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Two days before 7 September 2007

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Wow, what a day.

Am I using that phrase too often??  And for the record, I don’t like typing on a laptop.  I’m using Kurt’s new laptop we got right before he went to Rhode Island in mid-August.  This is my first real time using it, although I have used other laptops in the past.  For one thing, I am used to an ergonomic keyboard, so using a regular full-sized keyboard, let alone a laptop-sized one, is almost enough to drive me batty.  Fortunately Kurt was willing to spring for the 17″ model, so at least I’m not squinting at the screen.

Laptops are just weird if you’re used to a desktop.

It is kind of nice to be sitting here on a couch and watching tv while you write.  I haven’t been able to watch tv as I used the computer for many, many years.  When I first moved into Kurt’s apartment, the computer and the tv were both in the living room.  Prime bachelor pad, let me tell you.  But then I decided to put the computer into the bedroom to make the living room feel larger, and that’s when we were no longer able to be on the computer and watch tv at the same time.  What a shame.

Now we have a laptop.  We’ll be able to do this all the time in Rhode Island.

Man, I am never leaving the house!!!

So today we got all three packers back again.  I was sad to see the guy show up, but I knew he was coming.  Shucks darn.  Then I saw the other two girls.  One I had been expecting; the other had told us that she had a doctor’s appointment and couldn’t come back.  But she came anyhow!  I was so pleased.

Today the girls were much quieter and more focused.  It’s not that yesterday they were playing around and not doing their work.  It’s just that today they were not in the mood to chit-chat and pass the time.  That was fine by me too — I was pretty grumpy myself.  Things were just not going right for me at all.

The male packer headed off to the garage again, and in the midst of his belly-aching he managed to finish in there.  I was actually glad he chose to do the garage.  The girls had told me earlier that when they work as a team, he tends to take the garages because there’s usually bugs and spiders and that kind of thing in the garages, which the girls just don’t like to deal with.  It works out for me.  His lack of hygiene made me glad that he was only handling pantry items and the random crap that accumulates in a garage.  I wouldn’t want him handling my delicates, if you know what I mean.

He also managed to shatter one of my CorningWare dishes.  Not a huge deal, but I think my mom gave me those for my wedding or after I set up house with Kurt.  Sure, I can file a claim — but I don’t care about the monetary value.  It was just something that my mom gave me, is all.  I was worried for a minute that he had shattered one of our commemorative wine glasses from our many Navy command Christmas parties.  I would have been so sad if he had broken one of those.

But now the house is all packed up, and it looks weird.  We were told that military moves are totally different from the civilian ones.  Civilians tend to save money by packing most of their own stuff up before the movers come.  So they’ll just leave the breakables for the movers to pack.  Otherwise civilians are charged by the number and sizes of the boxes that are packed by movers.

The military, on the other hand, wants everything packed by the movers.  We’re not allowed to pack one darn thing.  In fact, I had three bins of baby clothes in the garage, which I fully expected them to simply tape up and put labels on.  Oh, no.  They had to remove all the clothes from the bins and re-pack them in cardboard boxes.  Then the bins will be put on the truck separately.


And it’s strange how much isn’t put into a box.  I thought everything had to be put into a box.  Not true.  The bins that held Grace’s clothes don’t go in a box.  Neither do her bikes or the garbage bins or laundry hampers or fans or anything like that.

We ended up with 170 boxes.  That’s 170 boxes we get to unpack on the other side.  Fun fun fun.

Tomorrow the driver arrives with his big truck and puts all our boxes and belongings on the truck.  Hopefully he can get to Rhode Island by the 19th, which would work perfectly with our schedule.  Else we’ll have to spend more nights in the Navy Lodge with our pets occupying the empty house.  It’ll work out, though.

Tonight was fun, though.  We’re here at my friend Debbie’s house.  She’s putting us all up for the next two nights.  And tonight she threw us a party!!  She invited her neighbor and her kids, and I was able to con S into showing up too, even though she was at last night’s going-away bbq.

I’m sort of surprised at being thrown not one, but two, going-away bbq’s.  Double the fun!!!

But now it is time to sleep.  7am comes quickly to those who don’t go to bed till after midnight.


5 Responses to “Two days before”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    yay! ill keep an eye on pogo for you!

  2. acaldwell Says:

    its only a 3 day ride to RI!! good luck on the move!!!

  3. Fi Says:

    I was quite surprised with Robin’s move. The army delivered some boxes for me to pack. It was only clothes and “personal” items but it was a departure from Bronwen’s moves when I wasn’t allowed to even label the boxes.

    Good luck with the trip. We expect HEAPS of photos!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    That’s the same exact way they moved us. We opted NOT to move ourselves, because honestly I just didn’t wanna go through all the hassle. So I planned on the movers coming and packing us all up. The Husband tells me I can in fact pack some things if I choose, just as long as I label what’s inside the box. SO I did a lot of packing up things we just didn’t need, and when the movers came, the undid ALL OF IT! I was upset only because I had everything nice and neat and knew where it was! Boo. They took everything out of my nicely sorted Christmas bins, and Kailee’s baby clotehs bins, just like you! Yea it’s weird. Anyway I wish you the BEST of luck….can’t wait to hear from ya again! 🙂

  5. shipjumper Says:

    I think we had 245 boxes when we left Portland to come here. CRAZY. Who’d of thunk ya had that much stuff! My guess is most of those boxes are your books, eh? Good luck on your road trip and be safe. Stop at all the truck stops, eat the home cooking and talk to the funky cool waitresses….but don’t go home with any of the men ok? Oh, and don’t walk around the trucks either as they may think you are a Lot Lizard and invite you up! Hugs to you!

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