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Sunday Sunday Sunday!!! 28 October 2007

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Just a typical Sunday, here at Chez Karyl.

Kurt’s outside using power tools, which means he’s happy as a clam. We have this weird cubby in the garage, and Kurt’s decided that it would work as an area in which to have his workbench. He hied himself off to Home Depot several times to get the necessary wood, and now the workbench is really coming together! The initial purchase of lumber was too long to fit into the minivan, no matter how we tried it, but fortunately we live within spitting distance of Home Depot. We just sort of let it hang out the back of the minivan and immediately brought it home before going on to run other errands. Today Kurt dropped me off at Tuesday Morning so I could shop while he went to get a few final items at Home Depot. He decided on a large piece of pegboard with a large piece of plywood.

Did I mention these two items were large??

Too large for the minivan. Again. So we lashed it to the roof and came straight home. Thank God for luggage racks!

Grace is theoretically taking a nap at the moment. For all I know, she could be playing in her crib, but as least she’s getting some quiet time as I watch the Colts play the Panthers. She needs some downtime, after the fun-filled weekend we’ve had thus far.

On Friday, my good friend Angela drove down from Boston to be my first overnight visitor in this house! As soon as she arrived, we all piled in the minivan and headed down to Newport for some awesome sushi.

Angela and Karyl

Can you tell how much we both love sushi?? Mmm yummy.  We each got the same thing — the sushi deluxe plate.  Nine pieces of hand-rolled sushi, along with a tuna roll.  Angela’s favorite was the mackerel, a very salty fish.  I tease that she’s the Queen of Salt; she loves the stuff!  I have to say the mackerel was quite good, though I prefer less salty fish.  I can eat just about everything, all but octopus and squid, however.  To rubbery for me.  Grace ate calamari at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and thought nothing of it.  She thought it was hilarious that she could put it on her finger, like a ring.

She can have the calamari.  No thanks for me!

That night Angela and I sat up and talked.  Girl talk!!!  It was so lovely to talk to someone my age who is very understanding and non-judgmental.  I don’t have to be anyone but myself around Angela.   I can talk to her about anything, and she’ll listen.  Sure, we disagree on things, but we just agree to disagree and move on.

I’ve been in some situations where if I am who I am, it would cause problems.  So I usually get very quiet, a strange thing for me to be.  Or I’ll try to limit what I’m saying to the safest things I can think of.  That way no one gets mad at me, and I don’t rock the boat.

It also helps that she and Kurt really get along.  We all three enjoy each other’s company, so I never feel as though I am ignoring Kurt to spend time with Angela.

We threatened Kurt that we would stay up all night and talk, like girls do during a sleepover, but unfortunately our age is starting to catch up with us.  Angela had been up since six, having worked all day at her job, so we were both yawning by midnight.

Yesterday morning we got up and I made her Karyl’s Special Breakfast — scrambled eggs, homemade banana bread (which I had made the day before), Kurt’s Famous Bacon, and orange juice.  Amazingly enough, it was the only meal I made the whole time Angela was visiting.  I will rectify that the next time she comes to visit.

After putting on a mini fashion show for Angela (and it was so fun to show off some of my favorite pieces to someone other than Kurt), we got ready for the day and headed out.  The weather was crappy, else we would have wandered around downtown Newport.  Instead we went up to the Providence Place Mall, where I took her into her very first Sephora.  I love that store because you can sample just about everything they sell.  For me, this is key.  Every time I put a new color on my face, it’s never the same as it is in its packaging.  So being able to at least put the color on the back of my hand to gauge how it will look against my skin coloring prevents me from buying something that is absolutely the wrong color.  Plus I can determine more easily how much frost or how matte an eye color is.

I just wish Sephora wasn’t quite so expensive.  Or maybe it’s a good thing — it prevents me from buying everything in sight!

We also had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which was my very first time I’d ever been to one.  I know many people rave about that restaurant, but there has never been one close to us.  Angela got this very yummy salad that I could barely keep my hands off of, while I got a pasta dish with chicken and mushrooms and sundried tomatoes and peas, all in a cream sauce.  I decided on the lunch portion, which was a good idea as I still couldn’t finish it all.  And of course, we got some cheesecake for dessert.  Kurt decided on the dulce de leche version, while Angela and I chose the chocolate tuxedo.  When the waiter set the plates in front of us, we realized we’d have to send Kurt’s slice back — the whipped cream on top had been sprinkled with nuts.

Why do they do that??  We’d selected those two slices of cheesecake for the precise reason that the menu stated that there were no nuts in them!  Even some of the non-nut cheesecakes were baked on a crust that included nuts.   Why add nuts when the menu doesn’t list them?  It’s a good thing Grace’s allergy is relatively minor.  Some kids are so allergic that getting those nuts that close to them would have caused an allergic reaction.  As it was, I was nervous that all the waiters had done in the back room was scrape off the “contaminated” whipped cream and added new cream.   There could have been a rogue peanut left on the plate, for all I knew.

But it was a fantastic weekend, over far too soon.  Angela has promised to come again soon, and hopefully by then I will have come up with something uniquely “Rhode Island” to do.  I know next summer there’ll be plenty to do; in the winter, activities tend to taper off.  Most of the mansions seem to have closed for the season, which I think is somewhat of a shame.   I’d love to do mansion tours when there aren’t so many tourists around.

Those darn tourists — always getting in the way!! *wink*


5 Responses to “Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!”

  1. purple chai Says:

    Ah, love that dulce de leche cheesecake. That and the key lime are my favorites there.

    I am told that they no longer sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my school cafeteria. But when I went in to buy lunch the other day (which I rarely do), I say a big open tray of peanuts, with little cups to scoop them up in, which they offer along with the lunch platter. I was astounded. I can only assume that kids with nut allergies — and in a student body of 1600, there have to be some — know enough to steer clear.

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    well you could drive from one end of the state to the other… should take you all of 25 minutes hahahhahhaa

  3. Poolie Says:

    I wanna come visit and have banana bread!

  4. twisterjester Says:

    I don’t like calamari either – though I don’t generally mind octopus (as long as it’s not whole baby octopus.) I’m up for sushi if we ever catch up with one another… LOVE the stuff.

  5. michele Says:

    i am so glad you had a good time. we like to eat at Cheesecake Factory occasionally but yes, the portions are huge! you should see if there is a Grande Luxe Café in your area; it’s owned by the same company as C.F. but it’s much, much better! (IMHO)

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