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Stop the world… 20 September 2007

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Stop the world, I wanna get off!!

Good Lord Almighty, moving is not fun.  And to think, I want Kurt to stay in the Navy as long as possible, even up to 30 years if they’ll let him!

What am I thinking?

I apologize for not updating, and for being so behind in reading everyone.  This is the first time we’ve had internet since we left the hotel room yesterday morning, and I was far too busy cleaning up to use the computer anyhow.

Cleaning up, you say?  Why cleaning when I should be unpacking?

You see, when the military moves you, you can opt to have the packers unpack all the boxes so they can take the packing materials when they leave for the day.  When you don’t have them unpack you, sometimes you’re left with a zillion boxes that are hard to get rid of.  Most of the companies will come back to pick the boxes up, but we didn’t know that the first time we moved.  Plus I thought it would be easier on everyone if we were unpacked by the movers.

Oh, boy, was I wrong.

When the movers unpack you, all they do is slit open a box, remove the paper wrappings, and basically tip the box contents all over your floor.  They have no regard for books or other delicate items that could be creased or folded.  Everything is just piled up in mounds.

And when you have a lot of little tiny things, like I have (oh my word, the amount of random crap I have is amazing!), it takes forever to put everything away.  In my old house, I had things in all kinds of nooks and crannies, and everything had its place.  Now I have lots of big closets and other places to put things, but I need something like bins to contain it all.

It’s just insane.

I am throwing a lot of things out.  I think we’re up to 4 kitchen-sized trash bags since yesterday.  And that’s just the stuff in the house!  We haven’t even begun the garage, and it will probably take a few weeks till we even think about it.  Part of the problem with the stuff in the garage was the way it was packed.  The old whiny guy was also apparently senile.  He couldn’t remember what he put in a box by the time he sealed it, so most of those boxes are labeled “garage items” or “tools.”  That would be fine, if there were actually garage items or tools in those boxes.  Kurt’s been opening a bunch of boxes in the garage in an effort to locate his drill, and he’ll find Grace’s baby clothes in a box marked “tools.”

It’s even more frustrating when you compare what this old geezer did in the garage with what the two young girls did in the rest of the house.  They would label a box “towels,” and lo and behold!  There were towels in the box.


But the movers who brought our stuff in did not listen to me when I told them where to put things.  I just found half my wardrobe and most of my linens in the front coat closet, not in my bedroom closet or the linen closet.  And I had specified what was what before they even started.

Things were broken, as well.  I was really surprised this time because last time, I don’t think anything was broken.  There were a few tiny things, but nothing that stands out in my memory.

This time, they broke Kurt’s tv.  They shattered the plastic housing of the tv.  Granted, it’s an old tv, at least fifteen or twenty years old, and it’s only a 19″, but dammit, it’s our bedroom tv!  In a way, I’m sort of glad it’s broken.  It was getting to the point where if you tried to turn it off, sometimes it would just turn off the sound but not the picture.  Then you would hit the power button again, just to have the sound turn back on and the picture remain.  This would continue on and on and on until it finally shut off after almost five minutes of frustration.

The thing that really gets me is they broke Grace’s plastic bike!  My mother-in-law had given it to her on her first birthday (see it here).  Somehow the movers managed to snap the handle off the bike, even though it’s one piece with the entire handlebars!  I’m really disappointed in that.  Grace used that bike every day.

Of course, we’re going to file a claim, but it’s still a bummer.

The house is nice, though.  My only objection is that all the doors and cupboards in the entire house are done in a oak veneer, which to my eye looks very dated.  I think they could paint over every door and refinish the cupboards in the kitchen, and it would go a very long way to making the house look very modern and up-to-date.  And paint’s cheap!

It’s a very odd feeling, to be “renting” versus owning our own home.  There were a bunch of things wrong with the house when we got here yesterday (the garage door wouldn’t latch, the front door was very hard to close, the laundry room fluorescent lights were flickering so quickly that they would have given an epileptic fits, and none of the outside lights worked), but instead of fixing it ourselves, we had to put in a work order.  In a way, it’s nice, but I also miss being able to pick out exactly what I want to replace a broken item.  The Navy’s going to do it the cheap way, which is expected, but it’s hard to get used to after four years of not buying based on price alone.

Our neighbors seem very nice.  Our next door neighbor (who qualifies as such only because there is no one living in the unit between us) came over to introduce herself, and immediately endeared herself to me by bringing over Cheez-Its and a Capri Sun for Grace. We’d totally forgotten to feed her yesterday morning.  Later she went back home to get things done, she said, but she brought back lunch for us!  It was some sort of chicken risotto with fresh parsley — mmm yummy!

Definitely a good neighbor.

We also met the people who share the other half of our unit.  The wife is the servicemember, which I think is so cool.  She’s an MU — her job is to be a musician in the Navy!  She seemed like a really nice lady, and I was happy to see such a nice person as our immediate neighbor.  Her husband, on the other hand…  I met him for the first time today, and I thought he seemed nice.  But the longer I talked to him, the more my eyebrows went up.  As Kurt and I meandered back to our side of the house, I looked at him and said, “He’s drunk, you know that?”

You could smell the alcohol wafting off him.  And he kept repeating himself!  It was driving me batty to talk to him.

Tonight Kurt said he saw the wife come home from work, and before he could even get around to tell me that she was home, she’d left again.  I don’t really blame her.

So that’s my life so far.  Cleaning and cleaning and cleaning some more.  What’s cool is that I can sit on my couch and play on the internet!  We have finally joined the 21st century and gotten ourselves a wireless network.  It’s an amazing thing.  I can even watch tv and use the computer at the same time!!  It’s been four years and more since I could do that; in our old house, the computer was completely out of the line of sight of the tv.

I looked up at Kurt just now, and said, “You know what this means now, right?” regarding the wireless with the laptop.  He shook his head, and I said, “I can take the laptop to bed with me!”

He just rolled his eyes.  Poor guy.


5 Responses to “Stop the world…”

  1. Catie Says:

    1. Yay for being home!
    2. Boo for crappily labeled boxes and broken stuff.
    3. Yay for good neighbor!
    4. Boo for drunk neighbor.
    5. Yay for wireless internet!

    Yeah, I could not do the moving on a regular basis. It hurts my feelings for all my stuff to be packed up in boxes. I was depressed for a good 9 months after we bought this house and dude, we are still not totally unpacked and it’s been 2 years.

  2. art Says:

    i just did a bit of housecleaning myself, tossing away things that i dont use anymore. moving into a new place with lotsa stuff is hard! you will be ok i bet. i hope the drunk dont cause any problems.

  3. purple chai Says:

    Glad you’re finally there. But moving is the absolute worst.

  4. michele Says:

    howdy! thanks for texting with me last night. given the amount that *i* drank, i feel great today. i’m a little hungry (eating an apple now) but that’s about the extent of it. i’m glad that i’m always good about drinking my water!!!

    sorry you have so many piles to sift through and unpack. but i am glad you seem to have a nice neighbor (Ms. Cheezit).

    love you!

  5. poolagirl Says:

    Wow! What an adventure! I hope Grace gets a good bike soon!

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