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Weekend update 11 November 2007

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So sorry for my lack of posting.  Most of you know I post every day.  It’s really a means by which I get the voices in my head to shut up and leave me alone.  But I’ve had a bad couple of days, and it’s those days where the voices drown everything out, and there is nothing coherent I can say.  Also I hate venting about my personal life here in my journal.  I always feel so goofy, that I have it pretty darn good in comparison to lots of other people, so why don’t I just suck it up and shut up already?

So there you have it.

And now on to other news.

Toddlers are great, aren’t they?  First they steal your embroidery scissors and whack a chunk out of their bangs (because really, why would they snip an area of their hair less visible?), and then they lock the door to your laundry room.

Why does our laundry room door have a lock anyhow?  I think it’s because the maintenance for Navy housing tends to simply steal from one house to repair another.  That’s exactly how the maintenance man fixed our screen door to the backyard.  He walked over to an unoccupied unit, stole their screen door, and installed it at my house.  I’m guessing that our laundry room door had had another life as a bedroom or even bathroom door in some other unit.  Because really, why would you need to lock your laundry room door?

Like all other interior locking doors in a house, this door has no way to unlock it from the outside.  The theory is that you lock your bedroom or bathroom door so that you aren’t caught with your pants down by other members of your household, which means that you will unlock the door as you exit the room.

These people didn’t plan on toddlers.

And have I mentioned that my cat box is located in the laundry room?  I could have some pretty pissed-off kitties if I can’t get this door unlocked!  Not to mention the piles of laundry I have waiting to go into the washer.

Fortunately Kurt was able to remove the doorknob from the door and figure out how to unlock it that way.  He also figured out the locking mechanism so if Grace feels the need to lock another door, he’ll be able to unlock it without having to remove the doorknob.

That was our excitement for the day.

Yesterday was quite another matter.  Yesterday we drove up to Boston to meet my good friend Angela to tour the New England Aquarium.  Somehow I had managed to enter the wrong address into Mapquest, thereby giving us an end point in Milton instead of Boston, but with the help of our trusty street atlas (which had gotten us safely across country, not once, but twice), we managed to arrive only half an hour late.

The very first thing we saw as we walked in to the aquarium were penguins.  Penguins!!  I love penguins!  We had just seen the movie Happy Feet last week, so we kept referring to the rockhopper penguin in the exhibit as Lovelace.  Angela in particular was good at ad-libbing funny lines for Lovelace to say, which kept me in stitches all afternoon long.

Angela’s pretty damn funny, anyhow.  Everyone needs an Angela in their lives!

Grace loved the aquarium.  She kept pulling us up the ramp to get to the next window in the giant ocean tank.  Around and around we went, following the sea turtles and the puffer fish and the sharks and whatever else was in the tank.  And every time a fish swam up to Grace, she would exclaim in excitement for us to look.

All that excitement at the aquarium left us with a raging appetite.  So we headed off to Quincy Market to grab a bite to eat.  Kurt and Grace opted for pizza, but I went straight for the New England specialties — a large lobster roll with a side of lobster bisque.  Oh, my word — I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

We had to work off some of our large lunch once we were done, plus kill time before it was time to return to the aquarium for the IMAX movie.  We wandered around for a bit, then came upon some street performers right outside Quincy Market.  The male half of the pair informed us that he and his sister were going to do some tricks for us, that they were the youngest of eight children from a circus family, and that if we didn’t give them enough money at the end to buy them tickets back to England, he was going to stay here in the States — and marry one of our daughters.

He was so funny, really he was.  Granted, he was extremely flexible (check out the photos from the day if you want to see how flexible this man really was — it was almost gross), and his tricks were far away more than I could do on the best of days.  But they weren’t really that great; as he said himself, if they were any better they’d be working for Cirque du Soleil.  His amusing patter while he was performing was what made him so good.  He even singled me out, what with my big camera around my neck, asking me if I were really taking photos of him and telling me when would be the best time to take a photo.

He and his sister definitely earned the last couple of dollar bills I had in my pocket.

