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Happy Halloween!! 31 October 2007

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Are you people ready for the cutest thing you’ve seen yet this year??

Behold, my lovely, lovely daughter!!!

Grace all dressed up!!!

Now if that’s not the cutest costume you saw this year, I don’t know what to tell you.

The original plan was for her to go as some sort of Asian princess. I had bought that costume in anticipation of cold temperatures for trick-or-treating, and it was a costume I could layer a sweatsuit under. But why would I think it would be cold in New England at the end of October???

Today we were in Wal-Mart because I realized the shower head in my guest bathroom really doesn’t work very well (sorry, Angela!!). I had taken a shower in there last night because I went to bed much later than Kurt did, and I didn’t want to bother him as he slept. And since I was already there, I went pawing through the costumes just one more time. I figured since it was much warmer than anticipated today, she could wear a skirted costume of some kind.

First she wanted to be a spider. There was a really cute costume there that had several pairs of arms attached to the arms of the costume. It even had a bow-tie and a cute top hat!

But then she saw the spider princess costume, and that was it! We had to have it! Only Gracie can’t say, “spider.” It always comes out “Fighter Princess.”

I had the bright idea of drawing the spiderwebs on her face too. It took me three tries to get her left cheek to look as good as the right, but in the end it looked good! She got rave reviews at every house we visited. Everyone kept saying, “What a cute costume!!”

We met up with one of our neighbors at a house a few streets over, and she asked how Grace was doing on her haul. I told her that half the candy Grace has gotten, she can’t eat anyhow — she’s allergic to it. SCORE!!!! More for me to eat!

I’m bad… naughty Mommy!

I also managed to get my hair done today. I got a massive hair up my butt and said, “THAT’S IT! I’m getting my hair done.” I walked into two different salons to ask if they did perms. Neither one did.

How can you be a salon and not do a perm?!


Finally they told me Fantastic Sam’s will do a perm. So I headed over there. The stylist refused to do a perm on my hair, saying it was overprocessed. This I know is not true, but I think she mistook my overly hairsprayed hair and my summer blonde fading to winter brunette as signs of overprocessing. Oh, well.

I liked the way the stylist’s hair was done, so she did it the same way she does her hair after washing it and giving it a good trim. I was probably the easiest client she had all day. She just had to do her style on someone else’s head!

I got my hair done today

Let’s see if I can recreate it tomorrow. I’m not so good with the curling iron. Just not my thing. Never have been good at hair. I can do makeup on myself like nobody’s business, but hair, not so much.

And then, after all that excitement with the new hairdo and the trick-or-treating, we got a huge hair up our collective butts to redecorate the living room. What prompted this, you ask? As we took Grace around trick-or-treating, we peeked into other people’s homes to see how they had their rooms decorated.

Yes, folks, we are desperate!! (For the record, Angela, I loooooooooooooove Candice Olson. I would totally do whatever it took to have her come to my home and do my house. She totally rawks my socks.)

It also helps that half the houses in our neighborhood are exactly the same as ours, so we can really get an idea of what is possible in our own home.

Once we got home, Kurt started flipping the couches around from here to there and back again. Now we’ve made a little living room out of the enormous open space we had before. It’s hard to explain what we’ve done, so I’ll just have to take a photo tomorrow. Basically we’ve shoved the couch over so that it becomes a bit of a room divider between the dining room and the living room, which are actually very open to one another. Kurt’s loving the new arrangement because it means he can see the tv much more easily.

And now I’ve decided I need to get a long console table with a light or two on top of it to go on the short wall between the living room and the entrance to the kitchen. Of course, that will just become a huge clutter-accumulator, but I’ll try my best to stay on top of it. We’re even going to hang the print we bought back in Washington that reminds us of the town we used to live in.

Slowly, folks, it’s coming together. I’m starting to see it!!

Happy Halloweeen!!


10 Responses to “Happy Halloween!!”

  1. yankeechick Says:

    Awwww..Grace looks adorable!!! Great job on her cheeks, Mom!! And I love your hair! I envy your curliness and it’s very pretty, but this style looks good too! Can’t imagine having a had time finding a salon that did perms. How odd!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    both of you look great!

  3. michele Says:

    i was gonna mention how well the spiderwebs on her cheeks turned out. nicely done! and it’s a good thing that we didn’t buy a ton of candy…. our doorbell only rang once and that was at 9pm—long after we were fast asleep. next year though we’ll be prepared, etc. but then again someone at work said that most people take their kids to organized parties or to the mall, etc. for the trick-or-treating versus going door-to-door. we’ll see.

    love you!

  4. oleandlena Says:

    Love your hair and Gracie’s outfit. We didn’t get one single trick or treater this year.

  5. acaldwell Says:

    you drew the spiderwebs on her face? wow! thats talent!! you 2 gals look great!!

  6. whatdayisit Says:

    That IS the CUTEST COSTUME EVER! And you made it even better with the webs on her face. Love your new hair style too…..Very cute. Get a large roller hairbrush and wrap your curly hair around it and dry it. I have curly hair too and I have done that for years….
    Good luck with the redecorating too. I use my couch as a room divider many times. You can even put the long narrow table behind the couch with the lamp to make it seem more of a “wall”. Then you can put your Christmas tree against the wall.

  7. michele Says:

    did you call me this week? i swore that i called you… if you did call me it musta been when i was on the phone so i didn’t get the pleasure of hearing your awesome ringer! 😉

    and just for the record, 90% of the time I definitely feel like the female head of household… Ben is definitely a MANLY MAN except in some arenas of emotional stuff. Does that make sense?

    love you!

  8. Angela L. Says:

    LMAO, I wondered if it was a trickly showerhead or if it was just me! 😉 I have a super-pressure one at home so whenever I shower somewhere else it feels weird to me.

    OK, once Candace and Chico and Hunky Paul do my place…I’ll send them over to you!

    That is the CUTEST spider princess I have ever seen! And I LOVE the new ‘do on you!!! Next time I see you I’ll have to let you try out my roller brush – whatdayisit is right, it’s wicked easy to style with one (although you wouldn’t know it from the way my hair looks in those pics of us together — I need to start doing touch-ups pre-photo, LOL!!). My hairdressing trick (from my uber-shi-shi hairdresser) is blow from the hairdryer onto your hair (wrapped around the curled brush) for 20-30 seconds, then take the heat away and wait about 10 seconds before releasing it from the brush – something about that method lets it “set” better. Then repeat like hell until it looks good. 😉

  9. peanutb Says:

    Your daughter is adorable! I love that picture! I have never been great with the curling iron either. You have to get a good one and practice!! I got a Bed Head curling iron and I have been doing a lot better with curling myself. I highly recommend it!!

  10. karmacat Says:

    Cool costume! I love that Grace chose to be something more Halloweenish than Barbie or a ballerina. Your freehanded spider webs are perfect! At first, I thought they must be decals. Nice job!

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