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Photos of the house 25 September 2007

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OK, here are the preliminary photos of the house. Don’t laugh — we just moved in a week ago, and we aren’t sure how we’re going to decorate it.

The house is actually quite large, about 1400 sq ft — a veritable (I said “veritable” and you didn’t — neener!) mansion compared to our old house, less than 900 sq ft. We have three bedrooms, all of which are a good size. In fact, I think Grace’s bedroom is the same size as our old master bedroom. There are two baths, one off the master bedroom, creating a master suite. We only had the one bathroom in the old house, so this is a huge plus for us. We’ve elected to decorate Grace’s room in bright primary colors, but nothing that screams “CHILD”!! Instead we just chose a shower curtain with stripes, and took some of the colors from that to coordinate the towels. Our master bath is decorated the same way as our old bathroom, with my dusty purple towels and lavender (the plant) accents. I like it far too much to change it.

When you first come in to our house, you see our living room (I am posting small photos for those on a slow internet connection — click on the photo to see a larger version if you wish):

Our living room

which then quickly turns into the dining room:

Our dining room

That’s the tablecloth I was talking about last night. We found out it washes well too — Kurt spilled salad dressing on it last night and washed it.

The door you see at the far end is the door to the backyard. It’s actually a decent-sized yard, and we have a small concrete pad for our patio furniture. The movers put the table together incorrectly, so Kurt has to fix that, but it will be a lovely place to eat once we get everything squared away.

The bookcase in that photo is new. I had far too many books to be accommodated in the one bookcase I owned previously, so we got that one. And it’s full too! The bottom shelf is devoted to Grace’s books, and it’s already spilling out over into the shelf above it.

This is the kitchen:

The kitchen

It’s a really good-sized kitchen. There is a ton of counter space, and the corner in which I stood to take a photo is empty right now. It’s just screaming out for some sort of bench or banquette to be put there, a place for Grace and me to eat breakfast and lunch every day. We will still eat dinner in the dining room every night. I was raised eating dinner as a family in the “formal” dining room, and I like doing it.

Then you head back into the living room. There is one entry from the dining room into the kitchen, and another from the living room into the kitchen. Once you’re back into the living room, you head down the hallway. The first door on your left is the laundry room. It’s an actual room, with plenty of space for a washer and dryer. You could have two washers and a dryer in there if you wanted, it’s that big. Above the washer and dryer is a shelf to store your detergents and whatnot, and on the opposite wall are shelves starting about three feet off the floor and going to the ceiling. I’ve got all my cooking and crafting stuff stored there.

The next door on the left is Grace’s bathroom. Next to that is an actual linen closet. It’s pretty big — two sliding doors with lots of shelving inside. I’ve got both medicine cabinet items and linens (both towels and sheets, along with extra blankets) in there.

Then you come to the office on the right:

The office

Not very pretty, I know. But we don’t have window treatments in any of the rooms, and I don’t think I’m going to bother really decorating this as an office. We hope to try for another child soon, and the hypothetical baby would end up in this room. But it’s nice to have an office again, a way to shut myself away from all other distractions and just get my stuff done.

Last night I was writing my blog in front of the tv, and I was completely and utterly distracted. It took me something like two hours to write it.

At the very end of the hall is Grace’s room:

Grace's room

From another angle:

Grace's changing table and toy storage

I am most proud of her room. You should have seen it when the movers were done with it. It was awful. You couldn’t even get to her crib in the far corner without stepping on piles of her stuff.

(And yes, she is still in a crib. Maybe in a few months, once she gets settled in, we’ll move her to a big-girl bed. But for right now, she has to deal with enough change. Also she doesn’t mind being confined — who am I to question where she’s comfortable??)

There is a huge empty area in the middle of her floor. We plan on getting one of those rugs that look like a town map so Grace can play with her cars. And for her birthday in a few weeks, I would like to get her a kitchen set. She loves to role-play making us soup to eat and tea to drink; I think she would love that! She’s also asked for a dollhouse. Kurt thinks we should get that for Christmas.

