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Day at the beach 29 August 2007

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Everyone needs a day at the beach!!

My friend JA has a house on the beach here, and she’s invited me several times to bring Grace and enjoy a day on the beach. JA is Tristan’s grandma, the one who was having issues with the shunt in his head.

I actually got to “see” the shunt and the tubing in his head today. It is so damn cool. You can’t really see it unless you look for it; there’s a wee bit of a bulge in the back of his head, and you can feel the tubing snaking down his neck under the skin.

I think it’s just amazing the things we can do for kids nowadays. Not that long ago, hydrocephalus would have been a death sentence for these kids, as the pressure in their brains from the excess fluid would have killed them. Now Tristan will grow up a normal kid. It really is amazing.

We ended up getting sandwiches from the general store, then taking them down and having a bit of a picnic on the float that JA’s family has recently installed. It’s so nice to have a dry place to sit down. Before they put the float in, we just sort of had to stand around on the wet sand while we watched the kids play in the tidepools. The beach itself is covered with nasty sharp rocks, so it’s not really a place to lay out and sun, not like East Coast beaches. Definitely not a sand beach.

JA’s daughter L had to go to several meetings today — she’s a teacher. I don’t think I could being in the military or be a teacher. Too many damn meetings! And Kurt goes to meetings about meetings. It’s very time-consuming. I’d hate that. It was bad enough when I worked in the lab, and I had to go to a meeting about something. I always hated them because invariably I’d have to excuse myself from the meeting to work on an experiment I’d had to leave running.

For a while, it was just JA and me, but then L came too. I love both of these ladies. There’s no artifice with them; there’s no keeping-up-with-the-Joneses; there’s no cattiness or rudeness. Sure, they gossip at times, but it’s never malicious. They’re just real.

Finally poor Kelsey had had enough of the cool water. We’d stayed long enough that the tide had come in, and the water was getting colder and colder by the moment. Kelsey is a petite toddler with no extra baby fat to keep her warm, so she gets cold very easily. It was also a good excuse for me to leave the beach; even with gobs and gobs of sunscreen, I was getting pink. Even now I can feel a little burn on my shoulders.

I can’t win. I’m just bright white, and that’s the way I am. I just wish I could stand some sun. I don’t want to be tan; I just don’t want to burn every single time I go in the sun even while slathered with sunscreen.

But now both Grace and I are exhausted. Right now everything is highly annoying Grace because she’s so tired. I only have a couple more hours till it’s time for bed, so if I can stand her for that long, I’ll get plenty of peace and quiet.

See what a gorgeous day it was at the beach??? Now don’t you wish you were there? *wink*

These boats were beached when we arrived

This shot was taken after the tide had come in. (You can see the skyline of Seattle, and if you squint, the barest outline of Mt. Rainier to the right of Seattle).  The other times I’ve gone to the beach, the tide has always been out really far. Those boats were all beached when we got there, and the shoreline was at least another 100 feet past them. We have a huge tide differential here in the Puget Sound.


11 Responses to “Day at the beach”

  1. spicoli9000 Says:

    I LOVE THE BEACH! Expect a post card from me. I hope the P.O. will forward it to R.I. One of my students ( a REALLY sweet boy) has a tumor, brain cancer. so sad. It just reminds me how precious our children are and no guarantee how long we get to keep them. Make EVERY day count.

  2. Blue Opal Says:

    Bee-oo-tiful! I love the beach, even if it’s only driving by (which is typical for me, if I see a beach at all…)

  3. Amanda Says:

    Ok so I’m trying to play catch up. First, the beach! AWESOME! I wish I could go….I LOVE IT and haven’t been in years! Glad you had a good time. Second…have you sold your house? And when do you move? I thought it was this month! I’m lost. And btw, I’m sorry I didn’t repsond to you the other night on Messenger, I wasn’t online anymore but I forgot to sign off!! Talk soon! 🙂

  4. michele Says:

    that does look inviting!

  5. purple chai Says:

    I don’t think I mentioned this before. My friend’s nephew was born with hydrocephalus and doctors told his parents he would be retarded and that they should put him in an institution. Instead, they found a doctor to put in the shunt, probably one of the first ones. 35 years later, he has a master’s degree in music, a wife, and a baby. Yes, that device is a miracle.

  6. Kurt Says:

    I wish i was there with you. Miss thy Karyl, Love thy Karyl

    :-* :-*

  7. whatdayisit Says:

    gorgeous and well worth getting a sun burn to spend time there and see the beautiful scenery.

    Also……looooved the theme song…..

  8. Terri Says:

    I’ve been praying for sweet Tristan. Such wonderful miracles modern medicine can provide!

    Glad you had fun on the beach!

  9. Lilmisskewl Says:

    Very beautiful… so lucky to live so near such beauty, I bet you’ll miss that, ‘eh?

    Ooooh – there the Canadian girl comes out in me 😉 EH?!? Lol 🙂

  10. Fi Says:

    What a stunning photo!

  11. nanny Says:

    The beach and the sun have nothing to do with the memories you and your child will have when he is grown. Make the most of it. There are so many interesting things on the beach to do .Have you ever tried bean hole beans? I did and it was a complete failure , but we had alot of fun trying. A little sunburn now and then makes you appreciate the days of wind and snow. We had two grocery orders;the house order and the beach order. The beach order was way more fun!

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