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So close to everything 26 September 2007

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my house, everyone! It is turning out well. One thing I am absolutely loving about this house is the cross-ventilation. I know I have mentioned it before, but it’s so awesome I have to talk about it again. Right now I’m sitting on the loveseat (where Kurt was in the photo of the living room last night), and there is a wonderful gusty breeze coming in through the living room windows. I love being inside my house and feeling the breeze. There is just something so invigorating about it.

It becomes even more wonderful when the guys come by to mow the front yards. It’s quite noisy as they’re mowing, but as soon as they’re gone, the breeze is laden with the wonderful scent of fresh-mown grass.

Rhode Island is rather windy, I must say. It was never this windy in Washington, which is probably why we never got very good ventilation in our house there. It’s supposed to be hot here today, but it isn’t hot at all inside, thanks to the breeze.

I love it!

I’m still flabbergasted by how close we are to everything here. For the last four years, it took me at least fifteen minutes to get to town. If I wanted to do anything, I had to plan an entire day to do it. A trip to the commissary took at least two hours, only because it was a half-hour drive there and back! Of course, it would usually take me more like three hours because I didn’t want to go to the commissary all that often, so I would stock up for several weeks.

Today Kurt had to come home from work to pick up some paperwork, and he decided to take us out to lunch while he was home. It took us all of three minutes to get to the sandwich place. I had thought of taking both cars since he had to go back to work, and I needed to go shopping, but it turned out that we had plenty of time to bring him home to pick up the other car — since we only live three minutes away!

That just hurts my brain.

So I dropped him off at the house and went off to do my shopping. I’m so proud of myself — I didn’t get lost! I have only driven by myself here once before today, so not getting lost is a huge accomplishment. I did end up turning right out of the development instead of left, but I realized that immediately and rectified it as soon as I could.

That is one thing I have to get used to here — the fact that there is no central turning lane on any of the streets. People have to stop dead in the middle of the left lane to turn left, and if you become distracted, it is very easy to rear-end someone. You really have to be paying attention.

We left the house for lunch at 11:30pm. After eating, dropping Kurt back at the house, and doing several errands, one of which was going to the commissary, I was home by 2:30pm.

It really is amazing.

Gone are the days of commutes lasting two-and-a-half hours each way.  Gone are the days of spending an entire day errands.  Gone are the days of stocking up on groceries just so I don’t have to make the long trip that often.  Now I can decide on a whim to make something, and run up to the grocery store for one ingredient or another.

Have I mentioned the playground about 100 feet from my house?  Kurt took Grace up there yesterday to give me a break, and she had a blast.  Now I have a place to take her to let her run off as much energy as she wants to.

I think I’m going to like Rhode Island!


6 Responses to “So close to everything”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    nice to live close to everything, isnt it? for me, even going to another town is 10 minutes…. in a half hour i could be in milwaukee!

  2. art Says:

    my brain hurts!! lol!! i love a good cross breeze too!! seems like you are fitting in nicely!!

  3. twisterjester Says:

    I love it, and I know what you mean. It’s nice living in Tucson. Tombstone has NOTHING. Tucson has pretty much EVERYTHING. It can can still be a drive to get to some places but there’s plenty between here and there, too 😉

  4. michele Says:

    ::claps hands wildly:: YAY! I am very pleased that you’re enjoying your new house and your new state! By the way, are you changing teams?

    Wait.. that sounded wrong… oops! LOL!

    I mean, are you rooting for new sports teams?? Let me know so I can root for who ever you root for!


  5. The other half Says:

    Kiss Squared

  6. Poolie Says:

    Hooray for your new life! It sounds fabulous!

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