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My butt’s been kicked 27 August 2007

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I am sitting here feeling incredibly tired.  My eyelids are heavy, I’ve got a tiny headache, and I keep yawning.

Why am I so tired?  I went to bed around midnight this morning and got up at 9am.

It’s stress, is what it is.

I really ought not to be stressed out because I’m done with everything I need to do, save signing the final papers on closing day.  But it’s hard knowing you have this major change coming in your life, but you’ve just got to wait patiently for it.  Kurt’s already making a new start, learning the layout of Rhode Island, making new friends, figuring out where everything is.

But I’m still stuck here in limbo.  Also everyone keeps asking me what our route is, and when we’ll be in certain places as we drive across the country.  I don’t know any of that.  Kurt decided he wanted to be in charge of the drive and the route we’ll take, which was just fine by me, and he’s the one with all those answers.

Fortunately I’m not stuck in limbo indefinitely, which is what I would have been if we hadn’t sold the house.  I’m so glad it sold!  It’s making my life so much easier.

Speaking of Rhode Island, I found out something new about the houses there.  In the photos Kurt’s taken of our possible new homes on base, you can see baseboard heating in some of the rooms.  I’d been concerned about that because I find electric heat doesn’t warm a room as well as gas heat does.  However, Kurt is now telling me those baseboard heaters are really gas heaters!  How cool is that?  So I’ll be warm all this winter long.

Right now the base housing isn’t keeping track of how much each family spends on its utilities bills.  This means for the next few months, if I want to turn all the lights on in the house and run the tv 24 hours a day and turn the heat up to 90º, I can.  I’m not paying for it.

Not that I would, even though it is free.  I’m not that irresponsible.

In another year or two, the base will start tracking our usage and come up with an average usage for each month.  Those people who go over 120% of the average usage will pay a fine, while those people who use only 80% of average or less will receive a credit.

I have a feeling I’ll be getting a credit most months.

Recycling is also optional on base, though it’s still provided curb-side.  I was so excited when Kurt told me that.  I have a hard time recycling when I have to take my stuff to recycling centers, although I really shouldn’t be that lazy.

Where I live now, we sort our recycling — newspapers in one bin, mixed paper and cardboard in another, and containers (plastics, cans, and glass) in a third.  You really don’t have to sort anymore, as the recycling guy will just chuck everything in the back of the same truck, but I find it fits better in each bin when it’s sorted.

Plus it makes way more sense to my anal retentive brain to sort.

On base we’re just given a large blue rolling bin to put our recyclables in.  That should be fun — no more sorting!   And we won’t run out of room either, theoretically.  That’s so exciting.

Yes, I’m a nerd.  I get excited about recycling.  I hate throwing things away.  I’m trying my best to use and reuse as much as possible.  When I get plastic bags, I take them to the grocery store to recycle them.  I try to use tote bags instead when I get groceries.  I take even the smallest bits of paper (like price tags) and make sure they get into the recycling bin instead of the trash.

Hey, at least I don’t compost.  My mom’s been trying to compost for 20 years.  I’m not sure if she’s ever been successful at it.  But we humor her.

But I’m thinking it’s got to be time for a nap.  I can barely keep my eyes open.

*sigh*  Soon enough, I will be on my way to Rhode Island and no longer in limbo.  I’m so excited!!!


9 Responses to “My butt’s been kicked”

  1. art Says:

    im so excited for you!!! major changes like this can be stressful! all you can do is try to relax, and breathe!!! i know the butterflys you have!!! easy does it, you will be fine!!!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    yes, it is exciting! and i believe in recycling too!

  3. purple chai Says:

    Some people will say “Don’t let the stress get to you!” because they’re idiots, as if we can control such things. We can control our reactions to some degree, as Art suggested, but the best thing is to remember that this too shall pass. When we moved into this house 22 years ago this coming November, and it was horribly stressful, I kept thinking “On Christmas Eve, we’ll be sitting here looking at a decorated tree with the girls in their matching pajamas and all will be well.” And it was.

    My grandmother had an old Singer like the one you saw, on a beautiful table with drawers that they used to make for those machines, with a wrought iron base and a foot treadle. She had been a tailor before she was married, and always made her own clothes. That was some beautiful machine. No idea whatever happened to it.

  4. Fi Says:

    We have one co-mingled recycling bin that is emptied once a fortnight. Like you, I assiduously sort everything right down to the last little scrap. It is usually groaning fully every time I put it out.

    Then I found out that our only paper recycling plant over here had closed down. All that nicely sorted paper was just going to landfill!

    I was enormously pissed off.

  5. Blue Opal Says:

    Change is always stressful, even when it’s a good stress. I’m thrilled you’ll be able to move. Here’s hoping you’re right about the energy usage credits – that would be AWESOME.

    I thought you might be buying your own home again, rather than living in base housing. But that’s not a bad thing either – no mortgage to worry about for the moment!

  6. Lilmisskewl Says:

    I like to recycle and “do my part” but probably am only so good about it because they make it so easy for us. I keep a “Blue Box” at my back door & toss all my recyclables into it all week (mix of cans, bottles, paper – whatever can be recycled) and take it out back once a week for pick up. I don’t wash them or take labels off or sort anything, and they are fine with that. Someone is paid to do that (I think)… but if I had to put in more effort, sadly I am not sure I would… but what irks me is some people in this city who know it is just that easy, and STILL can’t be bothered to do it and toss everything in the garbage.

  7. Lilmisskewl Says:

    Hey… by the way… how do I add my picture by my comments like yours shows up on mine? And how about the pic by the name on your ‘recent comments’ thing?

  8. michele Says:

    I am so glad that you have less to worry about now that the house is sold! You should celebrate with a glass of champagne and a long bubble bath after Gracie is asleep! That’ll help you de-stress!

  9. whatdayisit Says:

    You are probably sleepy because you don’t have a real routine to follow….you are waiting for the big move and then you will be busy getting the house settled and finding the stores and restaurants you want….enjoy your free time while you can.


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