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Five things 10 December 2007

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Again, thanks for all the supportive comments y’all have left the last few days. Part of my problem last week was that Kurt and I seemed to be fighting almost continuously, and it got to the point where he wasn’t even speaking to me for a couple of days.

It’s really difficult to feel okay with life when your spouse, your other half, your partner in all things, isn’t speaking to you. That’s not to blame him for the situation; trust me, I know that it takes two people to fight. We were both being stupid.

Then on Saturday night, we were watching one of the shows of Dr Phil that I had taped, and he asked me to pause it so he could ask me a question about the show. Somehow that sparked a conversation that lasted over two hours, and I think we really made some strides in our relationship. No one got mad, no one stormed off, there was no shouting… we just discussed things that bothered us and how we could make things better for each other. And let me tell you, it was great.

So hopefully from here on out, there will be more talking and less shouting, more discussion and less anger. I have hope that we can get there from here.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Now I have been tasked to fill out this meme by none other than one of my bestest cyber-buddies, my good buddy Art!!

Five Things I Just Don’t Get:
1. Why I am so freakin’ cold, though my thermometer is reading 72º.
2. Why Rhode Island drivers are so impatient
3. Why manners and common courtesy are no longer the norm
4. Why I am always so tired
5. Why it’s easier to be chipper when the sun is shining

Five Things, Other Than Money, I Wish I Had More Of:
1. Children
2. Books
3. Friends
4. Time to do more craft projects
5. Cameras and lenses

Five Least Favorite Words or Phrases:
1. “That is so gay!” (as in, “That is so dumb.” When I hear someone use “gay” in this way, it sets my teeth on edge.)
2. “Huh??” I hate it when people say that. I wish they would say, “What?” or even “Pardon me?”
3. “That is so tight!” (as in “cool.”)
4. Any word referring to female sexual organs, except the proper medical terms
5. Most words referring to male sexual organs, except the proper medical terms

Five Famous People I’ve Spoken With In Person:
1. Julia Quinn — she’s a historical romance author that lives in the Northwest, and I went to a booksigning of hers when I lived in WA.
2. I have touched Mark McGrath of the band SugarRay when he performed at my college.
3. Madeleine Albright spoke at my college graduation, but I didn’t speak to her personally.
4. I haven’t met any more famous people!

Five Things I Do Nearly Daily That I Don’t Enjoy:
1. Clean the catbox.
2. Change poopy diapers.
3. Deal with a grumpy and/or highly dramatic kid.
4. Housework.
5. Oversleep.

Five Things I Wish I Had The Chance To Do More Often:
1. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
2. Take more photos.
3. Get out more.
4. Make more gifts for people.
5. Read more books.

Five Things I Have Actually Done That Sound Like Lies:
1. Gone to Kenya on a mission trip with my church
2. Gone to Italy on a school trip
3. Never done drugs (not even weed)
4. Never drunk so much I’ve thrown up
5. Once when I was a kid, I took the sample paint chips that showed the various nail polish options from a drugstore. My real mom made me apologize to management.

Five People I Hope Will Fill This Out:
1) Sunstarr (my sister Michele)
2) Poolagirl
3) Claire
4) SleepyJane
5) My5Cents

A very festive Christmas treeAnd lest you think this post isn’t Christmassy enough, let me present you with a photo I took today.

While Kurt was in Orlando last week on a business trip, he had another flare-up of gout.  It affects his big toe on his right foot, and makes it very difficult to walk.  (It also made it very difficult for him to get through security on the way home, as he had to remove his shoes to pass through the x-ray machine.)  As soon as he walked in the door here at home, he made a beeline for his medicine.  After only a couple of doses, he was feeling much better and was able to walk.

But the attack left his toe reddened, and the pain lasted much longer with this attack than with any other attack.  So he made an appointment to be seen by our doctor (Grace, Kurt, and I all have the same doctor in Family Practice here) to ask her what was going on with his gout.

Our doctor was very taken aback by the redness of Kurt’s toe and ordered bloodwork done so she could determine whether he really should be on a daily regimen.  Apparently the more gout attacks he suffers, the more that joint is being damaged, which is definitely not a good thing.

So we left Family Practice and headed up to the lab to have his blood drawn.  As soon as we arrived at the lab, Grace made a beeline for the Christmas tree the lab people had set up.  She adores holiday decorations of all kinds, so I wasn’t surprised when she got so excited.  I went over to the tree with her to admire it.

That’s when I noticed, tucked among the usual Christmas ornaments, urine sample cups that had been turned into ornaments.  Each cup had a bell dangling from a red ribbon, making them look quite festive.

I’m thinking maybe that the lab employees have too much time on their hands!!!  And let’s hope those sample cups are unused.


9 Responses to “Five things”

  1. chaosdaily Says:

    i used to make ornaments out of xray film!

  2. acaldwell Says:

    how come kurt had to fly commercial?

  3. chaosdaily Says:

    oh i dont mind hon from you, its from men who dont know me, who say, can i have a pound of ham, hon? i want to throw it in their face!

  4. clairec23 Says:

    omg I LOVE Dr. Phil. I used to watch that show, I mean program, I mean programme, hehe, every day when Liam was a baby. I constantly talked about it to Mr. Claire and in the end, Liam loved Dr. Phil too, I think he heard his voice so much that he thought he was a second Daddy or something.

    All couples argue and the people you love the most can irritate you the most too but at least you are trying and as you said, you are making progress!

    The five things you want more of are exactly like mine 😉 I’m really going to have to think about this meme!

    Urine cups as decorations…now why didn’t I think of that?!

  5. Yankeechick Says:

    I’m so glad you & Kurt have worked through your “Poor Spell” and you’re feeling better. {{Hugs}}

  6. sleepyjane Says:

    Ooooooh, I’ve been tagged!

    Sorry to hear that you and Kurt have been fighting, but I AM glad that you guys had a talk about it. In the five years that I have been dating J I’ve found that we get ‘ruts’ every few months when nothing fits and we just keep fighting. I hate that. 😦

    As for the urine cups…:)

  7. twisterjester Says:

    I hear ya about the spouse issues. I would be glad to take some of the blame in my case but I truly don’t know what more I could’ve done in that situation 😦

  8. michele Says:

    i am glad that you guys had a chance to talk! that’s really cool. and trust me, i know all about being mad over stupid crap! LOL! (Ben and I do it, too!)

    Love you!

  9. Catie Says:

    You cannot talk dirty using proper medical names without sounding ridiculous. I just thought I should point that out.

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