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Small Craft Advisory 15 September 2007

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There is indeed a small craft advisory in place today, so no boating for us. It has now been rescheduled for tomorrow. I’m kind of glad for it; it’s cold and windy today. Really, it’s a most gorgeous day in my opinion — sunny, bright, breezy, and not hot at all… but it is kind of too cool for a boat ride on the Potomac.

It’s a huge change from yesterday. The humidity and the heat was oppressive. If you did anything more strenuous than sitting on the couch, you’d start sweating. Yeeesh. I’m just not used to the humidity anymore. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s very rarely humid in Seattle. Sure it rains all the time, but when it’s not raining, it’s downright dry. You can hang something up in your laundry room and have it dry overnight. That’s not a guarantee here in Virginia.

I remember being in college and having all my posters fall off my dorm room walls. The cinder block walls would sweat and the tape would fall off. Now that’s humid.


Last night was a ball, though. My brother Mark, Kurt and I decided to go find some fun.

First off on the agenda, FOOD! Sure, we’d just eaten a turkey breast with all the fixin’s for dinner, but boys are always hungry, and I wanted a drink or two. So we went off to TGI Friday’s.

Mark was a little lacking in salt, so I decided to season him a little bit.

I felt Mark could use a little seasoning

I ended up having a mojito and an electric lemonade. The mojito wasn’t good at all. I mean, it didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste like a mojito. There was a ton of mint leaves in the drink, but there was very little mint flavor. I’d had a mojito at a bistro near my house in Washington on a date night with Kurt, and it was so minty it was almost like mouthwash. That was gooooooooooood. Last night’s mojito, not so good. Also the electric lemonade was good in that it tasted like homemade lemonade without being drowned in sugar, but there seemed to be no alcohol in it.


If I had known I wasn’t getting at least a small buzz from those drinks, I would have saved my money and gotten iced tea.

Oh, hallelujah!! I am back in the land of sweet tea!!! We went out to lunch today, and my dad and I both ordered iced tea. The waiter actually asked us, “Sweet or not?”

I nearly hugged him.

I’m also back in the land of being able to smoke in a restaurant. I’m not sure if they have smoking sections per se, but they sure allowed smoking in the bar area of TGI Friday’s last night!! Boy, was that odd, to go into a building and smell cigarette smoke. Washington has outlawed smoking in any public building, including bars and taverns. The only places you can smoke inside are your own home and the tribal casinos.

Finally our appetites were assuaged (I said “assuaged” and you didn’t… neener!!), and it was off to find something fun to do.

I’d had the brilliant idea of shooting pool because I love doing it, and there isn’t a good pool hall near our home in Washington. Almost every time we come home to DC, we end up going to this pool hall up the street. So that’s where we went last night.

There was this huge sign on the door that said, “Must be 18 or older.” I figured we were fine since Mark’s almost 19 now. We get carded on the way in… and that’s when the bouncer tells us that you have to be 21 or older on Friday and Saturday nights.


The other couple of pool halls we found were the same way!! I thought that was ridiculous. Why couldn’t Mark just get an under-21 wristband and not be allowed to drink? So Mark can join the military, get sent to Iraq and be maimed or even lose his life, but he can’t play pool on a Friday or Saturday night with his big sister and her husband???

Yeah, there’s something wrong with this picture.

We ended up heading over to the Army base to go bowling. Of course, I get my butt kicked, but it was still a ton of fun. The bowling alley was nice, although the decor made it obvious we were on an Army base. The mural above the pinsetters was covered with men in uniform and tanks on the prowl. That sort of threw my game off, let me tell you.

Mark flings the ball down the lane

(Don’t mind Mark’s undies.  It’s a fashion statement, apparently.)

Oh well. I wasn’t going to win against those boys anyhow.

I also managed to stay out much later than my purported “curfew.” See, the last time I came home in April 2006, I had to be home at 11pm. I have always had a curfew. I find it ridiculous, but then it’s easier not to argue.

Then I find out my baby brother doesn’t have a curfew, and he’s only 18. I was 27 (at the time) with a baby and husband, and I had to be home at 11pm. I brought that up to my mom on the phone one night, and she agreed to drop the curfew.


But it was weird coming home after midnight to my dad’s house. I felt a little… dirty!

I got over it quickly, though.

Tomorrow — the boat!! Unless, of course, we end up with another small craft advisory…


7 Responses to “Small Craft Advisory”

  1. art Says:

    fun fun fun!!! how come you never hear of a large craft advisory?

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    yeah, showing the underwear is a fashion statement around here too. i have to laugh at some of the boys though, they have to hold onto their pants or they fall off when they’re walking! hee hee! i would LOVE to see that happen!

  3. yankeechick Says:

    You can tell I’ve always been an “Inlander”! When I read the title of your blog I thought, Man! she found some great craft fairs already! hee hee!! Here I thought you were off buying treasures! Duh!! Happy boating tomorrow, Sweet Pea!!

  4. Caroline Says:

    Um, I so did NOT want to see Mark’s undies. That was just something I could have lived without!!!

  5. shipjumper Says:

    Sounds as if you are having a grand time! And yes….I thought your brother was cute as a button…until I saw the pic that shows he is of the awful fashion statement of wearing his pants to his knees. Hit him upside the head for me eh! And give the ol hubby lug a big hug and thank him for not forgetting where HIS waist is! Mwah!

  6. twisterjester Says:

    My oldest son used to share that fashion choice – until a trip to the Grand Canyon with his grandparents, when his pants FELL OFF in front of God and the world, LOL! He never went that route again *G*

  7. michele Says:

    glad you are having fun at Dad’s!

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