leave by noon visit neither!
    I need time to gush at how cute Gracie is, and how cute her mom is, and meet Kurt to decide if he’s good enough for you ;-P
    And your other mother needs all the same as well.

    So I’m really hoping you guys can afford a weekend here. But I’ll take what I can get.


  7. art Says:

    my glasses look like those, but they aint rimless!!! very sharp!!

  8. Blue Opal Says:

    Love the glasses – and they look about the same thickness as mine, so I hear you. Only I can’t wear contacts, partly because I have too much astigmatism and partly because I’ve had so many off-the-wall eye problems I won’t risk it 😦

  9. terri T. Says:


  10. Lilmisskewl Says:

    Hey… I am just here catching up. COngrats on the sale of your house, that’s a great feeling, isn’t it?!? I’ll do a little happy dance with & for you too!

    You’re glasses are great, some people seem to be just made to wear them & look maybe even better with them… lucky you! And lucky you can’t at all tell how thick they are when you look from the front πŸ˜‰

  11. boxx9000 Says:

    SOME HOW I missed the post that said you SOLD your house? WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! (I’ll be expecting a post card from Rhode Island! hehehehehe)

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