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Oh my achin’ back 22 September 2007

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My back hurts so much right now.  If any of you people have back issues, you’re probably laughing at how minor my pain is, but since my back rarely hurts, it’s definitely painful for me.  When I went to use the restroom this morning, I leaned down to raise the lid and got stuck for a moment because of the pain.  Owwww.

Fortunately my back issues are just a result of working so hard on the house.  They’ll resolve as soon as we’re done.

Speaking of which, there is an end in sight.  The dining room is done, the living room is nearly done, the office is looking pretty good, and I put a huge dent in the mess that was Grace’s room yesterday.  I have to finish her room by emptying her boxes of clothes, and then it’ll look good.

I forgot to mention that Grace’s chest of drawers was broken too.  One of the legs on the bottom broke off.  I did the same thing when I was trying to move her fish tank back in Washington, but I didn’t think the movers would snap the other one off.  Thank God for Gorilla Glue.  I had to wait till it was fixed before I could put her clothes away, and when the movers were still here, I had them leave the boxes of clothes unpacked because it was just such a huge mess in there.  I’ve already gotten one black trash bag full of garbage from her room alone.  Why do I keep so much crap?!

We were able to watch tv in our new living room last night.  We’ve got this long L-shaped room, one leg of which is the living room and the other is the dining room.   We decided to put the entertainment center into the corner at an angle, with the couch under the windows and the loveseat facing the tv.  It means that you have to lay down on the couch to watch tv, but since that’s usually what Kurt wants to do anyhow, it works.

Don’t worry, I’ll take photos when it’s all said and done.

I got kind of nervous yesterday when we started flicking through the tv channels.  We weren’t getting some of the most important channels, like PBS Sprout (for preschoolers) and BBC America!  I was worried we were going to have to buy another tier of programming to get those channels, but fortunately it was just a glitch in the box.

It’s weird having Cox instead of Comcast.  I got so used to Comcast and how that remote and DVR system works.  The new system is basically the same; it’s just the small things that I have to get used to.

One thing I do like is the immediacy of the Power button.  With Comcast, you have a button called All On (which turns things Off too), which cycles through your components and turns them off individually.  It works, but it can be slow.  The cable turns off, then your tv, then whatever you’re using as Aux.  And you have to keep pointing the remote at the components until everything is off, or else it’ll stay on.  With Cox, I had to select the setting where the tv is turned off with the box, but once you hit the Power button, everything turns off.  BAM!  No waiting.  It’s quite nice.

Small things excite me, what can I say?

Yesterday we went to the Navy Exchange and the commissary to stock up on food.  At the Navy Exchange we found a microwave that we liked for a price we liked as well.  I am amazed at how cheap microwaves have gotten.  I remember buying a microwave after college in 2001, and spending $100 for a fairly cheap microwave.  This time we went for the most expensive, which was all of $150.

Our new neighbor (who shall be henceforth known as Ms Cheezit; thank you, Michele) had told us that some folks complain about the size of the commissary and the Navy Exchange.  The Exchange has two floors!  How can you complain?!  Granted, the second floor is rather small and only has a few things, but it’s still decent sized.  When I first moved to Washington, the Exchange was probably a third the size of the Exchange here, so I know small!  Then that Exchange went through a massive remodel and grew in size exponentially.  Also the commissary has nice wide aisles.  In Washington, it was so easy to get stuck in an aisle behind an old person trying to decide between this can of beans or that can of beans.  Here the aisles are wide enough that you can go around the old person!  Yay!

While in the Exchange, we ran into another couple with a baby passed out asleep in one of those carts with the baby seat on top.  The baby was just so cute and peaceful-looking that we had to stop and chat.  Finally I asked the mother what the baby’s name was, and she told me “Grace.”   Wow!  That’s our daughter’s name.  Well, we weren’t that surprised because Grace is getting to be a really popular name.  Then I mentioned Grace’s middle name (I love her name — it’s so pretty), and the couple about fell on the floor in shock.  Their little girl had the exact same name (minus the surname) as Grace!  How cool is that?

Now I have validation I picked out a pretty name for Grace!

So now it’s back to the grind.  I have already been to Dunkin Donuts every day that I’ve been in Rhode Island (all of three days now).  Mmmm Dunkin Donuts coffee…

Is it bad that every time I try to type “Dunkin” I end up spelling “Drunkin”??


7 Responses to “Oh my achin’ back”

  1. art Says:

    amazing how you find someone with the exact same name as gracie~! also, its not bad that you spell dunkin drunkin!! when i lived back there, in my drunkin daze, i used to call it drunkin donuts too!! hahaha!!! good coffee!!! and the donuts aint half bad, either! had a cruller yet??

  2. Angela Says:

    You poor dear, hope the back feels better soon!! Sorry to hear that the movers completely disrespected your property like that — if someone dumped my valuables all over the place I’d be PISSED! Why bother having them all neatly packed up if they’re just going to throw stuff everywhere on the other end? Schmucks!

    NO BBC AMERICA?! I would die (must have Sci-Fi Saturdays). I’m so glad that it was just a minor glitch!

    It is so adorable that you’ve been to all the Dunks!! 🙂 There are FOUR in my hometown now. Let me know what brand you drink, I’ll have to bring you a few bags as a housewarming gift! 😉

  3. yankeechick Says:

    So glad you’re getting settled in and getting everything in order! Great job done, I know. Terri will be jealous when she reads about your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!! When she & I went back to New York 3 years ago, she fell in love with it and had to take a couple bags back to Alaksa with her!

  4. poolagirl Says:

    Take care with yourself. And enjoy your donuts. They are SO much better than Krispy Kreme.

  5. twisterjester Says:

    No reason to apologize because your back may or may not hurt as bad as someone else’s back. If it hurts, it hurts. Hope you feel better soon, and get all settled in!!

  6. Cosmic Says:

    By Christmas this will all just be a bad memory. As for the back? Hows hubby in the back rubbing department? Either that or just have your little girl walk on it. It Might help.

  7. Jim Says:

    Welcome to Rhode Island!

    If you can ignore that collection of incompetent crooks we laughingly call a state government, I think you’ll enjoy Rhode Island. Although the summer swimming season is just about over (the water will stay relatively warm for a couple more weeks) Rhode Island’s many beaches can be enjoyed all year ’round — they’re great for fresh air walks. The Roger Williams Zoo in Providence is pretty cool (and there is a Children’s Museum in Providence that is supposed to be good — have never been there myself because my kids were already too old when we moved here). There’s a small science museum for kids in Newport that my kids used to like (they’re adults now).

    Hope you enjoy living here.

    (I wandered here from Cozmic’s site.)

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