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Are we there yet? 6 September 2007

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So my house is now officially half packed up.  Actually I think it’s more like 75% packed up.  All they have left to do is the living room, the bathroom (neither of which have very much stuff), the coat closet, and the laundry room.  And the guy who’s doing the packing needs to finish the garage.

I was discussing with my neighbors last night how I want to clean the house a bit before we leave, and the resounding response was, “WHY???”  I was really surprised because I know my one neighbor had spent a good long time cleaning up the house a previous time it had been sold.  I thought it was somewhat expected to clean up the house before you move out.

I’m not going to work my butt off to clean the darn thing.  I’m just going to wipe things down.  The buyers’ real estate agent called us last night trying to schedule a carpet cleaning in as we’re moving out because the husband is allergic to cats, and experienced an allergic reaction on the way home after the inspection.  I don’t have very much sympathy for him because instead of following the inspector around to learn how to take care of his new house, he instead chose to sit on the couch and yammer with me as he petted my cats.  He also told me straight-up that he’s allergic to cats, but he loves them so much.

He could have at least washed his hands before he left so he wouldn’t get the pet dander near his face.

Oh well.  His problem, not mine.

So if they’re going to hire a carpet cleaner to clean the carpets (again –we just had it done a couple of weeks ago), there’s no point in my vacuuming since the carpet cleaning people will do a much better job.  All I’m going to do now is to vacuum the tiled floors to minimize the cat hair and wipe out all the cupboards.  The new owners are probably going to clean the house pretty thoroughly, especially if they’re allergic to my cats.

Last night my neighbor J threw me a barbeque to say goodbye (photos link to the right).  I had thought that it was just going to be the neighbors, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see my mail carrier and good friend S (the one that had cheered me on at softball) show up as well!  J had run into her at the post office that day as she was casing the mail for the rest of her route, and invited her to the bbq.

We had a great time at the bbq.  At one point Grace decided that we all needed to wear these cones used to practice soccer skills as hats.  Then J’s husband started quoting lines from The Coneheads, which cracked us all up.

Today we’ll finish the packing.  We had two awesome female packers yesterday — one’s 20 and one’s 23, and they are amazingly efficient, and they know how to get the job done quickly.  They’re damn good at it too!  But we also had an older guy as well, probably between 40 and 60 years old.  All he does is whine about how much stuff we have.  Granted, he’s got the worst job since he’s got the garage to pack, but it’s his job to pack us.  He’s getting paid.  Quit yer belly-achin’.

He found some packing peanuts spilled out of a bag in the corner of the garage, and now this man has managed to strew them all over the garage floor instead of containing them in the corner, giving me a huge mess to clean up once he’s finished today.

Plus he smokes, and he finds it necessary to take ninety kabillion smoke breaks throughout the day.  The girls smoke too, but they took three smoke breaks over the course of a long seven-hour pack-out, as well as a lunch break.
I have plans on writing up a glowing recommendation for the girls we have and just not saying a word about the man.  He’s not terrible, so he doesn’t merit a nasty-gram, but he’s just not as good as the girls.  And I think the girls are doing such a great job that they deserve a great write-up.

Now I’m off to do one last load of laundry (our sheets and the clothes we’ve worn the last two days) and to prepare for this last day of packing.  Tonight begins our stay away from home.  Our friend has opened her house up to us for the next two nights, and then on Saturday we commence our drive across country.

My internet access will be erratic from this point on.  My friend has wireless, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to access it or if we need a password.  I should think that most of our motels on our drive will have wireless, so I should continue to update almost every night.

I’m so excited to start the drive.  I just wish the moving part was over with already!


13 Responses to “Are we there yet?”

  1. Poolie Says:

    I LOVE road trips! You are going to have so much fun! Nice cone heads too!

  2. michele Says:

    Man, just reading that and I got all excited, too! I wish I were there with you!!!

  3. whatdayisit Says:

    Personnally, even time I have moved, I had to clean before I wanted to put my stuff anywhere. Most people do that, I think, so you might as well save yourself some work. Vacumning up the cat hair is a nice thing to do, though.
    Hope the days go quickly so you can get on the road and start your new phase of life….Good luck

  4. Amanda Says:

    I’m so excited for you! I hope all goes well and you guys make it safe across the country! I look forward to hearing all about it!!! GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!!!!!

  5. shipjumper Says:

    Woo hoot! The time is a nearing! I loved our road trip when we moved Kel to Portland. I was kind of bummed that we flew when we moved to Canada! I’m jealous! Ok..envious?? Both are bad in the eyes of the catholic. Oh wait…I haven’t been catholic since I threw up in the church when I was five. Never mind! I’m excited for you both. Big hug and kiss to the Man Unit ok?? (and I mean the Man Unit…NOT the man’s UNIT. Easy now Kurt!)

  6. acaldwell Says:

    im so excited for you!!! maybe you should give the lazy chain smoking man a nasty-gram!! i wish you smooth sailing, and drive safe!!!

  7. Catie Says:

    I think cleaning your house before you leave is absolutely the right thing to do. The people (renters) who lived in this house before we bought it were absolute SLOBS. It totally grossed me out to have to clean the bathrooms.

    We hired cleaners to clean the rental house when we moved out. Moving is hard enough, you should not have to clean up someone else’s ick.

  8. purple chai Says:

    I’ve always been told that you need to leave a house or apartment “broom clean.” Since your house is probably plenty clean to begin with, a final sweeping and wiping up is more than enough.

    I’m excited for your move, too! This is a great time of year for a nice long road trip, too, since the worst of the heat is over and there’s no chance of snow yet. I hope you have a great trip, and that you find an Internet cafe along the way to let us know how it’s going.

  9. Fi Says:

    The adventure begins. How exciting

  10. yankeechick Says:

    Like everyone else, I am so excited for you!! Your trip will be such fun and Chai is right…it’s a great time of year for it. I foresee thousands of photo opportunities in your near future! I’m glad you’ll be bale to keep up updated a bit on your trip. Look forward to your adventures!!

  11. webmiss Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for even thinking about writing a glowing recommendation letter for your female packers. Too often people only say something about a negative experience, when a positive experience merits some comment to management as well. So on behalf of those girls, THANK YOU!

  12. Blue Opal Says:

    I know you’re going to be frantic over the next few weeks while moving and getting settled in – all I can say is to take a deep breath and smile, because it’ll be fun once it’s DONE! 🙂

  13. karmacat Says:

    Hope you have a fun, safe trip.

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