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Smell that autumn! 29 October 2007

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This was the first day that really feels like autumn. I am really surprised because I thought autumn would come to New England a lot earlier in the year than other parts of the country, but then I’ve been told that this isn’t normal for this area. When I woke up this morning, I was cooooooooooold, but in a good way. I love it when the bedroom is nice and chilly, and I’m warm and toasty under my blankets.

I may have to add a blanket to my bed if this keeps up, though.

It’s a gorgeous day outside, too. Bright, blue skies, thin white wispy clouds, and a ton o’ sun! The tree in my front yard is shining gold and crimson in the afternoon sunlight, and it’s beyond beautiful. I was thinking of taking a photo, but I’m not sure of the angle I want.

Let’s see. Hmmmm.

Pretty fall colors

I’d say that was a pretty good representation of the gorgeousness that is today!!

This area is going absolutely nutzoid over the World Series victory for the Boston Red Sox. I watched the noon news out of Providence this afternoon, and it was pretty much the only thing happening in the world today, according to them. A local Catholic school suspended its uniform policy for today so the kids could wear Red Sox shirts, and people were getting up at the crack of dawn to go buy the World Series Champions memorabilia.

The thing that got me, however, was how surprised the local news was that more university students weren’t arrested. Apparently all the folks at URI behaved themselves sufficiently to stay out of jail, though a few UMass students weren’t as lucky. So your team won the World Series. Yes, you should be excited and thrilled. But disruptive enough to go to jail for disturbing the peace? That’s a bit crazy, if you ask me.

In dog-related news, keeping Koolit in the bedroom at night seems to be working in preventing him from peeing on my carpet. I don’t have any lingering dog pee smell in my house. I have put his poofy dog bed in the corner by the dining room French doors, as well as a throw rug in front of the door, so if he does want to pee there again, there are obstacles for him. Also I figure the throw rug will help keep dirt out of the house. I can just chuck it into the washer when people come in from the backyard and wipe their muddy feet on it.

The first night we kept Koolit in the bedroom, we woke up the next morning to find he’d peed on the mat in the bathroom. Fortunately it’s washable, so I chucked it in the washer and thought nothing more of it. The second night, he woke us up around 5am to go outside. Kurt let him out, and in the morning the mat in the bathroom was dry. Last night we kept Koolit in the bedroom again, and again the mat in the bathroom was wet.

I don’t quite know why he’s wetting so much. He might be getting old, since he’s close to 12 by now (he was estimated at 4 years of age when we adopted him back in March of 2000). But I also seem to remember that he used to pee on the rugs in the kitchen when we first moved into the house in Washington. Maybe he’s just trying to get settled into the house, and he’s still nervous about being here. He is a rather nervous dog at times. Also, we took almost two weeks to drive from Washington State to here, which probably traumatized him in some way. I also find it odd that he only pees on things inside the house during the night. He can spend all day in the house without a problem, yet four or five hours during the night is enough to make him want to pee on something.

As long as he keeps his pee restricted to various washable mats, I refuse to get mad at him. Sure, it’s frustrating to have to do laundry every day, but I’d much rather do laundry than to have my carpets stink like dog urine all the time.


And hopefully, soon he’ll feel safe and secure enough in this house to stop marking.


9 Responses to “Smell that autumn!”

  1. michele Says:

    I had to use M so I could save K for you! *wink*

  2. michele Says:

    i can almost smell that clean, crisp air from here! what are temps like in Feb/Mar there?

  3. whatdayisit Says:

    Your dog could have a blatter problem but I think since he seems to just do this at night that it is his nerves. Maybe you could also restrict his water in the hours before bedtime? Hopefully, if you don’t mind washing the mat and rug a few times a week; this won’t get any worse.
    Glad you got a girl visit…sounds like you had a great time. Picture of the tree was gorgeous!

  4. whatdayisit Says:

    and yes, I do know how to spell. that was supposed to be …bladder…. don’t know why I typed it with t’s…. LOL

  5. oleandlena Says:

    I agree with Whatdayisit. Koolit might have something physical going on – like a urinary infection of some type. Especially if he’s that old. But also, animals many times respond negatively to change in their life. And he’s definitely had that. Hope it straightens out for you.

  6. cardiogirl Says:

    Wow, you have so much more patience than I do. My 4-year-old is working on staying dry over night and sadly, I have been remiss when it comes to washing the sheets…

    Just did a big load today, though. Oh how I despise laundry, urine soaked or otherwise.

    p.s. Awesome photo (even though I really don’t care much for Fall.)

  7. acaldwell Says:

    awsome foto!! yea, i suppose its his nerves, im sure after a while he will be ok, i’d get him checked for the bladder thing tho, just in case.

  8. twisterjester Says:

    I love autumn, so that picture just makes me drool. We don’t really have any colors here TO change, so I miss all that. I remember visiting Idaho one fall when my kids were little. It was absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Yankeechick Says:

    Pretty picture, Girl! The trees are just barely starting to turn ‘down here’. but in Alaska they’ve probably been bare for weeks now. Funny, isn’t it….so different every where. I am enjoying the cooler weather, that’s for sure. Been in the 40’s at night and 60’s during the day. No freeze yet!

    Good luck with Koolit! Poor baby most likely just needs some adjustment time. They are often more sensitive to change than we think.

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