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Houston, we have a bit of a problem 26 October 2007

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I’m being somewhat blinded at the moment.  The large tree in my front yard, which I love, has lost enough of its leaves that the sun is now shining straight through the branches and right into my eyeballs.  Every time I glance up at the tv, I get blindsided.

Ah well.  There are worst things in this world.

Like my current problem.

When we first moved into this house, I noticed that the carpets smelled new, but they were filthy.  And when I say, “filthy,” I mean absolutely disgusting and vile.  If I wandered around this house in my bare feet, by the end of the day the soles would be black.  I would wash my feet off every night before bed so I wouldn’t get my bed linens dirty.

Finally after a couple of really good passes with my vacuum, the floors seem much cleaner.  My feet no longer turn black when I don’t wear socks.

After a few days of living here, we also started noticing a bad smell coming from the area in the dining room between the table and the French doors (although they’re not really French doors) leading to the backyard.  I figured out it was my dog, marking his territory.

There followed a frantic round of internet searches, and trying to solve the problem.  If there is one thing I hate, it’s my house smelling like animals.  I am very vigilant about cleaning the cat box, and I try to remember to bathe the dog as often as his skin can stand it so my house just smells clean.  When we lived in Washington, it did smell clean.  The cat box was in the garage, so if I forgot to clean it, there was no problem, and Koolit was good about asking to go out whenever he needed to go.  I would even get up in the middle of the night if he was at the door, barking.   Most of the time, if I remembered to let him out before bed, he would make it all the way to morning without a problem.

I tried Nature’s Miracle, which is supposed to work, but didn’t seem to.  It was the first thing I tried too, since the packaging is vehement that it won’t work if you put anything on the spot before the Nature’s Miracle.  I tried a solution of vinegar and water, which did seem to work, once it dried.  I also put baking soda down on the area and let it sit to soak up more of the odor.  For a week or two, every time I came into the house, I would only notice a slight odor of stuffiness because we’ve had the windows shut — no dog smell.

Then he started marking again, and the smell got really bad.  Finally I went to Linens N’ Things and bought a deep cleaner and the solution for pet odors and stains.  I’ve cleaned the area twice, and last night it seemed as though the odor was mostly gone.  I would even get down on my knees and plant my nose into the carpet to see how bad the odor was.  There is still some residual smell, but it’s so much better than it was.  And once the carpet was dry last night, I put down more baking soda to really get the last bit of odor up.

Last night I made sure Koolit went out about 11:30pm, just before we went to bed.  He was outside for a good ten minutes, so I know he had time to do his thing!

About 3:30 this morning, I swam slowly towards consciousness as I heard Koolit’s tags clink gently together.  I didn’t think anything of it, till I heard him making his way towards the dining room.

I raced out of bed, as quickly as my gimpy left leg (I think I pulled a hamstring — oweee) would allow me, and sure enough, Koolit was peeing on the floor!!  And he hadn’t even asked to go out!  I was awake enough by the time he left the bedroom that I would have heard him barking.

I was so mad at him, I threw him outside mid-pee.

So now we plan on keeping Koolit in the bedroom to see how he’ll react.  Honestly, I think Koolit is peeing there not because he has to go and we don’t hear him bark.  I think he’s marking over what a previous dog had marked before him.  There is no reason he would have had to go after being let out just four hours before.  He goes all day without peeing on the carpet; it’s only something he does in the middle of the night when no one’s around.

I’m sort of out of options as well.  Basically all I can do is clean up the carpet and try to get him to stop peeing.  Kurt wants to keep Koolit in the bedroom, as he’s not marking in there, and find a rug to cover the area in the dining room so if he does pee there again, I can simply throw the rug in the wash and try to get rid of the odor that way.

This is the sucky thing about renting.  There is not a damn thing I can do.  Had I my druthers, I would pull up the damn carpet and replace it with laminate or even tiles.  I mean, who wants carpet in a dining room anyhow?  I certainly don’t, not with a three-year-old and a dog!  But that’s not something I could do.  Although now that I think about it, I probably could do it.  The property managers don’t really care what we do to these houses.  I don’t think these homes are much longer for this world.  They’re concentrating on building new homes in preparation to knocking all of these older ones down.  But why would I want to invest that kind of money in a house I’ll only live in for three years?  I’m not selling this house, so it’s not like I’ll get any kind of monetary compensation in the sale price.

I’m just frustrated as all hell.  Like I said, I hate my house to stink.  I have a humongous aversion to it.  At least now I have a deep cleaner, so if it comes down to it, I’ll be deep cleaning that area once a week or so.


Then you wonder why I don’t like dogs!!  (with the exception of Koolit, of course)


4 Responses to “Houston, we have a bit of a problem”

  1. art Says:

    there must be something you can spray on the carpet to prevent koolit from peeing there!!

  2. hissandtell Says:

    The carpet left your soles black? Ewwww. Personally, carpets scare me pretty much everywhere except bedrooms (and even then it’s touch and go). I once lived in a rented house with a carpeted kitchen. Can you imagine how hard it was to fry chips? In retrospect, I’m surprised I didn’t have Koolit’s reaction to it and pee uncontrollably every time I went in there. Your solution about the rug sounds eminently sensible, though. And good luck re-training the pooch. Love, R xxx

  3. whatdayisit Says:

    I think the throw rug idea is a good one but what you really want to know is why Koolit is doing that to begin with. If you haven’t checked already, see if there is a dog trainer in your area and maybe they have a suggestion. Keeping him in your bedroom might help. It could be that he is just anxious because of the move….are you spending time playing with him outside and giving him special attention? Maybe that is it. If you have cleaned that area and put down a pet solution to keep him away from that area, it would seem that he would get the idea…..
    I also think your idea of asking the owners if you can pull up the carpet and replace it with something else is a good one. Just don’t go overboard with the cost of the replacement floor. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Michele Says:

    i’m so sorry you’re going through that…

    here are some other suggestions:
    1) maybe Koolit is still trying to adjust to moving. he lived in your house in WA for 4yrs and perhaps because he’s older, he’s having a harder time adjusting to the change.

    2) maybe he has something going on with him internally. i mean, it couldn’t hurt to make an appointment with the vet just to be sure and to rule it out. although i do agree that he shouldn’t have to go the bathroom 4 hrs after you’ve let him out but if he does have a bladder problem, for example, maybe that needs to be addressed.

    3) i hope you find out why he’s doing it and are able to get him to stop. i know how you pride yourself on a clean smelling house. you’re right…there wasn’t any odor when i visited.

    miss you & love you!

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