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November already?? 1 November 2007

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I forgot to mention in last night’s post that this neighborhood apparently really gets into Halloween. I was so sad to read that a lot of my fellow bloggers were getting maybe three trick-or-treaters all night.

We live in an awesome area for trick-or-treating. There are four or five different neighborhoods of military housing, and this one has to be one of the largest. The folks who live in the smaller developments, with maybe twenty houses total, drove over to our development to do their trick-or-treating.

It was like the floodgates opened at 6pm last night. We got our first trick-or-treaters about that time, which told us it was time for us to head out. We shut out the porchlight and went on our way.

I loved seeing how many kids there were out tonight. And even the teenagers were being respectful. No one was shouting or running or doing anything stupid. We were just all out to have a good time.

Some folks ran out of candy before we got there, and they were good about turning out their lights or posting a sign to that effect. One house was decorated to the nines with lots of tombstones and dead bodies in the front yard, complete with cobwebs on the bushes and lights in the window. But then there were four guys standing on the porch, drinking beer, and I was concerned about it being an adults-only party. So I sent Kurt up to the door with Grace, and you should have seen these big, brawny, slightly buzzed guys oohing and ahhing over how cute Grace was in her Spider Princess costume! They could not stop admiring her.

I think that was my favorite part of the night.

Once we got home, we had another hour or so of trick-or-treaters. I hadn’t bought very much candy, partly because I’m cheap (why is Halloween candy so expensive??) and partly because I knew both Kurt and I would be out taking Grace trick-or-treating. We’re still in “first child” mode where we do everything together with our little one. Apparently I managed to buy just the exact amount of candy; Kurt ran out just about the same time as the trick-or-treaters dwindled off. I don’t think we had many, if any at all, uncostumed teenagers. I hate it when they do that. I don’t mind so much giving candy to the so-called “big kids” if they’ve put forth the effort to make a costume and dress up, even if they are high schoolers.

My parents wouldn’t let me trick-or-treat once I turned 13 or so, but since my brother is so much younger than I am, I still got to take him trick-or-treating. I did that up until I went to college. I loved doing it too. I don’t so much eat a whole lot of candy; I never have. I’d get home from trick-or-treating with my pillowcase full of candy, eat a bunch that first night, have some every day for about a week, and then promptly forget I had it till the next year. Grace is sort of the same way. When we’ve gotten dessert out at a restaurant, she’ll have three or four bites and then she’s done.

Once all the trick-or-treaters had gone home to assess their haul, Kurt and I went to work on the living room. And here’s what we came up with:

The living room re-design

This first view is looking from the entrance way into the living room proper. The couch had been along the wall of windows previously, and the tv had been in the same place. It was hard for Kurt to see the tv, as his chosen lounging area is the couch. I get the loveseat because I’m shorter. Besides, all my cross-stitch stuff is on the end-table to the right of the loveseat. It’s hard to see in this photo. There is also an end-table on the other side of the couch.

The living room looking into the dining room

Now you can see how the couch is functioning as a room divider between the living room and the dining room.  It really closes off the dining room as its own room.  The rest of the design, we haven’t decided on yet.  I think I want to get some of those wrought-iron words (like “Live Love Laugh” or something like that) to go along the beam that divides the living room from the dining room.  And the throw on the back of the couch is going to go.  I hardly ever use it as a blanket, and the linen closet isn’t that far away that I can’t get up to go get it if I get cold.  My couch looks better without the throw anyhow.

Obviously we’re not done hanging photos.  The photo of me in the rocking chair, which is currently on the floor, will be hung somewhere in Grace’s room.  But first we need to rearrange and reorganize her room.  And find window treatments!!  I saw something on HGTV I might do in both rooms — beautiful colored sheers just hung on a rod and pulled to one side or the other.  That is something easy even I can do!

And speaking of things I can do, I managed to style my hair today.  It doesn’t look quite the same as the stylist did it today.  Instead I have brushed my bangs more off from my forehead, but Kurt says it still looks nice.  It was easier than I expected, though I couldn’t manage to do much with my curling iron.  I figured out how to easily dry my hair with the roller brush, which I’m quite proud of.  Maybe one day I’ll be as good with my hair as I am with my makeup!


One Response to “November already??”

  1. Michele Says:

    that’s too funny how you and i both had Halloween candy that lasted and lasted. there were years where i still had some as late as Easter! and i’m surprised Dad & Marty didn’t let you trick-or-treat beyond 13 because I remember the last year I went I was in 11th grade. Kayce & I went around the neighborhood in Lindenhurst. but to my defense, every year i did dress up as something before heading out!

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