Once that excitement was over, we headed back to see the IMAX movie.  This was about sea creatures and narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.  The images used in the movie were amazing, even more so as it was a 3D IMAX.  It was like we were underwater with the sea life.  But I was getting a bit frustrated with the “save the oceans” morality.  Yes, we should do all we can to preserve the coral reefs and protect against overfishing and prevent catching large sea creatures in the nets used for tuna, but at the same time, I just want to watch a cool movie.  I wasn’t expecting a morality tale.

Grace wasn’t too keen on the movie, though.  We’ve never taken her to the movie theatre before, as I think she’s too young, and she didn’t like the 3D aspect of the movie.  It was a bit much for her.  She was so wiggly and so cranky that I was so grateful that the movie was only forty minutes long.  Much longer, and one of us was going to have to take her out to the lobby.  As it was, Kurt and I both missed the giant squid scene — Kurt because he was trying to clean his 3D glasses that Grace had gotten grimy, and me because I was trying to deal with a cranky and loud toddler.

But overall we had a great time.  Angela tells me there’s a decent zoo up there too, and there’s a nifty aquarium down in Connecticut as well.  This is why I love having a friend like Angela — she’s so totally excited to do all the dorky things that I love to do.  But the zoo and the Connectict aquarium will have to wait for warmer weather.  We about froze our tushies off yesterday, and it was still in the mid-30s.  It’s only going to get colder from here on out!


8 Responses to “Weekend update”

  1. acaldwell Says:

    awesome pics!! and those street performers looked sharp too!!

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    You are so lucky that Kurt is mechanically inclined and home at the time. I know cats have strong bladders from experience.

    One of ours held it for two days, I think, after we had her de-clawed because we had to put shredded newspaper in the litter box and she did not like that. She ended up doing her thing in the bathtub a couple of days later. I guess it looked like a big litter box.

    Anyway, it sounds like you had a fun day and I know exactly what you mean about “venting” in your journal/blog/whatever this thing is.

    Last note, I have been checking in on you since Friday and I would see “Grace + Scissors” and I would think, dang it woman, update! No pressure though. Glad you’re back 🙂 Even though you momentarily stepped out to grab a sandwich in the scheme of things. It’s not like you were gone for a month, it just felt that way.

    I need my bluesleepy.

  3. Poolie Says:

    It’s your journal and you can say what you want. That’s cool! I just caught up with everyone (the connection in Tombstone was spotty) and I saw Grace’s lovely haircut. How funny! You will NEVER forget that either!

  4. yankeechick Says:

    I know what you mean about venting in your journal about personal issues. Sometimes I think it’s a big mistake, but I’m in up to my arm pits now! Too late!

    I sure appreciate your comments on my recent posts. You know, it doesn’t matter that you’re only in your 20’s or that you’ve never had similar experiences (I pray that you never do!). What matters is that you are there! You’re my friend, you listen, and you care. You’re such a compassionate and caring person. Always so upbeat, sharing your family and friends with us. I’m with Cardio….We need our Bluesleepy! XOXOX

  5. Michele Says:

    sorry you had a bad couple of days, honey! don’t forget, all ya gotta do is press the number 3 on your phone…. 😉

    i am so glad that you’re enjoying the sites and spending time with Angela. this way too, you’ll be able to know what to do and where to go with me when i come visit!

    love you!

  6. Angela Says:

    Hugs and kisses…hope things are a bit better today. I’m so glad we got to see the penguins together – I totally need to watch Happy Feet tonight now that we’ve seen the REAL Lovelace! And Grace watching the turtles was priceless. And yes, the seal show was sucky – they need to get on the ball! The shows at the Mystic CT place are MUCH better, we’ll do that when the weather is more outdoor-friendly! 😉

    Darnit, I knew we should have given that British cutie a $20.

  7. cardiogirl Says:

    Just checked out the photos. I didn’t know ANY man was capable of being that flexible. Oh my.

    And I have to say the couple photos of you, bluesleepy, just match up so well to your personality which radiates from your blog. So cute, so open and so compassionate. You’re very photogenic.

    So fun to put a face to the blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. karmacat Says:

    There’s Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, too. Southwick’s Wild Animal Farm also is nearby, in Mendon, Mass. — but maybe that’s the one Angela mentioned. I love Mystic Aquarium, and Mystic Village has some nice little shops (and Mystic Pizza!). Lastly, you should check out (in Providence). Enjoy!

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