I love the lamp in her room. All the lights are independently operated, so you can just turn on one or two, not all three. We also have a small lamp plugged into the wall switch, which lets us check on her late at night without waking her.

She also has a ginormous closet — all of the bedrooms do. It’s lovely having that much storage. We saw Drunk Boy (well, he’s a man, seeing as he is old enough to be my dad, but anyhow…), our neighbor, today, and he was complaining about a lack of storage.

I have no clue what he’s talking about. Every room has a closet the length of one of the walls. The laundry has ample storage. We have a bona fide linen closet. The coat closet as you come in the house is at least as large as the bedroom closets. What “lack” of storage??

Last but not least, you reach our bedroom:

Our bedroom

Again, not terribly exciting. I don’t go in for magazine-spread bedrooms anyhow — I want something where I can just flop on the bed when I’m exhausted.

Did anyone else read the Pickles comic where Opal bought a fancy comforter and poor Earl wasn’t allowed to go near it, let alone sit on it, for fear he’d ruin it??

You see the dressers in that photo? The one on the right technically belongs to my sister (thanks, Michele!), as it was bought for her when she was born in 1974. The one on the left was bought for me when I was born in 1979. Eventually we’ll get some sort of bedroom suite, or at least something that looks a whole lot less thrift-store chic.

What you can’t see in this photo is the huge closet on the wall to my left, and at the end of that wall is the door to the master bath. It’s nothing too spectacular, just a toilet, tub and sink — the essentials! But it’s heaven finally having our own bathroom. And now I can put my makeup on without having to worry that Kurt will come in there and stink up the place! He can go use Grace’s bathroom!

We get awesome cross-ventilation with all the windows we have, and there is always a breeze here. It’s kind of hard to get used to, after the stillness of Washington state. But it does so much to cool off the house. We also have a wonderful huge tree in our front yard that provides a lot of shade. The only two rooms in the house that will probably ever get hot would be the office and Grace’s room.

So that’s my house! A nice, homey place to be. PS — This is military housing… Not bad, eh??


11 Responses to “Photos of the house”

  1. Poolie Says:

    It’s a GREAT house!

  2. oleandlena Says:

    Looks like wonderful military housing. Sometimes they can really outdo themselves. I would hate to show you pictures of the military housing that Ole and I lived in at one time – but that was back in the Dark Ages. Lovely Daughter lived in military housing in Quantico when she was married and it was beautiful.

  3. Fi Says:

    It looks like a home already. Well done!

    PS I have just read all your moving/travelling entries that I missed and it has reaffirmed my decision to never ever move again. You are a trojan for having coped so well.

  4. twisterjester Says:

    Damn… I really AM jealous. I’d be thrilled just for a room with a door that can be closed, never mind an actual closet *sigh*

  5. michele Says:

    your kitchen looks AWESOME as does the rest of the house. i can’t believe you’ve already achieved that “lived in” look! way to go! i would consider some more lights in Gracie’s bedroom maybe… seemed a little dark in there unless that’s just the way the photo looks.

    love ya!

  6. art Says:

    well, this is simply beautiful, and nice and HUGE!!! nice score!!

  7. LA Says:

    Your place is lovely. Stunning and huge compared to some of the housing hovels the ex and I endured.

    re: Your kid on a leash. Just look at the nasty commenters with stunned disbelief and say, “People never dream of letting a dog run loose and maybe getting hurt, I should love my daughter LESS than a dog?” Shuts them up every time. ~LA

  8. whatdayisit Says:

    The house looks wonderful….so bright and cheerful. Love it all. I notice that you two have neglected yourself in the bedroom dept. LOL! It’s always much more fun to furnish the child’s room and the common areas of the kitchen, dining room and living room. I know you will get around to your personal space when you can. In the meantime, you have done a lot of work for such a short time. It already looks like a really nice home.

  9. yankeechick Says:

    That’s a great house and you’ve got it all situated and homey already!

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