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It’s a small, small world…! 29 September 2007

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Are you talking to ME??

“Are you talking to ME???”

Kurt took this photo right before we left today.  We’d gotten the sunglasses at The Christmas Tree Shoppe here in town.  It’s sort of like a Tuesday Morning store, an upscale Big Lots.  It’s a really cool store!  They sell way more than Christmas trees.  I got some good autumn-type decorations for the house, to make it look homey and inviting.  I don’t typically decorate for holidays, with the exception of Christmas, but now I think I might do seasons.

It’s a thought, anyhow.

Today we headed up to Providence to check out the mall there (hi, KarmaCat!!).  Wow, it’s nice!  And it’s even more exciting because it has all of my favorite stores.  I unloaded a nice chunk of change over at Sephora, the makeup store, which is a given.  I just love the stuff there.  I really wanted this particular perfume that was $75 a bottle, which is far too extravagant for me.  I wish there was a way to develop a knock-off so I can buy it for like $20.

Or I can just win the lottery and buy gallons of it.

There’s a Nordstrom’s in this mall, though we didn’t go into it.  I like Nordstrom’s because they carry bras in my size, and then I don’t have to pay for shipping.  My bras are the same price wherever I buy them, so it’s not like I can find them cheaper somewhere else.

Plus I love Nordstrom’s return policy.  I’d been fitted for one bra, which I then wore for a couple of months.  Washed it, wore it, the whole nine yards.  Then the wire popped out of it.  I was poking around on the internet one day and I read that the wire pops out when the cup isn’t large enough.  I was just going to get a new bra when I realized it was probably not the right size.  So I took it back to Nordstrom’s, where they accepted the worn and washed bra in exchange for a completely different bra in completely different size!  I was responsible for the difference in price, but what other store would take back ANY lingerie, worn or not?  Not to mention this was a few months after the original purchase, well after the normal return period.

You just can’t beat it.

This mall also has a Children’s Place, my favorite place to get clothes for Grace.  The clothes are good quality, but they’re cheap!  Or relatively so, anyhow.  Today I got her a hooded sweater for $10 and then 50% off, and a pair of sneakers for $12 and then 50% off!

While in the Children’s Place, Grace found a friend to talk to.  The two girls compared clothes and chased each other around the store.  The girl’s mother ended up in line right ahead of us, and she mentioned how girls Grace’s age tend to get an attitude (MY Grace?  An attitude?  Definitely not! *wink*).  That got us chatting with her.  She too just moved to Rhode Island, and she came from California.  Kurt finally asks her what brings her to the East Coast, and her answer was, “The Navy!”

Of course!  What else would it be?

The more we talked, the more we had in common.  And in fact, she lives only a couple of miles away from us!  They rented a fully-furnished home in the same town because they didn’t want to do military housing this time around.  They’re just here so the husband can attend a school, so they’ll be here only about seven months total.

Where are they going next?  To Virginia!  Just like we are!  Only we won’t be going for another three years.

All together now: “It’s a small world after all…  It’s a small, small world!!!”

Even the clerk at the Children’s Place was surprised we had so much in common.  That’s what happens, though, when one Navy wife meets another.

So there you have it!


7 Responses to “It’s a small, small world…!”

  1. oleandlena Says:

    What a cute picture of your little Grace. We made some of the best friends when Ole was in the Navy – people we’re still very close to after 35 years. When we visit, it’s just like we picked up where we left off. It’s a wonderful feeling. Hope you enjoy your new friend.

  2. art Says:

    yay!! new friends!! love that pic of gracie!

  3. twisterjester Says:

    Grace is such a little beauty. 🙂 You can’t return a bra in Arizona, though. It’s against the law here to return ANY undergarment after it’s been worn, for any reason. And I’ve been drooling over the online offerings at Sears (where I work.) We’ve got tees and tops for as little as 69 cents online!!!

  4. Caroline Says:


  5. whatdayisit Says:

    Sounds like you may have a new friend and a new playmate for Gracie…at least for a few months. My BILS are both retired Navy and they have friends all over the country that they keep in touch with…That’s a wonderful community of friends for you.

  6. Michele Says:

    Kurt is gettin’ really good at this whole photography thing! GREAT pic! I will have to put that on my desktop when I get to work tomorrow!!!

  7. yankeechick Says:

    What an awesome pic of Grace!! SO cute!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day shopping. We have a Sephora here now, but I have not even ventured near the place. I’m scared!!

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