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Did you say… “loppers”?? 21 October 2007

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I sit here, right at 8pm, watching the intro to the final game of the American League Championship series, which will determine whether the Boston Red Sox or the Cleveland Indians will move on to the World Series.  I’m not even a fan of either team, and I’m getting all swept up in the moment.  It’s gotten all the way to Game 7; it doesn’t get more thrilling and exciting than this.

Except, of course, if this game goes into extra innings.

At that point, I’d just be throwing up from the excitement.

I really couldn’t care less who goes to the World Series.  I have a good friend who loves the Indians and is currently plastered to his big-screen tv in hopes that his team will advance.  But living here in New England, it’s almost incumbent upon me to root for the Red Sox.

I don’t much care, as long as it’s not a blow-out.  The only thing worse than watching a blow-out baseball game is watching golf.  Blecch.

But as I sit here and watch the intro to the championships, I am enjoying the wonderful aromas coming out of my kitchen.  And I’m not even putting in any work!

When my anniversary was looming ahead of us, Kurt asked me what I wanted.  Not being a woman to hold out for massive diamonds or expensive perfume (but I won’t turn it down, were he to hand it to me), I told him all he had to do was make me dinner.

I’m such a hard woman to please, aren’t I?

Kurt went recipe-hunting on the internet and came up with Grilled Lobsters with Jerusalem Artichokes.  He actually combined two recipes and made up a mango-curry puree to go along with the lobsters.  I’m not sure the flavors are meant to go together like that, but it’ll be yummy.  I’ve already tasted the mango puree, and it’s good.  Trust me.

We’re also having dinner rolls because I adore the things, as well as fresh green beans.

I’m so hungry my tummy is rumbling.

I also requested that we eat by ourselves tonight.  Grace is already in bed, probably talking to herself and reading, and dinner is very nearly on the table.  It will be so weird to eat at home all by ourselves.

It won’t be terribly romantic, though.  Sunday Night Football is on… and how can I miss that??

OK, maybe I’ll turn off the game just for dinner.

Speaking of Grace, every time we go to a grocery store that has live seafood, we always have to investigate and watch them in their tanks.  The foo-foo grocery store in Washington had not only lobsters, but also clams, oysters, and crabs.  I was fascinated by the clams and oysters because you could actually watch them open up and move around!  It’s not something you see every day.  Grace loved the crabs and the lobsters.  The crabs would always be clambering over each other and try to escape out of the tank.  She would always ask, “Go see the crab-buh, Mommy??  Crab-buh?”

She also doesn’t say “lobsters” properly.  Instead she calls them “loppers.”

And “loppers” are what I am having tonight!!!


5 Responses to “Did you say… “loppers”??”

  1. art Says:

    loppers wid budder!! yum!!

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Yummy! I had a good breakfast today but dinner was… interesting. In a hold-onto-your-stomach sort of way.

  3. michele Says:

    out of the mouthes of babes!

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    Wow, that’s a helluva guy you got there. Was the lobster tasty with the mango sauce?

  5. whatdayisit Says:

    ummmm, lobbers and budder and mango sauce cooked by your personal chef…..does it ever get better than that…..oh wait….yes….it does….dessert!!!!

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