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Day 4 — South Dakota 10 September 2007

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Finally! A short day! We made it to our hotel room when it was still daylight out. I’ve even had enough time to edit photos and upload them to Flickr, and I didn’t have to write my entry in Word as we drove through the darkness.

It’s a lovely feeling.

Last night we spent the night at the nicest hotel yet. It was not a franchise hotel/motel, which is probably why it was so nice. The room was huge, and it had awesome water pressure in the shower. Plus the Wi-Fi was nice and super-fast, which is always a plus.

The only thing wrong with the room was the alarm didn’t go off.


I had it set for 6:45am so we could leave the hotel right at 8am. Kurt finally woke up at just before 8. I’m so glad he woke up then; it would have been a very long day if he hadn’t woken up till 10!

After we snagged some breakfast from the free continental breakfast (why do some motels not even offer cereal?? That’s a travesty, I tell you!), we headed out to Mount Rushmore.

Man, was it a gorgeous day to see Mount Rushmore!!!

The whole family at the monument

Kurt had scheduled in two hours to see it, but we were done after about 30 minutes. I mean, after you take the requisite photos of the monument and ooh and ahh over it, what more is there to do?

Of course, we hit the gift shop, but that added all of 20 more minutes to our trip.

Then it was off through South Dakota. Wow, is South Dakota a boring state to drive through. There isn’t really a whole lot to see, although Grace kept us updated on all the various animals she saw in the fields next to the road. “Look, Mommy!!! Horses!! Horses, Mommy!!”

Sometimes she would tell me she saw horses, when really they were cows. I’d try to tell her, no, honey — they’re cows, but that would just start an argument. So I just gave in and let her believe they were horses.

Finally we got to Wall, South Dakota. And what’s in Wall, South Dakota???

Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota

Why, it’s Wall Drug! The “South of the Border” of the West! We had to go.

It’s actually fun to wander around, mainly because we don’t have much Western stuff where we’ve lived. Kurt’s lived in Tucson, of course, but he’s not into all that Western wear stuff. He would never wear a pair of boots or a cowboy hat if his life depended on it, although his father loves to wear both. And it’s pretty amusing to see a guy with a thick Long Island accent wandering around in cowboy boots and a hat.

We ate lunch at the cafe there in Wall Drug and then headed out again. Crossing the Missouri River was just gorgeous. Sunny and bright, with temperatures in the 70s. You couldn’t ask for better weather.

The Missouri River

So here we are in Sioux Falls, SD. Tomorrow — Chicago! The last night of staying in a motel tomorrow as well! I can’t wait! And in case you’ve been wanting to know, we’ve done about 1800 miles in three and a half days. Not bad, eh?

PS — See photos from today HERE.


7 Responses to “Day 4 — South Dakota”

  1. Miss Hiss Says:

    Oh, I’m having the best (vicarious) road trip ever, here! Mt Rushmore always makes me think of Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint scampering around the presidents’ heads, chased by Martin Landau. You didn’t get up to any scampering, I take it? Love, R xxx

  2. michele Says:

    someone else who appreciates water pressure! i knew we were related *somehow*!!

    LOVE that photo of the 3 of you. that is just freakin’ awesome!!!

    i am so glad that you’re taking time to see the sights as you drive across instead of just trying to hurry up and get to RI. i just wish i were there enjoying it with you all.

    good call on letting her believe they’re horses! LOL!

    Love you & Miss you! *muah*

    PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME!! I keep getting your vm. It goes straight to it! 🙂

  3. art Says:

    beautiful pics!!! driving across the country is so much FUN!!!

  4. yankeechick Says:

    You’re so lucky that the weather has co-operated for you the whole time! How perfect is that?!

  5. whatdayisit Says:

    I love Wall Drug Store….do they still give away the sign for you to put up in your yard saying how many miles it is to Wall Drug Store? Oh…maybe you have to buy those now?
    Anyway, loved the pictures, so glad you are having good weather. It should be cool in Chicago. I am about 90 miles southeast and it is about 70 degrees today but the sun is out and no clouds in the sky!
    Welcome to the Great Lakes !

  6. Blue Opal Says:

    Love the pictures, both of you guys in front of Mt. Rushmore and of Wall Drug. And I can’t imagine SD being all that much more boring than stretches of northern Arizona where there is absolutely NOTHING in sight.

  7. shipjumper Says:

    DANG!! I should have driven to Detroit to meet ya for the day!! You are going to be going right under me by looks of things! MT Rushmore is beautiful and a must see, but you are right. Once you oogle, what else do ya do? And Wall, SD is always a must see too. Glad you got to go there! Sounds as if you are having a great trip!

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